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Image: 404.jpg   300x300 44405 bytes 2002.12.13

Hee-hee-hee. 404. I found out that I could make my own, and I liked the idea. So, here's my 404 image. I think it came out nicely, especially the question mark. Ziri Okamiotoko looks pretty good too. She came out nicely fuzzy.\r\n\r\nZiri Okamiotoko, the art, and Puppi Paw Press logo are copyright to me, thank you.

Image: Aya_present.jpg   600x600 57947 bytes 2002.09.30

Aya is so pretty and I absolutely love her stuff. I took one look at her pictures, and I thought, "Ohmigosh, I've gotta do a pic for her!" She's such a nich person, and I hope she got the pic in her e-mail, it was kinda a bit big when I sent it to her. Oh well. I hope she likes it. I love you, Aya! You're sooo nifty!\r\n\r\nAya is (c) herself, and I am me. Thanks muchly.

Image: Bee-chan_blob.jpg   300x300 28534 bytes 2003.04.11

To a girl I met on Deviant Art, named Bee-chan. These seemed to have become something of a fad now that I've posted tons of them on my Devart page. (I'm zirio over there!)\r\n\r\nCopyright info is on the picture

Image: Bowie-blob.jpg   350x300 27316 bytes 2003.04.11

My puppy dog (who really isn't a puppy) a one of my blobs. I think she's a cute blob.

Image: Deamoness.jpg   560x830 130452 bytes 2003.01.20

I was playing around in Photoshop yesterday, and I wanted to do another peice with red in it. This was the result. She looks kinda like me, only with a Vampire Princes Miyu twist. That wasn't intentional, honest. I'll post a more furry picture of her soon, honest Ch'marr. I think I may actually keep this doodle. She looks interesting.\r\n\r\nCopyright info is on the image.

Image: Deamoness_oekaki.jpg   300x500 82465 bytes 2003.03.12

I'm on an oekaki roll, yo. This is my fifth oekaki, my sixth is one of Xelloss.\r\n\r\nThat's *supposed* to be fire around her finger. It doesn't look like it, does it? ::sighs:: Oh well. I'm getting better, yes? No?\r\n\r\nThis particular Deamoness is mine, thank you.

Image: Drawing_lessons.jpg   450x571 81782 bytes 2002.07.29

Nyee-hee-hee. Pretty blue marble. I was actually planning on leaving it with a plain white background, but Malice's tail dissapeared into that background, so it was no good. And thus the blue marble. Chou. I look very fuzzy. And I'm nekkid. Fweeep. Oh yeah. The fuzzy nekkidness. I love my Malice, she is most nifty, with her pink fishnets. And lots of pretty piercings. I have big paws in this picture. I have been inspired by Klar and Roux! I admit it, they are nifty and inspirational people. And yes, Malice has actually asked me to show her how to draw something on occasions. She's so cute.\r\n\r\nMalice, the gothic albino cat is (c) her silly self\r\nZiri the wolf and the pic is (c) Me. Yaaaay.

Image: Drisden_grunge.jpg   500x500 106663 bytes 2003.08.21

My character Drisden, angel of death. I've never done a grunge pic before, and I found it really fun. I wanna do it again. X3\r\n\r\nDrisden, Angel of Death is property of me. Font's done by angryblue of Deviant Art.

Image: Fiona.gif   531x600 139475 bytes 2000.03.06

The much better version of Fiona. Can you see why I like it better? <"^.^*>\n

Image: For-Da-Mally.jpg   800x674 67056 bytes 2002.10.18

Drawn for my Malice-kitty! Because she's my little sister and I love her to death! Scanned on her scanner. Alas! I spent a lot of time on her snow leopard spots and then I drew the fishnets and now the spots are completely masked! Alas. But the picture is durned cute. I must make some pants like that for her. Considering I already have my Pants. I took some of the stuff that I drew on her pants and then I added them to the Pants. XP I'm such a nut.\r\n\r\nThe fuzzy softness that is the Malice Snowleote is co-copyrighted to me and the Malice\r\nEveything else is copyrighted to me.\r\nBehold my mad coloring skillz, yo!

