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Image: mongoosefinal.jpg   576x1440 281956 bytes 2002.10.03

*pantpantpant* Mrawwwrrr, isn't she one sexxxi mongoose? Yeah... mongoose. It's Shakira, the singer and being that her tour is called "The Tour of the Mongoose", I couldn't help but create this Mongoose Mami! Shakira the SING'AH is copyright herself. Err, well no, not anymore. She is copyright this big bad record company, and the drawing is done be me! It was completely created in Photoshop, as you can tell with my horrible unstraight lines. Drawing with a mouse is muy, muy dificil.

Image: mamiegyptcat.jpg   181x527 61130 bytes 2002.06.29

I grabbed a mouse, opened photoshop, and five long, long, LONG hours later, she was born! Thanks to Akhet for the idea! It's Shakmun, the Mami Kitty Goddess! Jejejeje yeah, she has different forms... and how! >=]

Image: bellisima.jpg   700x634 340300 bytes 2002.01.04

So here's a drawing for a good friend of mine. It's her character Bellisima from Taps. This wasn't a commission or anything, but she didn't have a pic for her character, and I thought I could whip one up real quickly. Yadda yadda yadda. Prismas are fun. I need more black. =[ Bellisima is copyright her player. =] PS> That's a snake tattoo on her arm on the non-colouredish pic. Kind of.

Image: caminandodots.jpg   400x754 204826 bytes 2001.11.11

Like dots? Me too. Anyway, this is my character Shakira, whom I've posted about before... but now I'm working on a commission and everything so I've gotten back into doing art again! Wooo. That wasn't worded right! But anyway! Shaki mayks thee fuegos! Yay! She's all angsty in this picture, because she has thee mas problemas lots of thee tyms.

Image: shakicamel.jpg   650x470 311918 bytes 2001.07.06

Shakira the cat, wearing a harem ensemble, rides a camel in front of a setting desert sun. Blablabla, I don't feel like writing a long description! Blablabla. It's on FurBid, blablabla, at =] Is all for now!

Image: murriahohs.jpg   650x1277 592154 bytes 2001.06.26

So this is a really big file, but believe it or not, this is the first picture I've actually received emails for, complimenting the art. Hah, go figure! (And I was denied from that other artist directory for ...I think this makes the seventh time?) But anyway, this was a commission done for a friend for a school t-shirt design. She loved it! And I hope the school loves it too! Yeah, so it's veering towards Murriah, but with green eyes... so, she's unnamed! But, she's the OHS Lioness! Go Lions! ...Wait. I don't have to say that anymore. I graduated. And, there was much rejoicing. And, I'm really really tired. Jet lag with a six hour time difference coming home from Paris is inevitableeeeeeeeeeeee. Don't try it. Take the Concorde.

Image: nosotrosbailamos.jpg   650x882 291840 bytes 2001.05.28

And this, mis amigos, is what happens when you experiment with Photoshop. Actually, it wasn't supposed to turn out this way, but when you make mistakes, and you don't want to take the time to fix them perfectly, well... my lazy ass just kept going! So this is Shaki and Al'eeks! They're dancing, and she would have to be the one dreaming this, because he only has one real arm! Unless fake ones can hold her? I don't know. Ask him. Haha. Anyway, Ratboy is (c) 20th Century Fox and 1013 productions, but on The X-Files MUCK, (c) Kylee ...and then Shaki is (c) me! ...El tigre! Raaaarrrr! =]

Image: xfmcrew.jpg   800x580 479693 bytes 2001.05.13

It's the X-Files MUCK crew! ...Okay, so X-Files characters in their XFM players' minds of what they'd look like as furries! And then, of course, there is Shaki, my kiiiiiitty whom almost everyone loves! She's an arsonist! Ella ama los fuegos!

Image: shakiraoil.jpg   635x862 228778 bytes 2001.03.01

Wow, wow, wow. That's all that I can say, doing a portrait in oil pastels this way. I didn't even start with a sketch of graphite. It was all drawn in the crayons, just an hour ago (tonight). Using five colours: blue, red, pink, white and black, I got the effect I needed, and ain't it a fact? Yes, she's a human, and a popular celebrity ...named Shakira, she is -- and OYE, this pic fills me with glee! That is why I decided to post it here, too; because VCL is for quality art, both old and new. Enjoy it my friends, and please let me know if up on ebay perhaps it should go! Although already I've said this one too many times, take note -- to be safe -- that this lovely picture is mine.

Image: shakiradance_colour.jpg   705x949 192929 bytes 2001.02.12

Shakira the Somali is dancing for you; those Artists and the web surfers, too! Her ensemble jingles with the arabian coins, as the mix of her custom and her culture joins. The fringes, too, add more to the picture... as well as the shades of blue (what a mixture!). The backdrop is one to be acknowledged, I believe; take note of the yellow sands, the red skies, and the palm trees. The tent is quite distant to one's eye, but use your imagination about the contents inside. I've said it once and I'll say it again: Shakira is all mine, my dear Furry friends.

