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Image: Crumpet2_copy.jpg   423x742 63190 bytes 2009.05.16

Crumpet LeBlanc

This is the fiance of my chara Maid A. Milking. She looks like a dominatrix but it's a farce, she's actually big softy. Milk-Fed, Marilyn Seid, Me-Me and HoneyBlush. Yes these are all my aliases.

Tags: fox vixen dominant green hair shemale  
Image: FlanMilkingforweb.jpg   569x715 100014 bytes 2009.05.25

Flan Purin

Here's my chara Flan Purin milking herself to give to the cats that live on the farm.\r\n\r\nFlan Purin Milk-Fed, HoneyBlush, Me-Me, and Marilyn Seid

Tags: breasts lactation milk cute happy bovine cow   [Comment]
Image: Glomp!-copy.jpg   609x654 118008 bytes 2009.05.25


Once 'pon a times...\r\nMaid and Crumpet were nude sunbathing when Crumpet stood to get a drink. Maid saw this as a perfect opportunity and promptly glomped her from behind. Then they screwed like bunnies. the end.\r\n\r\nMaid and Crumpet Milk-Fed, HoneyBlush, Me-Me, and Marilyn Seid

Tags: fox vixen bovine cute nude shemale glomp   [Comment]
Image: porno2_copy2.jpg   536x767 90718 bytes 2009.05.25


A moment of pure love after a good time with her fiance...\r\n\r\nMaid is Milk-Fed, HoneyBlush, Me-Me, and Marilyn Seid

Tags: cum spooge semen oral cute drool breasts bovine cow   [Comment]

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