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Image: BL_and_PH.jpg   607x838 76117 bytes 2003.07.29

Blue Fire and Purple Heart are the first characters I have created in my "other" new style. The attempt is to create characters that have almost a graffiti style to them. \r\n\r\nMade with colored inks, characters copyrighted by me.

Image: Black_and_Warped.jpg   938x713 134857 bytes 2004.10.07

A experiment in black and white. Made in Ink.\r\nHer name is Kara'\r\n\r\nMicheil T. Murray © 2004

Image: Blue_eyes.jpg   768x605 58850 bytes 2004.04.27

A cute bat with blue eyes. \r\n\r\nBlack and Color ink.\r\n\r\nThis is one of the pieces I made for Anthrocon 2003.\r\nI hope to improve on the look this year.

Image: Butterfly.jpg   597x746 77562 bytes 2004.10.07

Butterfly Kisses. I realy like how the coloring came out on this piece. \r\n\r\nMade with maker and ink.\r\n\r\nMicheil T. Murray © 2004

Image: Dance_of_the_Flame.jpg   687x973 70896 bytes 2007.01.19

Dance of the Flame

“Dance of the Flame” made originally for Anthrocon's 2005 art show.\r\nMade with black and colored ink

Tags: flame fire magic  
Image: Eagle.jpg   753x1023 130477 bytes 2007.04.07

Bad day

My little racoon Skoot now regrets his decision in breakfast. \r\nMade for a little caption contest.

Tags: racoon eagle egg Skoot  
Image: Hair_beads.JPG   453x632 58672 bytes 2003.07.31

A cute K9 from a back angle.\r\n\r\nA black and color ink piece. I liked the way the hair and beads came out, the face needs improvement.

Image: Rein.jpg   748x966 113704 bytes 2007.02.07

Rein Beefcake

This is Rein, the wolf/ram hybrid. He is Wynd the gryphon's mate.\r\nRein © Clint Walker

Tags: beefcake wolf ram hybrid  
Image: Samurai.jpg   474x976 75517 bytes 2007.01.19


A Kitsune samurai made originally for Anthrocon's 2005 art show.

Tags: samurai fox japanese  
Image: Sapphire.jpg   760x951 65824 bytes 2007.03.19

Sapphire the egyptian feline

A piece I made of my feline mate Sapphire.

Tags: cat feline sapphire  
Image: Sibs_in_stripes.jpg   467x765 65044 bytes 2004.10.07

Brother and sister white tigers. I like how Andrew came out, but Kendra lee needs work. Made with marker and ink.\r\n\r\nAndrew and Kendra Lee © A.T.Murray\r\n\r\nArt © Micheil T. Murray 2004

Image: Stray.jpg   686x1023 93762 bytes 2007.01.25


This is a drawing of Stray. She's a green obsessed, glowstick love'n, raving wild dog.\r\nStray © Temperfang

Tags: Wild dog raver  
Image: Vicky_Kay.JPG   302x763 36878 bytes 2003.05.05

A happy kitty in her running clothes.\r\n\r\nVicky is the first character I made in my latest attempted to redefine my style.\r\nVicky Kay © 2003 Micheil T. Murray

Image: wynd.jpg   660x950 106588 bytes 2007.01.19

Wynd the Gryphon

This is a piece I made of Wynd the Gryphon. She's my first attempt at drawing a gryphon. I originally used this pose with a wolf, But I like this version better.\r\n Wynd © Dani Walker

Tags: wynd gryphon cheesecake  
Image: Zen_Easter.jpg   747x995 123153 bytes 2007.04.08

Zen Easter

A wise elder Bunny busy at his work.

Tags: Bunny Rabbit easter zen eggs  

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