Commission E-mail address: MephookImages(at)


Commission information and disclaimer

(More of a set of rules that I try to keep, and some rules can be stretched at times)

1) Because I have one and a half other jobs, I can only take on a limited number of commissions at any time. If I can't take a commission at the time, I'll let you know in response.

2) I'll e-mail back a list of questions before I officially take on any commission. There may or will be questions about content and age. No offense is intended, and you aren't being judged, I'd just rather you be happy with the finished commission so I may ask detailed questions to draw it right the first time. If I'm uncomfortable with drawing something, I'll flat out say something up front.

3) I don’t often publicly display or post naughty stuff. Don't get me wrong, I do draw detailed pieces; I've got at least one sketchbook dedicated to naughty/kink, I just usually choose not to publicly display it. What anyone else does with a piece I've drawn for them is their own decision.

If I’m particularly proud of a commission piece and I feel it conveys my attitude and style, I may ask permission to post a version of it for public display (with a commission watermark over the top). The final decision on that would be up to you, as you would be paying for the piece. I will never post a finished commission without permission or sell a finished commission piece as a publicly available print, though I may use a private copy as an example of my work in a portfolio at a convention.

4) I won't willingly or knowingly sell a commission piece of adult nature to an underage client. I will ask if you are of legal age (18 in the
US), and if I find during the time before I send out the piece that the recipient is a minor, I will terminate the sale and work. You may be mature enough to enjoy that kind of stuff, but the world is way too full of lawsuit crazy people that I'd rather not meet, so if you aren't old enough, I won't do it.

5) I won't knowingly draw someone else's trademark characters, identities, fursonas, etc, for money without their permission. If you want, for example, a drawing of Max Blackrabbit's character ZigZag in a pose scene with another character that you describe; then you'd be better off requesting that piece from Max Blackrabbit than me, because I won't draw it without consent. Giving me a text description of a recognizable character is out too.

Stylized drawings, however, I may work with. I often draw versions of myself in Sonic/Megaman style or other toon forms, and I have no problem with those kinds of depictions. But, I won't depict trademarked characters or established characters if I'm going to be making a commission on the deal. Fan art is one thing because it is non-paid, but I'm not getting into legal issues with selling pictures that include corporate characters.

6) I don't like drawing scenes that show hurtful treatment of others. I prefer to draw more animated and cartoon pictures which can include anger, frustration, rage, and smoldering emotions, but I don't like drawing hate. If the intent is humor/snarky sarcasm or all participating members are consenting, then I'm much happier with the idea.

7) Completely off limit topics:
* No scat, potty play, golden showers, etc... if you don't know, don't ask.
* No rape, malicious torture, or hateful pain.
* No snuff, asphyxiation, or necro.
* No child pornography.
* No degradation on the basis of racism, sexism, religion, or hate crimes.

8) Borderline topics:
* Macro, micro, vore, bondage, play torture, encapsulation, inflation, rubber, and other fetish work. I really prefer to not draw hardcore depictions, and I will draw a line of toleration if the request goes farther than the soft stuff I'm willing to depict. Your best bet is to ask up front, and we’ll go from there.
* Hentai, mythological, occult and other weirdness. I love weird, but there is a line of toleration. As always, I'll have less of a problem with humor and consensual scenes. Incidentally, I don't automatically include vampires in the necro category. It can be a different thing.
* Religion and politics. I do draw some of each, but I prefer statements over taunting or disrespecting a disagreeing viewpoint. Everyone should be entitled to their own opinions.

9) Other notes:
* Hetero, Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Flaming, Cross dress, Transgender, Herm; any combination is fine by me.
* Most specific fetishes should be fine as long as the depiction doesn't cross what I consider hardcore. I may ask regarding depiction or to get a better idea, and I may ask questions out of pure curiosity. I'm funny like that...
* If there is humor involved, or it is a fantasy piece, then I'll be more likely to stretch the rules in places.
* Fighting or battle scenes, like in a fantasy or RPG setting are permissible types of violence. Can't have a hero without villains to deal with, and after all, nameless NPCs have no souls.

10) Bottom line: this is not my job. I do not make my living based on commission sales of artwork. This is a long term hobby of mine that has grown and developed into something I enjoy: drawing things for other people. It makes me happy, and it seems to make them happy. When it no longer makes me happy, then I'll look at why and try to change things accordingly.

If I do not want to do a piece for any reason (usually due to content), then I will not do the piece. I am not a slave or servant to whoever waves a check in my face. I do this for one main reason: because I enjoy it.

I charge a commission for it because when I do a drawing for someone else, I take time away from drawings and projects that are on my mind that I'd like to create. I put a lot of time and energy into getting the ideas, poses, blocking, anatomy, thumbnails, sketches, inking, coloring and shading, and buying or paying for all the materials I use.

In all that, there is an opportunity cost of time, energy, and money on my part to try and create an image that someone else has in their head that I'll never be able to perfectly see on my own. So, since I have to pay for that, I'm asking for a little back in return.

(Insert self ego stroke here) Besides, if it was free, I'd have so many projects and requests that I'd lose another point or two of sanity just from the sheer volume, and let’s face it, I CAN'T afford that.

For right now, money order or cash only (buyer beware… I can’t be held responsible for mail theft). I have no credit or paypal account to work off of yet. The address to send the check to will be given upon my acceptance of the commission.

Commission Pricing:

(subject to change; changes will not affect already accepted commissions, final price will be negotiated before any work begins.)

Base price for a J-PEG file of a single character with little to no background:

·        Rough sketch, lightly detailed, non-cleaned with blocking and skeleton lines still showing: - 5$

·        Full sketch, detailed and somewhat clean (there will probably be some eraser smudge marks around high-detail areas) – 10$

·        Inked and cleaned line-work with no shading, light shading, or with inked shade lines – 15$

·        Digitally colored and shaded with a minimalist color blend background– 20$



Options that will variably affect the final price - the scale in price usually depends on the detail level you’re looking for:

·        Detailed background scenes and room objects + (5 – 15$)

·        Additional characters with or without body contact + (5 – 15$ per character)

·        Adult/fetish/kink content + (5 – 20$)

·        Receiving a matted or glossed print version + (5 – 15$, mostly depending on shipping and insuring rates)



Phooki characters (little chibi/plush versions of characters)

·        100x100 icon format – 10$ for a single icon, discounted pricing for icon sets of the same character.

·        2.5 x 3.25in badge format, digitally colored – 15$ each (may change due to shipping and insuring rates)


Comic page or series images:

·        Not accepting them yet openly as commissions… I want to get a few under my belt first before I declare myself available to draw them.


Print pieces:

·        Not available for sale at this time, but it will be an option soon.