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Image: !EvansFin.jpg   555x665 33159 bytes 2005.04.14

This is Ryan Evans Frost. He is a rat. He is a gentleman. He is a rat and gentleman. He is the new fursona of a special friend of mine. I will miss his old fursona, but I enjoyed helping draw this one. Note that, this is the first ever drawing of Evans, and yes, I am boasting. Evans (c) John R. Henifin. Artwork (c) David M. Barker

Image: !MoonflaxDrowning.jpg   400x923 25671 bytes 2005.04.14

This is my "fursona" Moonflax, which is also my magickal name as well. Ironically, I have drawn long before I first came to VCL, and refrained from roleplaying as or drawing Moonflax for a long time, while now on VCL, he is my first upload. There is also a great deal of sentimental value for myself in this picture, having to do with someone who is very important to me. He is my inspiration, my muse. Image is (c) David M. Barker

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