Image: veilheartwood2.jpg   600x852 155538 bytes 2001.02.11

Everyone look, he's here again. Veil Heartwood, the wolf, sprung out of his den. This nifty art was posted by purrmission, and was drawn in one minute; ain't it bitchin? The colouring, done in oil pastels, wasted five minutes of the day, and now all is well. This rhyming of descriptions, it's quite addicting. Veil is (C) himself... (PS, Chase: good luck with your fencing!)

Image: angelacolour.jpg   600x638 89144 bytes 2001.02.03

As promised before, this is the time... that I put a pic's description into a rhyme. Done in prismas, this turned out quite well. In fact, better than most of my others as you can tell. Here is Angela, another character of mine. The colouring is a cream and sand on this feline. The inking job was ishy and one to laugh at, though; but, by using my artist markers, I've redeemed myself, y'know! If you would like to see this art hanging on your wall, tell me to furbid it, perhaps, or just give me a call. Of course, I don't mean ring me on the telephone, but e-mailing me, in fact, is just as good, though. Angela as a cat remains copyrighted to me, so don't steal loyal viewers, as much as you'd want to, hee-hee! And now its time to end this rhyme for all our company. Ta-ta darlings, and comments and feedback: please send those to me! n.n

Image: murriahnude.jpg   600x512 218981 bytes 2001.02.02

Yeah, you can read titles, can't you? This is Murriah... in a nude pose, and I didn't do detail on purpose. It's just not my thing, foo'. May be yours, may be someone else's, and I don't mind seeing pictures like that... I just never do it myself. It makes me, purrsonally, feel... somewhat odd. I don't know. Well, whatever. Anyway, so uhm... I like the colouring and whatnot, seeing as the whole picture was complete in about 45 minutes. I don't like her arm though. But you know, constructive criticism is good, right? Murriah is (c) me for the millionth time.

Image: shakiraprisma.jpg   617x846 159853 bytes 2001.01.27

Okay, so it's 3AM and I still can't sleep, listening to Amy Grant (on TV) but it's not working... Eh, ...The fourth and final edition of the original Shakira kitty picture, this time done with Prisma markers! I love the way the sun came out, don't you? And I know she was going to be an Ocicat/Somali mix, but I got lazy, didn't want to draw her markings, so she's a Somali. And I know in the last description I said 'Ocelot', but I was being an airhead, like usual. So, she is Shakira the Somali. Yey. Mrrrrowl. ...I gotta get me some sleEEeeeEep!

Image: veilheartwood.jpg   800x655 124648 bytes 2001.01.27

Okay. I will try this CALMLY one more time, everyone. Yes. My last description was murdered. In cold blood. Second degree. Not good. AND IF THIS DESCRIPTION HAS TO BE RETYPED, I WILL A>ULWSDUGOSUDGUSDHGHLSDKGKSJDFkosdfjklsdfjkllsdjkfl. I feel better now. Okay, so this is VEIL HEARTWOOD, ARCTIC WOLFIE EXTRAORDINAIRE!!!!!!! (Did I spell that right? I don't care.) Anyway. So yeah, I KNOW he's in a weird pose, okay? Do I care again? No. I don't. I was looking at my anatomy book for some reason or other (actually no reason), and out of the blue came this sketch, and then I was like, 'screw it, I'm not wasting more time on it', so I inked it and coloured it. So nyah to you. I like it. Except for the stupid pose. Anyway. Veil is (C) copyrighted to Chase. Don't steal him, like everyone else. Duh.

Image: celine-beach.jpg   800x636 202560 bytes 2001.01.26

Yesssss, another attempt at prisma markers and micron pens! Yeeeey. I love the way it turned out. So this is Celine, la chaton! ^.^ She is (C) me, and don't take her. Um... don't complain about her hand, either. I don't know what I was thinking. But other than that, it looks awesome, don't you think!? And guess what. I actually had an art request! Yey! Actually, /I/ requested an art trade. So, my half will be uploaded soon. n.n And if anyone wants me to draw something for them, just e-mail me, or visit my Furnation site! I'd love to do one for you!

Image: murriahshadow2.jpg   959x353 151343 bytes 2001.01.18

This is probably one of the best Murriah pics I've ever done. Yeah, I know the inking is a little messy, but who cares, right? I'm not anal retentive about that. I just think she looks so cute when being cartooney. Y'gotta love the look she's giving you, too. ~.n ...So this is the t-shirt/mousepad design on And why do I keep drawing Murriah and Shakira? Because. I don't receive requests. Because everyone wants art that's better that mine, I guess. Hey, that rhymed. My next picture description, I'll rhyme it. I promise. I'm cute like that!!

