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Image: malchik-finished.png   587x855 92597 bytes 2005.10.21

A portrait of Malchik, a rabbit character I sometimes roleplay as. This his cosmetic test rabbit variant. I like the lidless eyes.\r\n\r\nI took way too long, making this piece, and finally convinced myself that I needed to just call it quits and move on. There was a lot more I wanted to do with it, but it wasnít really feasible.\r\n\r\nNote also that I simply sign my work, rather than putting a copyright notice on it. Much cleaner that way, I think, and with the same effect.\r\n

Image: mini_run_fixed.gif   96x96 8131 bytes 2005.10.16

just a little animation I made in the course of a class I'm taking. Much larger flash version is in the scraps section of my Devant Art page - find that linked from my home page. I'm using this small version as a LJ icon.

Image: chmarr-exposed-lrg.jpg   965x986 89547 bytes 2005.09.05

Hereís a commission piece I did for Chmarr. The idea is that heís gottaí take off his spots before he showers otherwise they wash off and get soggy. Iím fairly pleased with how it turned out. I think that my favorite part is his rear end :3\r\n\r\nNote that I went for 3 point lighting in this picture Ė think this is the first completed image in which I did that, and I like how it turned out. I also think that this may be one of the last vector images I do for a while. They're too much of a bitch to finish.

Image: snow-cat.jpg   726x654 57160 bytes 2005.08.28

A slightly modified version of a commission I finished recently. The original was for Realis and included his name written in the cloud. It was also needlessly (in my opinion) anatomically correct. I think that with those few modifications it makes a decent all-ages portfolio piece.

Image: captainflarn-final.jpg   658x768 110625 bytes 2005.08.16

Itís everyoneís favorite flarn, Flarn ( ) as Captain Morgan. He showed an interest in having a picture of himself as the captain (as was made evident when he told me, ďMystech, draw me as captain MorganĒ) and so I did, and there he is. It seems he forgot his pants.

Image: card2.gif   1059x609 73838 bytes 2005.08.02

the second revised draft of what may in the future be used by me as a business card. removed some text, added contact info, and shrunk a few elements and moved thema bit more away from the edges. Yes that's my AC2005 badge used as a watermark type backing. I think it's kind of eye catching.\r\n\r\nThe crest is sort of a take off of the SAS's inverted flying dagger insignia. I've always liked the idea of being a guerilla graphic artist.

Image: badgev2_final.gif   324x252 22181 bytes 2005.07.25

This is an alternate con badge I made for myself for use at AC2005 (itís lightly less risquť) and it wound up mostly being my primary Ė I really do like it better than the other (which is why I also used it on my business card). I could swear that I uploaded this before I actually left for the con, but I guess not. At any rate, here it is.\r\n\r\nA much larger version can be found at my Deviant Art site at Though I think one of the beautiful parts about this piece is the fact that it looks so nice when small despite having a fair amount of detail.

Image: gunbelt.png   670x812 60192 bytes 2005.07.16

Updated version of a previous work. I've had it sitting around for quite some time and am not entirely sure why I hadn't botherd to update it sooner.

Image: aryote7.jpg   1024x768 74272 bytes 2004.03.25

The contrast on this one is toned down, so thereís a bit more detail. Itís also got color, which I wanted desperately to leave in, as itís symbolic. Can you figure out the rather obvious theme? Again, I seek to be the bane of furry artists who make nothing but line drawings.

Image: aryote6.jpg   1024x768 84998 bytes 2004.03.25

One variant of the finished version of that sketch Iíve got sitting in my sketches directory. Itís Americaís ĎYote again, everyoneís favorite paramilitary coyote with a score to settle. This piece says something important about contrast and light, wouldnít you agree?

