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Image: howl_color_small.jpg   800x606 53633 bytes 2004.02.03

This was a character of mine on Tapestries MUCK called Mekakushi, a 14 year old or so timber wolf. I got the colouring for his fur from a calendar I have of wolves, and as you can tell I suck at backgrounds *hides*.

Image: Mek_head.GIF   433x554 11523 bytes 2004.02.03

A little line-art study of Mekakushi, he seems older here than I intended.

Image: mekakushi_uni_color.jpg   477x700 42108 bytes 2004.02.03

A unicorn morph I had for a while on Tapestries. He wasn't very popular so I scratched that idea, although he has a pretty bod and ass.

Image: natsumefoxy.jpg   840x920 96080 bytes 2004.02.05

I reuploaded this because I edited the left leg (facing you), it had looked like an open inner thigh before, when it's supposed to be the top of the thigh, and the thigh muscle is erased now, makes it look less weird. But anyway this is Natsume, my fennec fox boy on Taps, he's just so adorable! *Huggles*.

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