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Image: snowleo.jpg   397x384 18328 bytes 2002.12.14

Okay. So this is my very first attempt at realistic art. And I want opinions, I really do. So if you see this and have time, please Email me and let me know how you think it could be improved, if I should do more of these, etc?. This character currently has no name. He's just a random Snow Leopard. \r\n\r\nRandom Snow Leopard kitty is (c) Copyright A Morphine Dream 2002

Image: aegaewound1.jpg   344x472 17180 bytes 2002.12.14

My scanner ate this. Anyways. This is Aegae McEnespy, a roleplaying character of mine from Werewolf: The Apocalypse. She's a reluctant Fianna, Galliard, Metis- going Black Fury from the looks of it. Anywho. Meet Aegae!\r\n\r\nAegae and art is (c) Copyright A Morphine Dream 2002

Image: Pip.jpg   317x558 259661 bytes 2002.03.24

Ratkin character for White Wolf's Werewolf: The Apocalypse in a furry-esque type thing. Her name is Pip. Pip-Squeek-Petty-Little-Miracle-Biter. Shes a Tunnel Runner with Engineer tendancies. Anyhow. Ink and gel pens to finish this one off.\r\n\r\nThis had been a (c) Copyright Morphine Dream 2002. \r\nPip is (c) Copyright L. Anne Ethington

Image: characters.jpg   535x557 358966 bytes 2002.03.23

A few of my characters. Clockwise: Morphine ( Real name: Zoe Mackenzie Leagh. Mean ass bitch when provoked. Cougar, twin sister of Syrinx), a random eye, some statue-esque thing, Jo (Kangaroo (Real name: Josephine Whamp), best friend of Morphine, kickboxer. Currently training Morphine to be a badass.), Pip (Rat (Real name: Pip-Squeak-Pretty-Little-Miracle-Biter), valuable contact, informant, and ally.) and Syrinx (Cougar (Real name: Syrinx Piper Leagh), punkass, pyromaniac twin sister of Morphine).\r\n\r\nThis has been A (c) Copyright Morphine Dream 2002.\r\nAll characters, Morphine, Jo, Pip and Syrinx are (c) Copyright L. Anne Ethington.

Image: myvalentine.jpg   578x555 401902 bytes 2002.03.23

"I need an empty face so that I can paint you. I'd put wire around my neck to prove my love for you. I'd cut my arms, Valentine, yes I'd do that too."-- James O'Barr]\r\n\r\nFor my Valentine. I love you, Buck.\r\n\r\nThis has been A (c) Copyright Morphine Dream 2002. \r\nMorphine is (c) Copyright L. Anne Ethington.

Image: morphbow.jpg   511x574 46215 bytes 2002.01.24

An unfinished version of this pic. Morphine and her bow in usual workout attire. Urban Morphine. Whoop. Anyhow this will be fully inked and coloured soon. Comments welcome. Feel free to email me.\r\n\r\nThis has been A (c)Copyright 2002 Morphine Dream

Image: mcharkoji.jpg   445x454 30149 bytes 2002.01.19

Koji and Charlotte. Simple black ink and prisma pencil drawing. Note: The drawings I will be uploading in the next couple of weeks will not be my best pieces but rather a theraputic attempt to regain my pre-surgical drawing abilities. For those of you who don't know, I had corrective surgery on my wrist on December 26th as a result of being stabbed back in July. Comments/constructive critisism welcome.\r\n\r\nKojirinai the panda and art is (c)Copyright Leslie Anne Ethington 2002\r\nCharlotte the fox is (c) Copyright Buck Samuelson

Image: understandme.jpg   428x437 253482 bytes 2001.11.13

You're the only one\r\nWho understands me.\r\n\r\nI love you for that.\r\n\r\nCharlotte, who is, indeed, a male and obsessed with time is (c) Copyright 2001 to Buck Samuelson\r\nThis has been a (c)Copyright 2001 Morphine Dream\r\nMorphine

Image: morphdesign.jpg   210x379 90318 bytes 2001.10.29

"I cant help my laughter as she cries\r\nMy soul brings tears\r\nTo angelic eyes" -AFI\r\n\r\nMorphine is Copyright (c)2001 L.Anne Ethington

Image: mflowerink.jpg   356x568 255549 bytes 2001.10.28

"Hold On to Me"- Inspired by Nina Gordon's song. \r\n*Waves and does the first upload jig!* Uhh might colour this later on, whatcha think? \r\nMorphine and art(c) Me, L. Anne Ethington. Do no copy, redistribute, steal blahblahBLAH! Yeah. Just dont.

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