Image: Foxy_needs_a_hug_01.jpg   350x300 32071 bytes 2003.04.11

A Grumpy!Fox. She'd been having a hard time with an art professor...

Image: Foxy_needs_a_hug_02.jpg   400x300 44823 bytes 2003.04.11

Shocked!Fox. And a hugging Ziri-blob. No, she's not trying to rape the [Fox].

Image: Foxy_needs_a_hug_03.jpg   350x300 32882 bytes 2003.04.11

page three of a comic I drew for Fox-in-a-box. XD Wheee! I love her, she's so nifty.

Image: Foxy_Remy_blobs.jpg   300x300 27470 bytes 2003.02.08

Foxy and Remorse as fuzzy blobs! You want to hug them! You know you do! Fuzzy blobs are not exactly my idea, since I stole them from Japanese animation. So. Yes.\r\n\r\nThis was inspired by a conversation I had with Fox-in-a-box yesterday night. They are cuteness. I drew lots of fuzzy blobs the other day, on of them was Fox, and that was the origin of the conversation, and hence, this picture. Yaaaaay me!\r\n\r\nFoxy blobs and Remy blobs might be mine, but they're Fox's characters! The art, however, *is* mine. Don't steal. Thank you.

Image: Foxy_Ziri_blobs.jpg   300x300 28897 bytes 2003.02.08

Me, snuzzling the Fox. (I am such a suck up, I can hear you say it. Magic is what my hearing is.) Fox came out very cute. The second picture inspired by a conversation with the Fox, and scribbles from me being bored in class. Yish, I am stupendous. These were both done in Adobe Photoshop. I have mad coloring skills with a tablet. Yes.\r\n\r\nFox is copyright herself, Ziri-blob and the warm fuzzyness that is this picture is copyright me! Yaaaay.

Image: Frosteon.jpg   370x429 27778 bytes 2002.07.11

I know it has the name of a pokemon! Please don't eat me! Malice and I were messing around one day about all the possibilities of Eevee evolution and we spewed out about five, six new critters. This is an ice monster I'm thinking of using for a RPG, and it really doesn't look like the original pokemon we mutilated. It looks more like a fox and arctic dragon mix, don't you think? The icyness is (c) Malice and Ziri

Image: Funkengruven_mit_Amberdrake.jpg   500x300 53662 bytes 2003.04.11

A drawing I did for Amberdrake of DevArt. I was supposed to be doing an icon for her, but I completely forgot until this piece was finished, so I shrank the canvas, shoved a few things around, and voila! An icon! Mew. It's 50x50 pixels, and most of the itty-bitty details are unnoticable, but hey, it was fun to make.

Image: Homies,_yo.jpg   824x645 119109 bytes 2003.02.08

It was bad enough when I drew it in MSPaint *before* I tried to save it as a .jpg. Then it died. Oh well. MSPaint is not a good substitution to oekakies. But, since the only computer that I can use that oekaki boards work on isn't hooked up to the net, I resort to this.\r\n\r\nIt is most blarg. Sorry Malice!\r\n\r\nMalice and Ziri Okamiotoko are copyright to themselves. Rarrr.

Image: icandanceclr.jpg   325x500 59490 bytes 2002.07.29

The swirly, sparkly, raver-like goodness! Yay! The most-nifty Crystal Thorpe (Cat-Foo) asked for this colored...and I colored it. She was very nice to let me upload it to my account to. And she liked it alot! Yay. That made me feel good, and I liked how it came out. I had lots of fun coloring it...and playing with Adobe. Nyiiieee... ::snicker:: Sparkle-like goodness. And happy light-beams. Tra-la.\r\n\r\nThe original black and white niftyness is (c) Cat-Foo (aka Crystal Thorpe)\r\nColored oddity in all its swirlyness is (c) Me (aka Miriam Wadey)

Image: Jealousy_final.jpg   360x804 113404 bytes 2003.08.21

My first real grunge peice. I think I might've gone overboard just a bit, but I'm kinda happy with it. I tried whitening the background, and the piece seemed to lose it's point. So, off-white background with paper texture was kept, and I'm pretty happy with the feel of the thing.\r\n\r\nThis is the personification of my jealousy. Appearing in the form of a decaying corpse, and possesses people by impaling them on her claws and pulling them into her gaping chest. Hot, piercing tightness in the lungs, then the sudden hot, claustrophobia. My sources of inspiration for this piece, in no particular order: Malice, Ephemeral, Fox-in-a-box, and the lady Gwen!

