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Image: lb-blaze_bounce_copy.jpg   575x497 87518 bytes 2005.06.04

Inspired by an episode of 'The Goodies'. Basic rough sketch coloured over in Photoshop. And look, no wings! And the world didn't collapse on me. .__.

Image: lb-blaze_dark2.jpg   504x620 217852 bytes 2005.09.01

Wanted to try something different, so I drew Blaze as a twisted version of herself. Plus I designed her some mechanical wings, because I can. >.>\r\n\r\nPlease do not copy, edit, repost, trace, or use any of my images or characters without my permission. Thank you.

Image: lb-blaze_simple_text.jpg   778x495 129720 bytes 2005.06.03

This is kinda old, but still has a point to it.\r\n\r\nWhile doodling another drawing of Blaze I came to realise that she looked pretty good without her wings. I was also amazed by how much space was saved because of their absense, and... well just how neat it was to not draw them.\r\n\r\nAnd it made me realise: Something deep down inside me, quite possibly where I keep my maturity and intelligence... which is bloody well very deep in me and well guarded by my immaturity and blondeness... made me want to chop of Blaze's wings.\r\n\r\nAnd with realisation.. came Blaze's retaliation.\r\n\r\nAs you can see, she's not very good at debating, because by the end of her speech she's convinced herself otherwise. Which is why she'll never be president of the world.

Image: lb-darrell_05.jpg   432x610 74122 bytes 2005.07.26

Anyway, an EXTREMELY overdue art trade with Vicki Eden (, who is so patient and kind and wonderful for putting up with this late trade. (*bows*) This is Vicki's character Darrell, who is apparently a bit of a cowboy who loves his drinks. Originally he was holding a bottle of grog, but... I can't drawn inanimate objects. -_-; So to make up for that, the shadows behind him are actually shadows of people dancing in a bar. It's hard to tell, I know, but they're there.\r\n\r\nPlease do not copy, edit, repost, or use any of my image or characters without my permission. Character Vicki Eden, steal and I'm sure she'll kill you unless I get to you first. Thank you.

Image: lb-eddie_gift2005_copy.jpg   690x462 277821 bytes 2005.12.23

Chrissy gift for Gatorfox over at DA, which was arranged by Notveryathletic/Tempest, a close friend of Ms. Gatorfox. It was quite an honor to be asked to do this for Eddie; she has a witty and twisted sense of humour that I adore, and her art is just as awesome. I just hope that this helps cheer her up some over the holidays. :3\r\n\r\nUh.. the background's blinding, I know. But I had to contrast the greys of the character. First time using Painter 9, too. \r\n\r\nPlease do not copy, edit, trace, reupload, or use any of my images or characters without my permission. Eddie Eddie/Gatorfox, no takey because that's not nice. Thank you.

Image: lb-emrenni_back.jpg   392x520 113315 bytes 2005.06.08

More Harvester art, because it's just fun drawing Emrenni all dark and moody and ready to kill stuff. Or just looking sexy, which I tried to do here. Because it's hard to make her look good mostly because of her face; it's a weird shape. Which is probably why I covered most of it.\r\n\r\nCheck out my half-assed background. It's cool~! The text is meant to be read as "Tread light... Approach with Caution...", as that's what you're meant to do with poisonous snakes.. or False Chimeras with pointy sticks and Morning Stars. :D\r\n\r\nAnd I changed her Morning Star's chain to a ball chain, because I don't have the coordination to draw chains.

Image: lb-emrenni_jump_slash_copy.jpg   487x610 149237 bytes 2005.09.15

This is actually kinda old. I doodled it in my school book near the beginning of the year, finished it about four months later, forgot about it, then found it again and put it in my sketchbook then inked it, forgot about it again, found the inked version and scanned it, started CGing it, then forgot about it, then found it again while I was looking for something to do, then finished it today.\r\n\r\nBackground inspired by that weird screen Shaolin Showdown does whenever someone gets hit. You know that one that looks like a splat of blood across the screen with white in the blood splat? Yeah, that. That's a good show.\r\n\r\nPlease do not copy, edit, trace, reupload, or use any of my images or characters without my permission. Thank you.