Image: murriahportraitsm.jpg   300x385 64876 bytes 2001.01.18

IiiiIiiit's MURRIAH! Don't you love how her blonde hair like ...alters colours once in a while? Hehe. Gotta love Photoshop. Anyway, so I thought this one came out really well done. In fact, she's on a mug at The t-shirt design I'll post next. i heart murriah. ...Go there.

Image: shakiraicon.jpg   491x389 146934 bytes 2001.01.18

Hmm, I was working in Photoshop last night... well, actually just messing around, and within about 15 minutes, this is what I came up with. It's supposed to be Shakira, but its not very accurate though, because she's a cat, not a lioness. So sue me. Anyway. I thought other than that, it came out alright. She is (C) me, so the picture says. Literacy is good..

Image: shakiracolour2.jpg   650x949 326305 bytes 2001.01.17

DUNDUHDUuuuNnn! The Photoshopped version of SHAKIRA! n.n Looks mad good, doesn't it? YeeeeeAaaah. Of course, this had to be redone, because while I was colouring it, PS performed a PoS illegal operation, and I lost everything. I was not happy. At all. No. Loosing your work on Photoshop without a save is not sexy. Save your files while working on them. So yeah, this pic just rules. Send me compliments. Boost my self-esteem even more. n.n

Image: shakiracolour.jpg   650x949 285852 bytes 2001.01.17

She's coloured! Well, not to the best of my ability; it's just simple for now because I'm running out of disk space. ISH. Well anyway. So I know she's supposed to have markings on her. Have patience. I will better this one up in Photoshop (again when my computer isn't being so retarded), and YES add markings. So quitcherbitchin. Not that you were. But anyway. i heart shakira again.

Image: shakirakittyink.gif   650x949 14552 bytes 2001.01.17

So um, I have a new character. Her name is Shakira (hmm, wonder where THAT name came from)... anyway, so she's a mix of an ocelot and a somali cat breed. That's her bellydancing. She is SO cool. Oh yeah, I'm working on a coloured version as we speak. So anyway this was inked with Microns. Duh. After I colour her on Photoshop, I will then attempt... DUHDUNDUHN. Prisma markers. Hmmm. Anybody think I should sell a print or something of her? Just a thought. Anyway. i heart shakira. Shakira is copyright (C) me foos. Don't take her.

Image: murriahpaint.jpg   550x739 350334 bytes 2001.01.14

Yey for prisma markers and watercolour pencils and best of all... MICRON PENS!!!! YES!!! My mom bought me two today at Michael's after me bugging her endlessly, and some graphite pencils, too!!!! i heart art supplies. art supplies r good. Yum. Anyway, so yeah, this is Murriah. And I learned something: don't blend watercolour pencils using a paper towel. That's not good. That's why you see all those ghetto paper pieces. Um, done on normal drawing paper because I'm not good enough to get Bristol or whatever. So shoot me.

Image: ojos.jpg   481x527 256615 bytes 2001.01.06

Merry Christmas to ME!!!! YEY FOR PRISMACOLOURS!!!!! :D :D :D O--err, I'm not using the word again--so the drawing didn't come out as best as I would have liked it to, but I think I did the colouring really well for my first time using Prisma markers!:D Anyway, the two muchacho/as are Kirsten (my sister-cousin [no, not like THAT, just my cousin but she's close to me like a sister]) as a cheetah, and Robby (her boyfriend) as a lion. The lyrics are from an AWESOME song by Shakira, 'Ojos Asi'. You had better download that song right now. I MEAN IT! NOW!!! *whipcrack*\n

Image: murriahdriving.jpg   360x406 140417 bytes 2001.01.06

Okay, no fur directory is complete without posting a pic o' Murriah here, in fact!;> This picture... wow. It just so rocks. I love it. It took me a long time to do, too. Enjoy! :D (PS, she's SO CUTE TOO!)\n

Image: jcpanther.gif   180x180 2634 bytes 2001.01.06

Okay, so here's the original. He looks more like a panther in this one. But he's still so ADORABLE. I just want to SQUISHSQUISHSQUISH his CHEEKS!!! *coos*\n

Image: jclion.jpg   400x600 117465 bytes 2001.01.06

Okay, so, I'm accepted into Velar! WooOOOOO! I'm mad honoured!:D :D :D :D And despite the fact that I think I'm coming down with the flu, I'm in a pretty good mood right now. Ooooh-kay, so about the picture. Isn't he SooOOoo SEXUH?! It's JC as a lion. Yumyumyumyumyum. The original pic I did, I wanted him to be a panther, but the colouring just didn't turn out right. xp Oh, and the dork that I am, I didn't put the right year on the copyright thingy. Oh well. Enjoy!:D\n

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