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Image: mreddie.jpg   353x438 145614 bytes 2001.11.20

GO DOWN!...under! one gets my jokes. She's an effin' Dingo! Hullo! Anyways. This was for Reddie cause she was like all, "someone should draw me." And I did. Readjusted tint.\r\n\r\nReddie is (c) Copyrighted 2001 to her owner. \r\nThis has been a (c) Copyright 2001 Morphine Dream. \r\n

Image: mdeleri.jpg   441x391 162936 bytes 2001.11.20

For that dope goth-dressed-as-a-raver Jesse, because she's -just- that cool. I even coloured it for her! And I just..don't colour. But anyways. Yeah. She has a Morphine plushie! Yee! Sing to me! I go myself embarrassment. \r\n\r\nP.S. This was reuploaded. I had to adjust the background o_O Anyways. It should be better now.\r\n\r\nDeleri_Uhm is (c) Copyright 2001 Jesse Black M. \r\nThis has been a (c) Copyright 2001 Morphine Dream \r\n

Image: mstreex.jpg   242x402 127657 bytes 2001.10.28

It's Streex! She's a pretty nifty bunny chick who I decided to draw up. \r\nStreex (c)Gus Kosmopoulos\r\nArt (c) Me, L. Anne Ethington. No touchy!

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