Image: wsd.jpg   611x793 103124 bytes 2004.01.31

A collaborative effort between Karass and me. The concept was mine: a parrodied movie cover of Black Hawk Down, with a rabbit on the front that reads, Water Ship Down (Richard Adamís definitive bunny epic) and the tag line ďLeave nobun behindĒ. The layout of this pic is according to the cover of the initial DVD cover release, which is a slight variation of the movie poster, since then there have been a few other covers, so if youíre looking for the original to compare it too keep looking, itís out there somewhere. Original drawing done in Illustrator by Karass, then I took it over and post-produced the living hell out of it to make it live and breath, thereís more than a significant artistic contribution on my part, trust me.

Image: snarl.jpg   750x600 56859 bytes 2003.11.24

This image started as a sketch I did with that tablet Iím drawing. I was really bored the night I made it, so I decided to take it into illustrator and from there into photoshop for some color and shading. Iím not sure if I really like the end result, the look on his face isnít quite as straight forward as the original line sketch, and Iím not sure exactly whatís up with that blue circle in the back, but hey, I did it and here it is.

Image: Fredrykscetch.jpg   800x600 70125 bytes 2003.11.09

This is a sketch of Fredryk phox that I made with the tablet Iím borrowing from someone. Itís certainly stylistically different from other things Iíve done, and I attribute that to the phenomenally wild powers of the tablet. Fredryk looks more than just a bit high in this picture, or at least zoned out. I donít mean to imply that heís a druggie, but there are certainly rumors of that, which, to the best of my understanding were started and are mostly perpetuated by him through his Flash cartoons and web comic. Check out his site at

Image: action-dingo.jpg   862x558 123158 bytes 2003.09.07

This is a sort of impromptu charpic for a furriness of mine: Tae the Dingo. Now, he's not an action hero, but that's what I happened to be drawing, so that's what he got. Once again all digital, Darwin first in Illustrator then taken to PhotoShop for some TLC. The shading in this piece is probably as in depth as I've ever gone, but still I had started out with the lines and didn't intend to take them out even though it could do without. The little face in the corner is a an Icon I worked up and have been thinking about slapping on things. Yes I realize that he looks quite a bit like my Coyote. I'll work on species distinction in later works, I promise.

Image: Desert-Yote-final.jpg   640x825 117938 bytes 2003.07.12

Well, here it is, my first masterpiece of sorts. Well at least my best work to date by a wide margin. Itís a revised character picture of my character, Mystech the Coyote (Who is not copyrighted to me, by the way, because you canít copyright characters!) Itís completely digital, made using Illustrator to do a line drawing, and then PhotoShop to use the lines as a guide for color and shading. None of the original lines made it into the picture. Completed from 3:00pm to about 11:00pm, in one fit of inspiration. I hope future projects go as well as this one.

Image: pentafox.jpg   533x532 81781 bytes 2003.03.22

Originally I intended to make something serious, but somehow I got distracted and ended up with this. I was in a particularly silly mood and just made a doodle that I essentially just put through some filters, and was done with it. The inspiration for this image was the my noticing that a fairly simple looking fox head Iíd drawn looked almost identical, in outline, to the head of Baphomet, that demon whoís head you may have seen in a pentagram before, I remember the image mostly from DOOM. This of course is a parody of that sort of imagery, suggesting that furry is the devil, or something, Iím not sure. Do not take this as an endorsement of pagan demon worship, or any other religion for that matter, least of all those which just take the representation of another religionís anthropomorphization of some ultimate evil, and then worship that just to feel cool. Itís just a pretty picture.

Image: swarthy-rogue.jpg   500x722 76424 bytes 2003.03.03

Hereís a pic of my character, Mystech the coyote. Given, he looks a bit less coyteish, and more foxish, but I still think it came out well. I tried really hard with the shading and coloring on this one, my objective was to be able to see the whole shape of the character without needing the lines. I came pretty damned close, but the lines are still an inseparable part of this particular piece. Just to give you some idea of what Iím talking about, Iíve uploaded a version without any lines into my sketches folder, as you can see itís ALMOST but not quite good enough to do without them. Either way it was good practice. The image behind him is something I cooked up quickly, sort of an abstraction of the sun, I like it. Also, this was very close to being my first yiffy pic, but I just didnít have the guts to draw Ďyote bits, Maybe once Iíve gotten better. . . \r\n\r\nThis version is Mark2, replacing the origional, which didn't have the pinkish inner ears.