Image: Jolyn_blob.jpg   300x300 37912 bytes 2003.04.11

For Jolyn! Because she was nice to me, and I felt like drawing her...and stuff. Yay Jolyn!

Image: Little_Kitty_oekaki.jpg   300x300 43372 bytes 2002.10.18

Ha! My first off-topic picture and also my very first oekaki! Arrrrg. I could not for the life of me figure out how to create separate layers on the oekaki program! Oh my goodness. It was very rough. But I have a tablet! So it wasn't like I was fighting a mouse. I sooo cannot draw with a mouse.\r\n\r\nLittle Kitty Miri is copyright to me 2002. Thank you.

Image: Loves_to_the_Malice.jpg   400x300 44620 bytes 2003.04.11

Malice needs love! Go love the Malice! Raowr. I love her sooo much. And she needs cheering up, sometimes.

Image: Male-ice.jpg   502x942 63555 bytes 2003.04.11

Male-malice. Yaaay! oops. I fergot. He's human in this one. But I'm uploading lots of furry stuff! (If one calls fuzzy blobs anthropomorphic...) He is oh-so-pretty. ::glomps the Malice:: Raowr.

Image: Malice_blob_01.jpg   300x300 35321 bytes 2003.04.11

One of two blobs for my lovely Malice. I think I may need a whole new directory for my blobs....

Image: Malice_blob_02.jpg   300x300 39951 bytes 2003.04.11

Two of two Malice blobs, since Malice has more than one "Malice"...yay!

Image: Malice_in_colored_pencils.jpg   438x768 98027 bytes 2003.04.11

I had this cool idea for a picture of Malice in art class yesterday. I didn't have my stuff with me, so I wanted to try something new. I did this entirely with Crayola watercolor pencils, drawing the figure as I colored. When I was done, I called my teacher over to see what he thought.\r\n\r\n"Nice sweater." Grrr.\r\n\r\nI don't like the pants. The sweater's perfect, but the pants are driving me nuts. The picture dies after the suspenders. I'm going to erase them entirely save for the outline, and try it again. The white watercolor pencil is easy to erase, thank goodness.\r\n\r\nMalice is Malice\r\nArt is mine.\r\n\r\nand I am now entirely out of upload allowance.

Image: Malice_oekaki_02.jpg   300x300 60613 bytes 2003.03.12

My pathetic excuse for a background. Eurgh. Oh well. Please don't eat me. I'm trying. (I think I may actually even be getting better.)\r\n\r\nNote: This is the second oekaki of Malice that I did tonight, I just lost the first one. Which just happened to be my favorite! Arg. Oh well. This is my...fourth overall oekaki.

Image: Miri_Mouse.jpg   338x482 31552 bytes 2002.07.23

The most niftiest mouse in the world! Miri Mouse! She slices, she dices, she kicks major booty! She is a superhero, after all. Created by me in 1988, she is mine! Thank you, no stealing, please. I think she came out nicely, painted in Adobe after I scanned her off of a summer school homework assignment. I think she came out nicely, even if I do have the stomach flu while coloring it. I don't think I mutilated her too badly.\r\n\r\nMiri Mouse (c) by Me 2002

Image: Morpheus_01.jpg   632x822 134010 bytes 2002.10.31

One of two uploads that I'm doing of Fox-in-a-box's dream. The second will have more adjustments and a filter added. This one is only adjusted for whiteness, I filled in the divider, and made Morpheus' eyes glow. This one took me quite a while to ink, since I was just using my beloved Gelly Rolls and a Pilot P-500 EF. My pilot is nearly, but not quite, dead. XD My hand was cramping up a bit, but it came out nicely in the end. I hope you like it, Fox! ::loves to the Fox::\r\n\r\nMorpheus is copyright to the Fox-in-a-box, I think. But the Fox is most definitly copyright to herself. The art, however, is mine. Thank you!

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