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Image: bane.jpg   474x411 58328 bytes 1999.05.11

The Lucreatia's Bane. This is Asmo's pride and joy. A Corellian YT-1930, modified.\r\nArmaments include twin concussion tube launchers, a quad laser cannon(turret), and Lucy, the ship's AI\r\nsystem. Lucy has a dry humor and a rueful attitude, but she is also a good gunner when needs be, and a crack \r\nship diagnostic expert. \n

Image: blitzfly.jpg   474x236 21801 bytes 1999.05.11

A Blitzkreig class starfighter zooms toward you. Part of Asmo's back history is an amalgamation of Star Wars and Str Fox. Kind of an altered universe. Anyway, the Blitz was introduced as\r\nthe sucessor to the Cornerian Arwing series starfighter. Quite a formidble little ship, it helped to win the third wave of the Lylat Wars. Blitzkreig copyright me. \n

Image: blztkrg.jpg   375x277 34300 bytes 1999.05.11

Image: crest.gif   318x429 85527 bytes 1999.05.11

The Crest of Guurahl's estate. In the game I play, he and his adventuring group bought a manor for dirt cheap. After fixing some odd problems with it, it turned out to be a nice place.\r\nThis crest shows some of the people who co-own the Estate. Bajik, the reptialian mage. John, a druidic Weregriffon, Paski, an avian fighter, Guurahl, a canine fighter, Jill the fem Collasus, \r\nand Dusty the fairy mage. Oh such wild times we had.\n

Image: Dire1.JPG   600x521 83214 bytes 2000.10.28

Dire, one of my characters on SoutherCross MUCK.\n

Image: draius.gif   369x516 104056 bytes 1999.05.11

Just a genric feline mage i drew up one night.\n

Image: foxsketch.JPG   600x678 165679 bytes 2000.06.29

An old drawing from High School that i found.\n

Image: GC2K.jpg   407x473 41789 bytes 1999.11.14

This will probably b the t-shirt art for my Role Playing Club's annual Convention, \r\nGlory Con. The theme always has somehting to do with unicorns, and this year, we want to \r\ndo a more futuristic/techno theme. So i drew this for it.\n

Image: gldDrag.jpg   294x519 36578 bytes 1999.11.14

Yet another commision work for the WSU Adventurer's Guild. I figured it was more fitting\r\nthan then generic old symbol we had. \n

Image: gunga1.JPG   475x764 92954 bytes 2000.07.27

Lups Gunga (C) me. Lups, a gungan taken by the Empire. torured, mutilated, brainwashed, \r\nexperimented upon. They made him a killing machine. Then he broke free of his programming.\r\nThose responsible are now dead, and he searches out a new life. \n

Image: gungac.JPG   263x399 12211 bytes 2001.11.29

Here's Lups again in living Color, as smeared as it might be. I resized and re-uploaded this after cleaning itup a little.

Image: guurbow.gif   356x592 114249 bytes 1999.05.11

My character on Furrymuck, Gu'urahl Ledon'sk. He's a Caloth from a medieval based world of furries and humans.\r\nThough he found a spacecraft, a relic of the original colonists to the world. So he set off to explore space, and he flits off here and there now.\r\nGuurahl is copyright me.\n

Image: jedi911.JPG   274x400 17933 bytes 2002.09.22

My 9/11 tribute, without the background. I thought of this the day it all happened, and the words still ring in my head, as I was one of those people left speechless.\r\n\r\n"I felt a great disturbance in the Force. As if millions of voices cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced"

Image: jedi_towers.JPG   576x343 70695 bytes 2002.09.21

This is long overdue. Its been over a year, and I just now got to really expresisng my feelings for this. I hope soon that all the hurt and the hate will just go away.\r\n\r\n\r\nSometimes, even a Jedi is unable to stop a terrible thing from happening.

Image: kabuki.JPG   476x502 95830 bytes 2000.09.05

a furry Kabuki mask. i always thought those wigs made them look like lions\n

Image: kaia.jpg   409x566 91312 bytes 1999.05.11

Kind of my first commision really. This is Kaia, a winged, two-tailed, vulpine/feline. And such a sweetheart to boot.\r\nDid this picture for her player, who is a sweetheart as well. Love ya sis.\r\nKaia copyright her player.\n

Image: lucia2.JPG   327x500 43000 bytes 2000.08.25

Image: luciac.JPG   254x400 53759 bytes 2000.08.31

Lucia, a punk mink-thing. Based off of Lucia of MDFMK.\n

Image: MavP51.jpg   359x306 35951 bytes 1999.07.08

Maverick Hoosier, the winged, hot-shot racoon. He's one of my oldest characters too. Mav's spare time is spent\r\nattending air shows. He's a gigantic aircraft buff. His job it to teach other furres how to hanglide. He has an louisianna accent, \r\nhealing from the 'burbs of New Orleans. Maverick copyright me\r\n \n

Image: metail.jpg   297x449 69399 bytes 1999.11.18

The artist, me, at Mephit Furmeet99. Sportin the tail.\n

Image: michelle.jpg   296x520 30696 bytes 1999.05.11

This is Michelle, just some random skunkette i thought up. Her main hobby is singing at her church.\r\nShe's a sweetheart, but slightly conservative.\r\n \n

Image: nefoxyc.JPG   297x300 30311 bytes 2000.06.29

Renee, a friend of mine. Also an experiment in those color gel pens. The spectrum of colors is limited, but i am pleased with\r\nthe result of this pic. Hi Nee.\n

Image: palidn.jpg   233x323 29580 bytes 1999.11.14

Here's Guurahl again, a different version of him, a different game. In this one, he's still a beefy fighter. \r\nBut now, he's chosen a religion, and worships the Goddess of Luck. Lady Luck toys with him a bit, flirts. \r\nBut he gets a few abilities frm Her, mostly abilities linked to change and entropy. His armor reflects his following, \r\nhaving it look like die.\n

Image: psifur3.JPG   450x399 59669 bytes 2000.07.27

Image: sailornaboo.JPG   286x400 40696 bytes 2000.08.03

Lups is going to kill whoever is responsible for putting him in this getup.\n

Image: Salawa.JPG   298x730 26598 bytes 2002.01.21

Salawa again. I rescanned her and put in a background. Still my flynd mummy character from RetroMUD. I love Retro, go check it out.\r\n

Image: sdgunga.jpg   250x230 32767 bytes 2000.08.03

As my friend Take said, "You're one sick puppy." This is the result of a drawing\r\npad and me at work being bored. Lups Gunga (c) me.\n

Image: silhunt.gif   654x546 250990 bytes 1999.08.07

Silva (pronounced Sil-wah) is the mate of Guurahl. She comes from a planet of canine hunters.\r\nThey adhere strongly to honor, ancestors, and the pack order. Here, Silva hunts in the snow. After catching a rabbit,\r\nsomething off to the left catches her attention. Silva copyright her player \r\n \n

Image: tibc.jpg   313x431 34360 bytes 1999.06.21

Tiberius Rattato, in living color.\n

Image: totdile.JPG   281x501 37151 bytes 2002.09.30

My first pokemorph. Wow. Its a little skater totdile. though I tried several times and just couldn't get the sakeboard right. Or inline skates. So she's just standing there posing stupidly.\r\nTotodile copyright Nintendo and stuff

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