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Image: Akondamn.jpg   297x420 33219 bytes 2003.09.19

My reaction to not being able to go to A-kon this year. *sniffles*

Image: Bathtime.jpg   339x420 47601 bytes 2003.09.25

Michan and Rumiko give Annie, Michan's adopted daughter, a well needed bath. Little kids can get sooo messy.

Image: Brokethenet.jpg   310x420 50438 bytes 2003.09.25

Remember those Angelfire pop ups? Yeah, I can be that gullible sometimes...sad isn't it?

Image: Cantdancenaked.jpg   367x440 43366 bytes 2003.09.19

A contest entry for NFFT. As far as I can tell, Echidna's are much less fuzzy than cats are. Therefore, Rumiko the Echidna would be quite embarrassed if she was forced to dance in the buff. My fursona, Michan, is quite fuzzy, so it's no problem for her.

Image: EveryHeart.jpg   323x410 53197 bytes 2003.09.19

Tis Michan and Xanther, the Tiger boi. Xanther's 1/4 vampire, but I might change that. Then again, I might not. He looks cute with wings, ne?

Image: GorgeousMe.jpg   339x462 58102 bytes 2003.09.19

Every once in a while, it's nice to get a little vain. I'm no exception, but my best friend, Abra, isn't so sure. Her hedgie form is cute, ne?

Image: IndianaMichan.jpg   242x345 28856 bytes 2003.09.19

I was watching the Temple of Doom with my dad one day, and it sparked me to draw this. That little book in her pocket? It's a tiny bible. I'm a christian, yup yup. ^-^

Image: KakyuuMichan.jpg   287x420 58114 bytes 2003.09.25

Veeery old piccie. I took a Sailor Senshi personality test and one of my results was Princess Kakyuu *aka Princess Fireball*, and this was born.

Image: MistytheGhost.jpg   295x420 48438 bytes 2003.09.25

Tis Misty, the ghost cat, from Michan's Oranges. She's a former college cheerleader who was killed by a toaster falling on her head from a second story window. Michan unwittingly purchased the toaster from a garage sale, and now Misty haunts it, burning her toast and watching soap operas every day from two to two thirty pm.

Image: neekidhuggle.jpg   325x453 29528 bytes 2003.09.19

Tis Keeki the Ferret and Zip Hedgie, my adorable shoujo-ai couple from my story, Michan's Oranges. Zip's a website designer with a passion for punk clothes and a British accent, and Keeki's a newspaper journelist and reporter who's idealstic, naive, and reads too many romance novels. Together, they make an odd, but awesome couple.

Image: SpidersObsession.jpg   328x452 75287 bytes 2003.09.25

My dear friend Spiderfox has a bit of an obsession with Furcadia. I love teasing him about it.

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