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Image: Com-MoonlightRoten.jpg   504x374 79896 bytes 2006.07.22

Commission sample 2.\r\n\r\nRoten (c) his player.

Image: Com-Tayit.jpg   382x504 81127 bytes 2006.07.22

Commission sample 3.\r\n\r\nTayit (c) her player.

Image: Commission-Level-AerofoxRad.jpg   440x504 97381 bytes 2006.07.22

I'm not yet taking online commissions because my bank is being wonky about me setting up a business account... but here's a few local requests/pieces of gift art I've done for some fur folks!\r\n\r\nAerofox (c) his player.

Image: GlitchInTheLab.jpg   408x504 84186 bytes 2006.05.01

A character portrait for Glitch, a quirky little lab rat on Puzzlebox.\r\n\r\nThis is a request/gift art for her player, but since I'm getting ready to start taking online commissions instead of just local ones, I figure I better start getting serious about attempting backgrounds.

Image: Phooki-Characters-1.jpg   504x391 134475 bytes 2006.10.19

Phooki's: Cute little chibi/plushie depictions of folkses characters and fursonas. \r\n\r\nI've been doing these a while for some of my friends in my journal, and I'm gonna be making Phooki-badges at MFF.\r\n\r\nWant one? I'm pre-ordering a few for 10$ a-piece.

Image: Phooki-Characters-2.jpg   500x648 160511 bytes 2006.10.19

More Phooki characters.\r\n\r\nPG-13 only... I know there'd probably be a market for X-rated ones, but I'd prefer to keep these little guys (and girls) sorta clean, please!

Image: Shirik.jpg   515x648 117480 bytes 2006.09.04

A drawing of Lady Naoko's character Shirik, a dragon/guinea pig as she requested in the forums.\r\n\r\nYay random gift art!

Image: Summer-Vixen.jpg   318x504 58351 bytes 2006.04.22

Gift art for AutumnFox of his character Summer Vixen.\r\n\r\nPosted with his permission. I try not to post any gift, request, or commission without permission unless I have no other way to get it to the recipient.

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