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Image: angeluslycia02.jpg   599x748 97494 bytes 2002.12.28

Requested image from a friend of our characters. I'll probably never color it because it appears to be too scratchy to me. Characters copyright their respectful owners, copyright image to me. Everything still applies.

Image: anni.jpg   460x566 38050 bytes 2002.12.28

Another character of mine called a demondream. Friend created the species and asked me to play a male for her. I like him. Copyright Demondreams to Melissa, copyright character and image to me. Everything still applies.

Image: firstgrierform.jpg   418x518 49796 bytes 2003.06.24

This is Grier before I got a phoenix. Not as good as I had hoped but I was still learning. The tentacles were a pain with their little spines. Blah. Copyright character and image to me.

Image: loekraifamily.jpg   576x379 48238 bytes 2003.06.24

A request from an old friend. Don't think we're friends anymore, but whatever. It's our characters and their three children. I don't like how the infant came out but whatever. Copyright Lycia Lucretia to her rightful creator, copyright Angelus Loekrai to his rightful creator (me), and the three between both of us. Do not use without permission and maybe one day they'll be a colored version of this up here.

Image: offspring01.jpg   454x575 99862 bytes 2002.09.25

The offspring of a cat and an insect hermaphrodite thing. I was messing around with the different kinds of shading and perception (spelling?) here, obviously. to me.

Image: thefinalbeast.jpg   540x458 45128 bytes 2003.01.06

New design for my character. Tis a cross between a velociraptor, ocelot, and red tail hawk. Normally isn't supposed to have these wings but decided she needed something. Copyright still applies. Original character design; do not use without prior permission of the owner.

Image: weddingday.jpg   447x508 50168 bytes 2003.06.24

The three kits a little older and dressed up for their parents wedding day. Yes, it probably took them about five years before they actually got married -- so what?! =P Copyright characters to both Nikki and myself. Copyright image to me. All rules apply, and maybe I'll toss up a colored version one of these days.

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All images © their respective holders.
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