The fact that you are reading this can only mean two things: one, that you are just curious, bored or both; and two, that you are interested in commissioning me, for which I thank you.


I can offer sketches, line art, art colored by pencils or by computer (Corel Photo-Paint 7 / 9), with no background, a minimal background or a more complex background.


I live in Europe, Hungary, so sending you the finished artwork might take a while (granted you want it sent to you, which would probably be the case with more complex artwork and not sketches, for example).


I am still working out my prices, so at this point, we can negotiate about prices. To aim though, a standard picture (one character, colored, minimal background) would be around 30 dollars / 20 euros. I’ll work it out.


I am fairly flexible, but I will not draw pornography. Tasteful nudity should be fine, and some situations I can handle, but definitely nothing hardcore. Just ask me, and I’ll tell you if I can help with your idea or not.


Thank you for your attention.


Put “commission” in the topic and let ‘er rip: