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Image: SCapeTest-MIB.jpg   549x720 146079 bytes 2006.04.22

Everyone has to start a comic somewhere...\r\n\r\nThis isn't the where; this is just a test and a bad joke to find out how hard it is to make a serious attempt at a comic page.\r\n\r\nRaccoons should never possess the flashy-thing.\r\n\r\nS.Cape, and Mocha (c) Mocha Mephooki.

Image: Lava-Java.jpg   290x504 53470 bytes 2006.04.22

Submission for art_a_week LJ group.\r\nTheme: Psychadellic colouring.\r\n\r\nI thought it'd be trippy to be all trapped inside a lava lamp, kinda burbly and warm gooey and stuff.

Image: Pojodan.jpg   339x504 53230 bytes 2006.04.07

I don't usually do requests, unless the request is along the lines of something I'm working on already, so it isn't going out of my way to make a few adjustments. I was doing practice sketches of horse anatomy, and someone was looking for their cheetah character to be drawn with a horse, so...\r\n\r\nCheetah (c) Pojodan. Horse just happened to be there.

Image: Mega-Mephooki.jpg   378x504 51056 bytes 2006.04.07

Mega Man rocks.

Image: BW-Tricky-Maid.jpg   395x576 49043 bytes 2006.03.29

The quick sketch version of this was meant as a joke for Tricky Bunouse, but I really liked the pose, so I asked for permission to turn it into a sellable piece, and fortunately, she said yes.\r\n\r\nTricky appears by permission from her player.

Image: BW-Remorse.jpg   430x576 64609 bytes 2006.03.29

I drew a version of this a long time ago in my sketchbook when I was depressed. A friend of mine saw it and loved the quote, so he urged me to make a more final version.

Image: BW-Last-Week-Cover.jpg   720x550 68095 bytes 2006.03.29

Tentative cover art for a macro/micro story I'm still working on.\r\n\r\nBasically, working on the cover idea was easier than getting past the writer's block, so YAY progress...

Image: 80s-Muszette.jpg   361x576 69739 bytes 2006.03.29

I seem to be on a time period based cos-play kick, and since I shouldn't be the only one in on the fun...\r\n\r\nMy girlfriend, Muszette, in full 80s dance mode.\r\n\r\nThe vixen in the background just happened to be in the view.

Image: Gothicoon.jpg   314x504 52768 bytes 2006.03.19

Me all dressed up and elegantothic and stuff. I don't do punk goth much, but I like the older, dressy look. Background quickie made with PS6.\r\n\r\nNot much new today but a bunch of sketches.

Image: Passion-of-the-Leo.jpg   395x576 68878 bytes 2006.03.13

A piece I sold last year. She was looking for a Vincent-like character (Beauty and the Beast TV series) to be drawn in a crucifix pose. I'm quite proud with how it turned out.

Image: BW--Cheesecake-Mousetrap.jpg   409x504 39498 bytes 2006.03.13

I thin' we're gonna need a bigger trap...

Image: 70s-Mocha.jpg   313x504 39607 bytes 2006.03.13

More cos play; more mephooki funk.\r\n\r\nMephunki?

Image: 60s-Mocha.jpg   313x504 39255 bytes 2006.03.13

A little cos play never hurt anyone; s'pecially me.

Image: BW-Valeri.jpg   457x576 52402 bytes 2006.03.13

S.Cape is the main comic I'm working on. Obviously, I'm not far enough into it yet, but I've got a good idea of characters and places.\r\n\r\nThe Rabbit Hole is an adult club that predominantly employs bunnies.

Image: Deer-In-Headlights.jpg   444x576 103178 bytes 2006.03.08

Can't help it. I just can't resist a bad joke once it gets in my head.\r\n\r\nStill working on getting better with markers, if you hadn't noticed.

Image: Daily-Affirmation.jpg   576x466 71614 bytes 2006.03.08

Ever have one of those days?\r\n\r\nCopic markers and Prisma pencils

Image: Jazmine-Pose.jpg   398x576 51731 bytes 2006.03.08

Just a squirrel based off of a girl I see at the coffeehouse regularly.\r\n\r\nCopic markers and Prisma pencils

Image: Walkies.jpg   424x576 57307 bytes 2006.03.08

Drawn for a friend's T-shirt for when she goes out marathon running.\r\n\r\nSketched and Inked - 2H pencil, Copic liners\r\nColored - Prisma colored pencils over Copic markers\r\nTouched up on Photoshop 6

Image: Kyu-Bring-It.jpg   428x576 66875 bytes 2006.03.08

I attempt a few comics now and then. This is a character from one of my more dungeon based ones - a morph girl from a gelatinous cube/slime monster.

Image: Nikki-Profile.jpg   365x576 45928 bytes 2006.03.08

Pikamorph in a bathing suit. Need I say more?

Image: Metallic-Ecks.jpg   452x576 77569 bytes 2006.03.08

A chromed version of my friend Ecks' character, done with her permission. I do around this level when I do commission art, but it varies per the piece.\r\n\r\nEcks appears with permission and (c) her player.

Image: Muszette.jpg   437x576 79896 bytes 2006.03.08

My girlfriend Muszette, a lioness cabbit. Getting her to pose is difficult because I have this habit of pouncing her when she looks all cute and stuff.

Image: My-Coffee-Cup.jpg   576x426 60761 bytes 2006.03.08

I'm part skunk, part raccoon, and ALL coffee fiend. The words look warped because this is what appears on my coffee cup, and the template is curved.

Image: Mocha-Profile.jpg   509x576 69938 bytes 2006.03.08

Hiya! The name's Mocha, and I'm gonna be on this server this evening. Do you need a few minutes, or can I get you a drink now?\r\n\r\nSketch & Ink - 2H pencil, Copic liners\r\nColor - Photoshop 6

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