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Image: Khaid.jpg   503x800 60506 bytes 2003.05.31

((edited corrected and reposted)) \r\n\r\nKhaid, a tigerman warrior and a friend of mine.\r\n\r\nA warning to any one who wants to get prisma markers, Be carefull they don't always scan with accurate colours.\r\n\r\nhow do ya like my muscley hunky guy-morph style? Emails always welcome ^_^\r\n\r\n-Millia

Image: Displacer.jpg   647x800 65269 bytes 2003.05.23

I was throwing around the idea of adding a few simbiot style armours to my d&d campeighn this was the first of them, thr displacer beast. \r\n\r\nI liked the drawing alot and it turned my little character into something of a semi anthro so here ya go, enjoy. \r\n\r\nFeel free to email if you like my stuff.\r\n\r\n-Millia

Image: Karou.jpg   371x800 46169 bytes 2003.04.17

A sexy little comission picture from furrymuck, KarouŠ (her player)\r\n\r\nno coloured penciles were harmed in the makeing of this image

Image: Windie.jpg   611x1184 74935 bytes 2003.02.27

Another cute student at St marys and a good friend. this is windie, there is a lot of grey in this picture but i think i managed well enough\r\n\r\n-Millia

Image: Silvy.jpg   675x800 80567 bytes 2003.02.25

A little engrish goes a long way... \r\n\r\nThis one is for Mark Lee, who emailed me earlier today about draw"I Want You Can Art ( Big Dragon-Girl 50Feet and Stomp on Littie Guys ) Do You Can Art?, For Me Page, Thank You." and so here it is.\r\n\r\nThanks mark!\r\n\r\n-Millia

Image: Kat-Toy.jpg   856x938 78038 bytes 2003.02.24

Hehe my nameless little kitty found a new toy, aww don't they make a cute coupple. If anyone wants to colourise this please feel free. any other name ideas please Email me\r\n\r\n-Millia

Image: Kitten.jpg   547x600 31616 bytes 2003.02.24

Aww a qute little kitten, I have a had a run of character ideas lately and been realy bored. waiting for comments realy.\r\n\r\nwell if anyone has a good name for this character EMAIL ME!\r\n\r\n-Millia

Image: scream.jpg   565x800 56627 bytes 2003.02.21

Some times don't you just want to scream?\r\n\r\n\r\nI borrowed manson's tv cross hope he dosen't miss it.

Image: Bunny1.jpg   696x750 45015 bytes 2003.02.21

Cute adoreable bunny.. or is she?

Image: bobkat.jpg   541x800 44885 bytes 2003.02.21

Exparamenting with some new styles, and drawing male furries. hehe isn't he cute? well extept that manical stare and the big knife..

Image: Mandy01.jpg   501x1099 61926 bytes 2002.10.08

The first picture of a new character, A little Feline Mandy. I like the way she's posed, fidgeting with her shirt bottom. she just looks shy ^_^\r\n\r\nMy friends and I all have a few pieces of clothing we ware like a uniform, so I started drawing characters in these clothes for everyone. This one is mine, a pair of baggy beige cargo pants and an old purple "IAC" (mega tokyo joke) shirt i made a while back.

Image: Ariel.jpg   581x670 43288 bytes 2002.09.12

A Cute Little Angel-girl I did for fun, i like the way the wings cam out on this one, i have been exparamenting (without sucess) on a wing style i liked i think i may settle on this one.\r\n\r\nOugh and a prize to anyone who tells me what she's holding.\r\n\r\n-Millia

Image: Bonney01.jpg   456x1159 46117 bytes 2002.09.03

Another comission from furrymuck, this is my first Plant morph it was an intresting twist i hope you like it.

Image: slave0001.jpg   1069x721 71022 bytes 2002.08.13

Kind of a larger file, i coloured this useing penciles and prisma markers then used a blemish remover tool to smoth everything out.\r\n\r\nThe sceane is just a bit of play between my little Millia kitten al la furry muck and another black panther esq fur. hope you enjoy.

Image: dueal0001.jpg   1091x550 101035 bytes 2002.07.19

Picture based on RP event, My character Cali(right) and Lime had a bit of a fight in the world tree game, quite a nasty one infact. I ended up nearly looseing a limb but the other party members broke it up before we could realy hurt each other.\r\n\r\nThis drawing toor forever to work out the pose, i am happy with the way they look though i am never doing another paint shop pro fade background. the colour is a combination of prisma markers berol coloured penciles and some obscure brand colour markers i have to work with. I kinda like the little face details in the corners it lets me put a little more expression into this one.

Image: Eve-chan.jpg   368x534 34209 bytes 2002.07.06

A picture i promised my friend Evechan. The scanner at kinkos ate this one i'l post a beter version later probly. next friday i'l be getting a new scanner YAY!

Image: rat.jpg   422x505 36112 bytes 2002.06.27

Another oriental inspired fur. this time the rat ninja guy, Mesh is always a pain in the butt for me if anyone knows an easy way to do it i'm all ears, it rarely looks right but i am happy with this one.

Image: maygi_col.jpg   493x853 62992 bytes 2002.06.27

Yay i coloured it, not shure all the colours matched right but i kinda like the scheame.\r\n\r\n\r\n(note to staff, i know about the little purple dot, leave my picture where it is.)

Image: Mink&rox.jpg   492x543 43244 bytes 2002.06.27

My little halve dragon goirl and some anthro rocks (ŠSarah Jaffe)\r\n\r\nI kinda like this little semi deform pic it gave me something shugery cute to draw for a change.

Image: bunny.jpg   360x549 33864 bytes 2002.06.27

Uploaded agian after fixing. yeash a little off white back ground and you'd think you started the inquisition here.\r\n\r\nAny how the description. This is my New world tree character, a lower class warrior with a strong moral sence and no real title. I have been useing a few wierd weapons lately.

Image: foxy.jpg   430x626 217722 bytes 2002.06.26

Ahh my samuri inspired vixen.\r\n\r\nMeet Lime the strictly buisness swordswoman. I had fun with the armour here personaly i always thought pieace maile looks neeter than full suits.\r\nHer general character is that of a noble swordswoman and has a tendancy to look down on her "lessers."

Image: badger.jpg   300x631 122001 bytes 2002.06.26

A picture of one of my faveorite people on furrymuck, this is Adrian.\r\n\r\nI promised her a pic a while back but lost it so i hope this makes up for it.

Image: cannie.jpg   557x782 79112 bytes 2002.04.19

Here is a drawing I did of my friend's World tree character.\r\n\r\nHe's a cannie, there mosly dogish morphs and the ruleing class in the world tree \r\nuniverse. I like the way the bone armour came out on this one, maybe i'l colour \r\nit soon.\r\n\r\n

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