Image: Swarthy_Rogue2.jpg   616x895 33261 bytes 2003.02.23

Hereís a line drawing of my character, Mystech, the Coyote. Admittedly he looks more fox like in this pic, but then I think I look good enough in real life to pull off having an exceptionally cute lookiní scavenger dog char. . . or at least I think I do, anyway, and thatís what really counts. I was trying out a lot of new stuff for this pic, drawing inspiration from a lot of other fur artists and I think it came out pretty well. I plan on coloring and shading this sometime soon, Iíll be sure to talk with other people about the best way to go about it, as I want this to look as nice as I can make it. Iíll probably post the colored/shaded version just as soon as itís done, whenever that is.

Image: snakeeye.jpg   933x640 65385 bytes 2003.02.16

Here is a fun little picture I sat down and worked on for fun one afternoon. Iíd worked a lot with photos before, and even tried my hand at photomorphs, though I donít think that any of them have come out quite like this one, Iím pretty pleased. It is possibly the last in a long and proud line of Photoshoped pictures of my eyes. I have a close up high res image of my left and right eye, and just to get proficient with PhotoShop I used them in a lot of different projects. This one, as you may or may not be able to tell, is supposed to be sort of the eye of a scalie, you can tell itís morphic because of the eyelashes. . . those eyelashes would have been really hard to get rid of, heh. Makes fairly good wall paper.

Image: colorwox2.jpg   545x659 89081 bytes 2003.02.14

An image drawn by Zeth at Anthrocon 2002 for a furiend of mine named wox. It was originally a line drawing (just the bold obvious lines on white) I colored and shaded it. It was my first attempt at fully coloring and shading an image, and Iím pretty happy with how it turned out. He looks kind of rubbery and thereís really no appearance of fur, thatís something Iíll just have to work on.

Image: mousie.jpg   622x853 26883 bytes 2003.02.14

This was drawn in Illustrator with, ironically, a mouse. There are a fair number of mice who I know online, hell I even have a mouse char myself, but this isnít any of them. I set out thinking I might try drawing my own char, or maybe one of the other mice I know, but things just didnít end up going that way, when I got to the eyes I realized he looked kindaí high or maybe just vacant, and not nearly as cute/boytoyish as he should so I decided to just run with it and make him a slightly more serious and different mousy all together than I had originally intended. Iíve been informed that he looks like a ďJamaican stonerĒ or possibly that he needs a hat, at the moment Iím not inclined to run with either of those ideas, I think he looks pretty good as he is, and at least for the time being I donít plan on ďFinishingĒ the picture, though who knows, maybe someday heíll get the rest of his body and maybe even some color, as for right now though I think he looks pretty good, and the practice was much needed, so heís served his purpose.

Image: Americas-yote.jpg   1024x768 101356 bytes 2003.02.14

This image parodyís the Americaís Army (A multi-player game put out by the army as recruitment material, which I am currently enthralled with) logo. Thatís my character, Mystech the coyote standing there, as when I play the game I feel that somehow Iím an unstoppable badass killing machine (Despite taking frag grenades in the face before Iím ever able to fire off a single shot for match after endless match). Itís all digital, and done with a mouse, made using a combination of PhotoShop and Illustrator. Yes itís supposed to look silly and very cartoony, and given my relative inexperience (Uhh make that complete inexperience) with creating a digital image from scratch, Iíd say that it came out pretty well. The ears were inspired by my cat, who always flattens one ear and leaves the other perked up, which makes him look so coy. The eyes were just pure genius, though, heís got a killers eyes! I think the recoil from the gun would probably knock him over, though. . .

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