Image: lb-emrenni_kill_now_copy.jpg   505x619 131109 bytes 2005.04.15

I swear. Oh noez. :O\r\n\r\nAfter spending three days at my grandomother's house for Easter (I'm slow at colouring, okay?) along with my millions upon millions of relatives, the lack of private time does get on your nerves after a while. So Emrenni kills things for peace. Yay!\r\n\r\nBackground heavily inspired by Danime-Chan's ( art.\r\n\r\nPlease do not copy, edit, repost, trace, or use any of my images or characters without permission. Thank you.

Image: lb-girly_psy2.jpg   468x630 164532 bytes 2005.09.05

Yes, Jake. As a girl. Because it's fun changing the gender of your characters. :3\r\n\r\nActually this is for seel-dingo's current contest. Here I gave him a top. A greeenn one. And of course instead of being weirded out by this transformation, Male Jake finds the bright side of it and goes bonkers over the idea. (*points to little Jake*).\r\n\r\nBefore I forget, I used this tutorial to colour this:\r\nAnd.. Jake makes a pretty damn good girl. XD\r\n\r\nPlease do not copy, edit, trace, reupload, or use any of my images or characters without my permission. Thank you.

Image: lb-haverster_emrenni_copy.jpg   479x620 106029 bytes 2005.02.24

Emrenni, as a Harverster (}. Because I so wanted to join up when they were at DA, but then they got banned, which makes me sad. ;_;\r\n\r\nJust a slight make-over for the group, and myself I suppose. The scaled under her eyes are now black instead of green (tiger snakes have no green! What was I thinking?) and her stripes are more band-like. And she now has scales under her arms and chin/throat. Whether they reach down to her belly I'm still deciding, but they're under her tail to so I suppose it only makes sense.\r\n\r\nPlease do not copy, edit, repost, or trace any of my images or characters without permission. Thank you.

Image: lb-kali_sit_2.jpg   434x621 119105 bytes 2005.09.01

[REUPLOAD]\r\nKali'see'um, from the back.\r\n\r\nDrawn in July, coloured now. I can see all the flaws in it now, like the perspective. I can never get it right. (*shakes fist at perspective*) The cross-hatching is also very very heavy, so a lot of the details are.. swallowed whole by them.\r\n\r\nBrushes in the background were made by Scully7491 @ DA, and for this, or what you can see of the shading, I used Dry Brushes in Photoshop. Please do not copy, edit, trace, use, or reupload any of my characters or images without my permission. Thank you.

Image: lb-kali_vs_blueroo_2005.jpg   620x388 148107 bytes 2005.07.29

Wow! Two art trades completed in a week. I'm slowly getting my motivation back to finish my last few so I can move on to commissions. Slowly being the key word. =P\r\n\r\nMy half of an apparently very old art trade with *Lysozyme. Apparently we had established our trade back in 2003, which can't be right because I'm sure it was only 2004 we did so. And the date on the original image was 2004.. so I really don't know what the heck happened there. \r\n\r\nHope you like it, Lysozyme! And sorry for taking so bloody long on this thing. @_@\r\n\r\nPlease do not copy, edit, repost, trace or use any of my images or characters without my permission. Blue Roo is to *Lysozyme, please don't be retarded and steal his character. That's just rude.

Image: lb-mazarin_attack_copy!.jpg   545x620 134651 bytes 2005.04.06

For the great Faker, who drew Emrenni with her awesome character Mazarin. \r\n\r\nIt took me three goes, but I drew her. I had to trick myself into NOT drawing her like a normal raptor (which is bloody hard!), and I goofed on her weapon. I drew it from memory because I lost my reference picture. And I added in scales! But.. you can't see them. ;_; (I found a tutorial on scale filtering)\r\n\r\nAnd brushes from somewhere on Deviantart, but I can't remember where. If anyone knows, please tell me so I can credit!\r\n\r\nPlease do not copy, edit, repost, trace, or use any of my images without permission. Character Metallixfaker ( Don't steal, it's wrong. Thank you.

