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Image: blztkrg.jpg   375x277 34300 bytes 1999.05.11

Image: blitzfly.jpg   474x236 21801 bytes 1999.05.11

A Blitzkreig class starfighter zooms toward you. Part of Asmo's back history is an amalgamation of Star Wars and Str Fox. Kind of an altered universe. Anyway, the Blitz was introduced as\r\nthe sucessor to the Cornerian Arwing series starfighter. Quite a formidble little ship, it helped to win the third wave of the Lylat Wars. Blitzkreig copyright me. \n

Image: bane.jpg   474x411 58328 bytes 1999.05.11

The Lucreatia's Bane. This is Asmo's pride and joy. A Corellian YT-1930, modified.\r\nArmaments include twin concussion tube launchers, a quad laser cannon(turret), and Lucy, the ship's AI\r\nsystem. Lucy has a dry humor and a rueful attitude, but she is also a good gunner when needs be, and a crack \r\nship diagnostic expert. \n

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