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Image: africa.jpg   310x527 73443 bytes 2005.09.14

...and another. Photoshop/ pen sketch. Done is less than an hour total...

Image: badbunmk.jpg   350x483 62119 bytes 2001.09.22

Bunny chick. Rendered in watercolors. Copyright Mink 2001

Image: basaltkimono.jpg   460x627 70124 bytes 2001.11.03

My half of an art trade with Basalt (! Her characters and art are absolutely adorable! Copyright info is on the image.

Image: batwench.jpg   300x468 46020 bytes 2001.10.13

Batwitch! Copyright Mink 2001

Image: bloodhound2.jpg   400x450 85130 bytes 2006.01.19

Bloodhound for K-Squared. I rarely leave things finished in pencil but I thought that it kind of worked here...\r\n\r\nBloodhound is (c) K-Squared but the image is mine all mine! MINK '06

Image: bluehorses.jpg   623x579 96607 bytes 2003.10.12

Finished this up this morning. It's a crest for the VCL or something. There's a French proverb in the center. Kudos to those who know what it means. Le Fin.\r\n\r\nCopyright Mink 2003

Image: bridge.jpg   510x663 121780 bytes 2005.10.05

You know, those $.97 watercolors are really fun! Maari crossing a bridge of sorts. Background: watercolor, character: prismacolor markers and colored pencils.

Image: brittgolden.jpg   380x465 101756 bytes 2002.02.17

Request picture for Lady Brittaneous (a golden fox) on TAPS. My email address went nuts and deleted my address this picture is very overdue.

Image: camel2.jpg   1194x1168 97727 bytes 2003.09.24

i colored this today! \r\n\r\ncamel lights logo is copyright r.j. reynolds tobacco company. yes it is.

Image: capricorn.JPG   507x430 71091 bytes 2005.09.26

This started out as a mouse sketch in MS Paint that I made while at work. Then it was printed out, traced, scanned, and re-worked in Photoshop. To all of you who have e-mailed me lately: Thanks for your support! (c) MINK '05

Image: catfoxbus.jpg   500x626 97989 bytes 2006.04.22

Yes, I am a huge fan of Totoro...\r\n\r\nfrom my sketches, images (c) MINK '06

Image: CBKittybikini.jpg   362x482 55981 bytes 2002.04.16

requesty-ness. yep. i'll probably hate this in a few minutes...

Image: cosmic3.jpg   600x755 95671 bytes 2003.09.25

Nudity: Something that I don't do often, however, I felt very inspired by my Indian Art and Culture class and subsequently drew this on my review sheet for the test. It's Mink engaged in the cosmic dance (Nahareja) of Shiva which both creates and destroys the world and universe at the same time. Hinduism is cool. \r\n\r\nImage and Character are copyright Mink 2003

Image: cupid.jpg   303x469 96184 bytes 2006.01.19 approaches! image (c) MINK '06

Image: cwcolor.jpg   771x582 142408 bytes 2006.04.22

Colored version. Request picture from VCL forums...\r\n\r\nimage (c) MINK '06. characters (c) MoCaW

Image: cwsketch.jpg   744x568 101235 bytes 2006.04.21

Something that I just started working on today!\r\n\r\nExpect a colored version soon. image (c) MINK '06

Image: dalmation.jpg   350x604 95049 bytes 2005.11.03

Here's a curvy dalmation...and a swan! Just a little doodle from my sketchbook. prismacolor/ tria markers and a little bit of colored pencil. art (c) MINK '05.

Image: deerpose.jpg   290x382 41397 bytes 2001.09.22

An older picture that I still like quite a bit. Maari in a jacket in her non-taur form. Yeah, not much else to say about it...

Image: deertaurjump.jpg   350x372 67959 bytes 2001.09.20

The last one in this series. Titled "Spring". Maari jumping through a tulip field. Much thanks to all the people who e-mailed me suggestions/ compliments/ photoshop tips!

Image: deertaurmk2.jpg   300x375 72440 bytes 2001.09.19

My first serious attempt at cel-style photoshop coloring. It's that same reindeer femme again, but this time as a taur. Critiques/ comments would be greatly appreciated (

Image: deertaurspring.jpg   350x396 52010 bytes 2001.09.20

This is by far my favourite picture of Maari so far. This one is titled "Summer" (the brown backround one is "Autumn", I forgot to mention that when I uploaded it.).

Image: deertaurwinter.jpg   350x403 48695 bytes 2001.09.20

I hate winter. Maari in wintertime. Did I mention that I hate winter? This is one's titled "Winter", but you probably knew that.

Image: deerwoods.jpg   305x550 54101 bytes 2001.09.17

My *still* un-named reindeer character out for a morning stroll. Artwork and character Mink 2001\r\n

Image: desvert2.jpg   400x525 76647 bytes 2002.02.16

Art trade with Des. Re-uploaded due to two tiny problems. "Green Glass: Green Afternoon"

Image: firepony.jpg   500x376 119336 bytes 2005.10.04

Real media version of an image posted previously (pegasus.jpg). (c) MINK '05.

Image: golden.jpg   500x325 72909 bytes 2005.09.15

Another strange colored horse. Pen sketch colored in Photoshop.

Image: Grejagmk.jpg   475x653 93685 bytes 2001.09.17

A random jaguar girl. I really liked how the coloring turned out on this one. Art Mink 2001

Image: greykitty.jpg   315x506 87940 bytes 2006.02.03

just a little grey kitty. image (c) MINK '06. have a great day!

Image: hamadryad2.jpg   230x578 67180 bytes 2001.12.12

Off-topic upload: \r\nShe's a Hamadryad (a wood-dwelling nymph). Colored in Photoshop from a pencil sketch.

Image: hounddog.jpg   450x454 91665 bytes 2005.11.07

She aint nothing but a hound dog. image (c) MINK '05.

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