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Image: fastgirlshavegoodtimes.jpeg   586x420 162460 bytes 2001.11.11

Colored versoin of varsity girls picture. Fast girls have good times. You figure out the double meaning. : p \r\n\r\nOh yeah... blotted out the names written above the animals so that might look a little strange. Thanks again to them for all the wonderful memories. Very proud of their accomplishments.

Image: humpbackseminarsm.jpeg   612x420 185180 bytes 2002.04.11

This is a picture I did for my seminar class. It's going to be used in a calendar I'm making and I believe I decided on September for the month. Done with prismacolor markers on smooth bristol. And yes, it's all dots.

Image: misfitburntoshine.jpeg   240x550 87870 bytes 2001.11.10

Result of staying up late. Markers on bristol board. The arms aren't quite right and neither are the sleeves. If you have the desire and if you set your goals high enough you can achieve things above and beyond what you might have thought was possible previously. Truly a learning experience.

Image: misfitdragonpencil.jpeg   300x580 65528 bytes 2001.10.29

It's the Misfit drawn in pencil. Wings need patience to draw. No background but hopefully I'll get to that but other projects need to be finished first. This may be the final version but if it isn't I'll take this down and just upload the other. She's supposed to be climbing something.

Image: skbday.jpeg   522x600 120382 bytes 2001.09.10

Birthday card for a wonderful person even if she is a little crazy we love ya anyways! Gotta love wonderful inspiration that got me to finish this picture in less than three days.^.- Now I've just gotta start my homework...^^;;;;

Image: varsityanimalsbw.jpeg   631x351 87861 bytes 2001.10.14

This is for a very special person(the deer, in fact). All seven people in the picture are very special to me. Happy to present the girl's varsity cross country team. I love you guys!! I thank them and the rest of the team for teaching me so many things about life and being a team.*sniffles* This is the black and white version but hopefully there will also be a color version. Sorry for getting mushy.

Image: youcanfly.jpeg   432x419 52334 bytes 2001.09.04

Drew this and inked most of it yesterday. Was amazed with the spurt of inspiration I had. Think happy thoughts.... Gave Misfit whiskers. And yes The Misfit is a gal... soccer shorts and beyond informal grey t-shirts are comfy. Might color.. eventually. I think the proportions are a bit off and I know the wings aren't quite right but it was pretty good for just an emotional 'keep it up' kinda piece. I need to draw more things for myself.

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