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Image: blackridercloseup.JPG   585x423 33596 bytes 2009.04.29

Close up

I put in the close up to show the rider's collar and the sword. It shows the hammer marks on the sword, which I am really happy with.

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Image: blackridercomposite.JPG   1025x769 135786 bytes 2009.04.29

Steel Armored Warhorse

The pair is based on quite a few of my drawings. It was a very complicated project but one on which I learned quite a bit (mostly about metallurgy)\r\n\r\nThe core of both figures are wire wrapped on itself to form the animal with a skin made of fabric. The bulk of the armor on the horse (along with the horses tail) and the clothing of the rider is leather with 30 gauge wire stitching. The remaining armor is a heat treated roofing steel, the heating effected the color which I liked a lot better than the shiny steel, the heat treated version looked more authentic. The rider's collar piece is beads woven on 30 gauge steel wire. The rider's sword is cold forged from a length of steel wire (12 gauge I think).

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Image: Catrian_Meets_Sith_by_Moongara.jpg   600x489 83348 bytes 2009.09.18

Image: eyeofthebeholder.JPG   703x685 62811 bytes 2009.05.18

Eye of the Beholder

"What symbolizes Good and what symbolizes Evil is often in the eye of the beholder."-Full Title\r\nIts a play on color and symbol in various art history traditions. While on the surface its the classic Good figure in white versus the classic Evil rider in black, there is more under the surface. Probably the most obvious is that the white rider is holding a scythe (death on a pale horse anyone?) Also in some cultures (the Tuareg of the Sahara for example), gold is bad luck. The black rider is wearing a red shirt underneath his black armor, both red and black in non-western cultures are often associated with life while white is associated with death. (Ancient Egypt and Japan as two examples). Please see the More Info link for the detail shots.

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