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Image: angelkitty.gif   581x800 17298 bytes 2006.01.25

My very first upload to the VCL! This is the image on my business cards (as of 1/25/06). It combines my furry style with the tribal flash artwork I've been trying to teach myself. (c) Michael Van Slyke

Image: bunnychild.jpg   461x800 33151 bytes 2006.01.25

Awwww!!! An e-mail commission from... 2004, I think. How can you say "no" to such an adorable face? Sure you can stay up and watch "Evil Dead" with me, sweetie.

Image: forcesisters.jpg   527x800 30041 bytes 2006.01.25

A commission done during Project A-Kon 16. The customer wanted his two bunny sisters drawn as a Jedi and Sith. Being a big Jediphile myself, I was happy to oblige. The more I look at this pic, the more I like that Sith outfit. Felt tip marker and Prismacolor. (C) Michael Van Slyke

Image: junglemousie.jpg   700x700 19562 bytes 2006.01.25

I drive a semi-sporty little black car. Someday, when I have the disposable cash, I intend to put this spunky little mouse on one of the front fenders. I've always loved nose art. (C) Michael Van Slyke

Image: katanakitty.jpg   568x800 38147 bytes 2006.01.25

"This is the part where you run away." -Shrek\r\n\r\nPrismacolor and art pen. I like the way the shine in her hair turned out.\r\n(C) Michael Van Slyke

Image: kittybust.gif   700x700 12080 bytes 2006.01.25

She was one of the runners-up for the design on my business card. I decided on another design while this was still in the sketch phase. I liked her so much, that I had to go ahead and ink the image.\r\n(C) Michael Van Slyke

Image: massagekitty.jpg   520x800 38725 bytes 2006.01.25

This was a commission for a friend's massage business. I did a black and white version for business cards and flyers. The full color version was done in a GINORMOUS file size so it could be blown up and hung on the door to his massage room. (C) Michael Van Slyke

Image: mielikki.jpg   600x759 70946 bytes 2006.01.25

This was a commisson for an LiveJournal icon for a friend. She got the full sized version, of course, but after I finished it I cropped and shrunk an icon sized bust for her journal. Inking pens and Photoshop 7.\r\n(C) Michael Van Slyke

Image: surfergirlgray.jpg   581x800 83684 bytes 2006.01.25

This sun-loving sea otter was featured in the pages of "Hit The Beach" 2005. Don'tcha wish they *all* could be California girls? Felt tip pens and Photoshop 7. (C) Michael Van Slyke

Image: swahilicheetah.gif   581x800 21816 bytes 2006.01.25

An older pic attempting to show top-down perspective. I need lots and lots of practice. Anyway, I think I'll have to color this one someday. She looks like... trouble. (C) Michael Van Slyke

Image: vietnamvulpine.jpg   581x800 148046 bytes 2006.01.25

Commission of an arctic fox rescuing a buddy in the jungles of Vietnam. I'm fairly anti-war but if you're a military veteran reading this, I have just two words for you. Thank you!\r\n\r\nFelt tip pen and Photoshop. (C) Michael Van Slyke

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