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Image: Ashlee1V2.jpg   897x610 125546 bytes 2007.04.06


Done for my friend. I turned his niece into a furry!! 8D Guinea pig to be exact. Based on a real event when she was watching TV.

Image: DardexiaPsychoV2.jpg   800x600 79628 bytes 2007.03.06

This is Dardexia. An all powerful goddess in another realm in one of my stories. As you can see, she has big boobs and a hell of a personality. She is the creator of all 'mutants' in my story.

Tags: Dardexia mutant cat psycho  
Image: griffin1V2.jpg   900x765 113086 bytes 2007.04.06

The compressor killed this....*sigh*\r\n\r\nDone in Photoshop a while ago. I was on a griffin kick in art class. Blame the concentration i am working on!

Image: HaveYouEverTastedDeathv2.jpg   800x587 146626 bytes 2007.04.06

Have you ever tasted death....?

Little scene from WAAAAY early in mmy story. VC(cat) is young and not a blood thirsty psychopath yet, Kein(gargoyle thing) is still alive, and Malidor(vulture) is smiling! Oh noez!\r\n\r\nKein is just training VC and Malidor(who is in fact a cannibal) just flies up and starts trying to turn VC into a vicious monster, and poor Kein has to try his best to prevent it. Too bad VC become a blood thirsty monster anyway.\r\n\r\nAll made in Photoshop.

Image: heavehV2.jpg   800x520 90976 bytes 2007.04.06

I'm Heaveh. :3

Yep, inside joke amongst friends. No, i'm not THAT heavy. :3

Image: HydraBDayV1.jpg   700x809 136765 bytes 2007.04.06

This is a B-Day pic i made for my friend. and this is OOOOLLLLDDD! This is like....only the 4th pic i made w/ this type of shading. D8

Image: MutantDesign1v2.jpg   700x700 71846 bytes 2007.03.07

This guy is a result of doodling in math class. I've decided to use him for a plot in an RPG later. \r\nI don't know quite WHAT he is...But I like him. He's kind of schizophrenic, he has his little moments of causing big blue explosions, and he's a prophet to fortel what ever is gonna happen.

Tags: mutant design 1 one bio saurs biosaurs prophet lion human  
Image: NathanNap83v2.jpg   800x593 81357 bytes 2007.03.07

Ah...I love this little guy. He's from one of my stories that I had initially thought of when I was 12!!\r\n\r\nHis name is Nathan Boyd. He is a griffin. He is sleeping. And he is the Lord of the Under World in my story but right now in the pic he just ESCAPED from the Under World. That's right, he was dead. But not any more. He dies 2 more times in the story and escapes both times.

Tags: Nathan Boyd griffin Lord of the Dead King of the Under World  
Image: OtonashiV2.jpg   750x750 90674 bytes 2007.03.06

Emo-Pony Mutant done for a friend in Photoshop. My kind of mutants are basically animals in one of my stories that can walk upright and talk like a human(or in simpler terms, furries) that have powers granted to them by Dardexia(I have a pic of her coming).

Tags: emo pony no sound Otonashi mutant  
Image: testanimationV2.gif   300x300 19793 bytes 2007.04.06

Hey you...

Just a est animation i did in Photoshop. Nebula, being all.....stalker like?

Image: VCbadKittyV2.jpg   800x677 135640 bytes 2007.03.07

The Queen has Returned

I REALLY love this one. This is VC13(or just VC). She is the first mutant created and the Vampire Queen in my story. Until I drew has been AGES since I drew VC, but I worship her like a goddess! She was one of the first highly developed chars i EVER created, she first came as a doodle WAY back in eighth grade. \r\n\r\nI am so glad to have VC as a 'master'. Hehehe...

Tags: VC VC13 vampire cat mutant queen  
Image: WillowCyV2.jpg   800x667 79504 bytes 2007.03.06

This is Willow. She is a mutant-cyborg opossum that I created based off and for one of my friends. Her tail has a brain and mind of its own and its name is Spike. \r\n\r\n(And this friend is the friend that i drew Otonashi for. He's her 'husband'). Hehehehe.....I feel like a pimp.

Tags: Cyborg mutant opossum Willow Spike tail  

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