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Image: foxy.jpg   707x1064 131147 bytes 2001.06.16

A super cute little red fox ..... I promise not to do anything this sugar sweet again! ^_~

Image: mink.jpg   200x428 15208 bytes 2001.03.20

Mink, my character in the PBEM game, SeaviewRPG run on egroups. This is Mink, one of my main characters.

Image: MP-602.jpg   332x450 113492 bytes 2002.06.01

My fursonna looking innocently cute. It's been some time since I've drawn her ... and completed the pic! Created in pen, colored w/ photoshop.

Image: Redpanda.jpg   508x656 72002 bytes 2000.12.01

Mistie the RedPanda. My fursonna.\r\n\n

Image: shesherefinal2.jpg   566x803 128775 bytes 2004.01.20

'She's here!' ... an image that has taught me several things. 1: I must learn to render metal better and 2: my computer hates photoshop files over 300M in size and over 150 layers deep. This image was inspired the the light and smile of Jimi Newman. 'Pride' and 'Ferretduck' Jimi Newman, artwork Mistie Kidder

Image: sweet6.jpg   716x513 196553 bytes 2003.12.28

There are few things as sweet as the deepest of friendships. This image was created in the span of 12 hours in Photoshop using little more than my mouse and thoughts about the characters involved. My fursonna, the red panda, is more than happy to let 'Pride' have the cherry off the giant sundae. 'Pride' is Jimi Newman

Image: U-glen001.jpg   661x957 142457 bytes 2001.06.16

not quite a fur, but I felt he was intresting enough to be shown here. Glen, a unicorn of many colors.. and an old character of mine.

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