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Image: mouseyrocket.jpg   481x362 40635 bytes 2004.07.26

Um. Yea. Cheese.

Image: Jack.jpg   489x539 46235 bytes 2004.03.27

Random jack fanart. Jack is copyright of David Hopkins.

Image: LFRAME1.jpg   428x476 57994 bytes 2004.01.29

I really have no idea. I was playing splinter cell for like, 8 hours and....

Image: smashy-smashy.jpg   400x298 21639 bytes 2003.12.05

Bandwagon.\r\n\r\nI REALLY hate macs. and all their little minions.

Image: erk!.jpg   467x546 62072 bytes 2003.10.01

Your just gonna have to refer to my sketch folder for an explanation to this one :)

Image: murrs2.jpg   280x274 40026 bytes 2003.09.06

My New Livejournal icon. \r\nCreated with a little help from Mac Hall comics extremeley brief photoshop tutorial.

Image: mspoo.jpg   546x413 64217 bytes 2003.09.04

I dont upload much in the way of what i consider an "in joke" , but this? well. This is an in joke.

Image: mandy.jpg   515x418 117588 bytes 2003.08.24

So i re coloured her, added that bg i mentioned..i like it.\r\nBest i can do at my current skill level id imagine.

Image: c-evilsis.jpg   416x433 35069 bytes 2003.08.23

Just an experiment more than anything else. I just got a starfox adventures poster from the game store and this just came out after staring at it for a bit. Krystals evil twin perhaps? i dunno. I just know the face came out wrong. And i also realise ive fallen into the trap of using one of my 3 stock female poses again.

Image: gamescolor.jpg   677x630 58349 bytes 2003.08.07

I am Gamer, Hear me "Boop"\r\n\r\n(Updated the older image to fix the legs.

Image: Masquerade.jpg   1206x802 364370 bytes 2003.07.26

This year, i was lucky enough to attend anthrocon (2003), the Masquerade was one of the best things about the entire trip, to commemmortae this memory, i drew this.\r\nI hadorigonally planned on including all the acts, but since i ran out of space on the paper, i had to just make do with what id done.\r\nTotal size: A3 \r\nTotal time taken: about 4 days\r\nMaterial: bristol board, Karismacolour watercolour pencils, and micron ink pens.

Image: mycroft-ac-small.jpg   225x300 28973 bytes 2003.07.08

AC badge for mycroft bunny.\r\nThis one scanned horribly. \r\nMy scanner tends to mess up images if they have a lot of white in them.

Image: new-ac-badge.jpg   307x218 36029 bytes 2003.07.08

I didnt like the old badge, id always intended on re doing it since i started it. Now i *just* got my aquarelle watercolour pencils in from the place i ordered em from ,i decided to test em. Ths be the result :)

Image: AC-Conbadge.jpg   299x225 34252 bytes 2003.07.06

Possible AC conbadge.\r\nJust figured id draw *something* possibly worthwhile.

Image: lelpristess.jpg   348x431 46590 bytes 2003.07.01

This Is Leloni Bunny, As a Priestess from Priston Tale\r\nLeloni is Her Player (2003)\r\nLikes: Colouring\r\nDislikes: that damn right leg. It just didnt go the way i wanted.

Image: Abbey.jpg   537x540 193620 bytes 2003.06.11

One of the characters designed for a short comic about post nuclear war / biological plague , shes never been used. But i just like the character too much to commit her to oblivion

Image: space-cadet.jpg   871x623 90577 bytes 2003.05.24

Pencil Sketched fan art for ozy and millie, (characters copyright David Simpson 2003) things i like about it? I think i drew the characters fairly spot on, Dislikes: Horrible colour. I need to get better pencils

Image: faded.jpg   425x989 39930 bytes 2003.04.21

I like this one, its a drawing done for a friend of mine , paul kellogg, of one of his characters, marionette.\r\nI liked the effect the colour over the pencil sketch gave me for this, so the pencil is there with intent.

Image: Moi.jpg   445x627 48245 bytes 2003.04.15

So anyway, i was feeling kinda *really* toony, and this was the result. Murray copyright o lil ol me.

Image: freydis.jpg   433x394 53261 bytes 2003.04.15

I dunno why i like this so much, but i do. Anyhow, Freydis Copyright of Jennifer Cleckley 2003

Image: late...innit.jpg   524x592 56342 bytes 2003.04.10

This image is just

Image: True-Love2.jpg   711x501 92089 bytes 2003.03.17

This started off as a Marker/Acrylic/Pencil artwork semi comissioned by two furs i know who, as the title of the piece suggests, are deeply in love with one another, After finishing the origonal i took it into photoshop and this was the final result. \r\nIm quite happy with it. \r\n

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