Image: lb-merry_christmas2005.jpg   719x1259 259413 bytes 2005.12.21

Yes I stole the idea from the Simpsons. It's not my fault they take all the good jokes first. (*shifty eyes*)\r\n\r\nOC tried to make a Snow Angel for everyone, but without fail the darn things become unholy Hellbeasts buried in the snow. But the important thing is It tried, just for you guys.\r\n\r\nEither way, the message should be pretty clear: whether you've been bad or good, or make Hellbeasts in the snow when really it should be angels, have a safe and Merry Christmas. We don't get snow in Australia, but I can still have some fun with the stuff. :3\r\n\r\nPlease do not copy, edit, trace, reupload, or use any of my images or characters without my permission. Thank you.

Image: lb-oc_id_text.jpg   309x410 99451 bytes 2005.11.17

For Deviant Art. I just really, really, REALLY want an ID. My main page feels empty with holes without one. Pity my main page!\r\n\r\nI also gave OC a slight redesign; fixed Its wings seeing as I sliced off Blaze's (although for a laugh I was thinking of giving OC four wings, two being Blaze's mechanical wings. It'll be hilarious!), and I don't know why but I never gave It Blaze's bionical leg. And yes, I am obsessed with the font "Courier New". It's such a cool font! All typewriter like. :3\r\n\r\n(*pimppimppimppimp*)*pimppimppimp*)\r\nCOMMISSION ME! D:\r\nPlease do not copy, edit, trace, reupload, or use any of my images or characters without my permission. Thank you.

Image: lb-psycho_jell-o_copy.jpg   480x656 68085 bytes 2005.09.23

This is all Seel's fault. X3 I've always admired her Jell-O furries and wanted to take a crack at one myself, but then I always felt a bit shy to do so. But then she had set up a challenge to draw a jell-o furry, and after a bit of encouragement from Seel (it didn't take much really) I went for it! \r\n\r\nPoor Jake's been my guinea pig in the last two drawings I did of him. Not that he minds; he's an attention whore.\r\n\r\nYou know the drill, no copying, editing, tracing, reposting, using or claiming any of my characters or images without my permission. It's mean to now ask me first.

Image: lb-psycho_tag_05_copy.jpg   446x599 72686 bytes 2005.10.04

This is ancient. Like.. 2002 ancient. I recently found it and still liked it, so I wanted to CG it. But then I got lazy and did this.\r\n\r\nYears and years ago, I used to have 'Tagger' versions of the Outcasts, which I would sometimes use for my shitty graffiti attempts. I LOVE graffiti, but can't design tags for crap or spray paint, so I just designed Tagger Outcasts to compensate for that. Jake actually has two versions; the Mad Hatter (some old watchers may remember this), and this one, the street jock. Which is really just.. Jake with a sweater and skull cap... bugger.\r\n\r\nI need to revive my Tagger Outcasts.\r\n\r\nPlease do not copy, edit, trace, reupload, or use any of my images or characters without my permission. Thank you.

Image: lb-secret_santa_neyo_05.jpg   455x611 105334 bytes 2005.12.28

I can't get it to go smaller. ._. Yet for some reason all my other stuff (which is around the same size) is okay.\r\n\r\nDX \r\n\r\nAnyway, Secret Santa picture for Neyo Tiger. Done in Painter 9. Watercolour tool. \r\n\r\nPlease do not copy, edit, trace, reupload, or use any\r\nof my images or characters without my permission. Neyo Tiger Neyo Tiger, no takey because that's bad. Thank you.\r\n

Image: lb-tyrone_colour_copy.jpg   428x619 111472 bytes 2005.11.06

VCL ate my upload.\r\n\r\nSomewhat old character revived for the sole purpose of wanting to draw a chibi character with chubby legs and a gut. XD Tyrone loves his beer, but unfortunately beer loves him as well, and always decides to stick around even long after Tyrone's had enough of it. \r\n\r\nBy the way want to commission me? You can get one of these (only much better) for $5! Or if chibis aren't your thing, I can do something normal for you. Check it:\r\n\r\nOther than that: Please do not copy, edit, trace, reupload, or use any of my images or characters without my permission. Thank you.

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