Hi there! 

This is the Muse: a new “writer” and “artist” (I use the terms loosely) on VCL.  Thanks for dropping by my stories page, and I hope you like what you see here.

At the moment, the majority of my VCL space is taken up my science-fantasy setting, “Starlight Project.”  So far, it’s mostly the “Jessica Elwood” project: “Color of the Wheat Fields,” “Rituals,” and the newest entry, “Seasons,” a BDSM romance in four parts.  The “Kit Fox McCafferty” project will also be appearing in this space: borderline psychopathic soldier girl vs. horrible monsters from deep space.  Enjoy.

Anyway, a couple of quick notes: I tag the file names of my stories using the American MPAA rating system.  For those of you who might not be familiar, here is a quick primer to the system and some examples.

Secondly, some of the stories have a note that they may be distributed freely as is.  Let me clarify: that means FREELY and AS IS.  As in share them as long as money is not involved, and give credit where it is due.  I’d appreciate it if you would let me know before you post it to any pages, so that I can give proper pimpage, though.  In most cases, however, I’m willing to allow my stories to be distributed in exchange for attention.  I’m such a whore.  :P

That’s all.  Have fun and enjoy your stay.  Oh, and if you feel like chatting me up, telling me I’m a horny bastard who deserves to be shot or some such, I’m usually available on AIM as Dalbychan.


Jya ne!  Whatever that means. . .