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Image: cheshire.jpg   597x748 147159 bytes 2003.09.10

The Cheshire Cat, furry-ized. I dunno, I was reading something that involved this feline, and I was inspired. It's all...trippy. X3 Can't wait to see what it looks like colored.

Image: ciuintrade.jpg   635x737 146808 bytes 2003.10.05

Finished half of my trade with Ciuin. n.n I'm very pleased with the way it came out. XD I <3 markers, yiss ah do. \r\n\r\n

Image: classdood.jpg   254x236 15879 bytes 2003.09.16

Doodled with a mouse in paint out of sheer boredom during my web design class. ph33r my 1337 Paint Skillz, man. XD

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