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Image: knife.jpg   787x763 187367 bytes 2002.06.18

she is a girl number one. for some reason people tend to think she's a boy. and the dragon is dying if your wondering why its just lying there. and yes she is cutting herself. the dragon represents dreams and sanity, i suppose. i couldn't tell you. i just drew it. the picture is copyrighted to me

Image: cornerboi.jpg   655x681 129649 bytes 2002.06.18

corner boi. named because he looks like he'd be sitting in the corner of some place, and because that was drawn after homecoming while i spent most of my time sitting in the corner. i want those goggles. i'm pretty sure he's a wolf, but that can be debated. the picture is copyrighted to me, but you can use the char if you ask nicely.

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