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Image: BadFurDay.jpg   629x800 98165 bytes 2004.06.26

Bad Fur Day -- A Furry redo of a popular piece I did years ago called Bad Hair Day\r\n\r\nPencil sketch digitally photographed and then done completely in Photoshop. Brich background in from a photograph that I took and then created a tile.

Image: beach.jpg   800x575 133098 bytes 2005.11.20

1st of many pinups that will go on

Image: BitchnKitty.gif   612x800 157393 bytes 2005.11.15

Animated gif I did of Kitty, the main character in my online comic -

Image: daemar.jpg   800x463 86703 bytes 2004.06.26

He would be much more impressive if he was more than three feet tall.\r\n\r\nPencil sketch redrawn in photoshop.

Image: drag-cheetah.jpg   640x469 69556 bytes 2004.06.29

Dragon-cheetah mix. She can't run as fast as the pure cheetah due to the uneven legs and having to run on her knuckles and having only vestigal wings can't fly, but you should see her dance.\r\n\r\nPhotoshop\r\n\r\nİNekkoChan 2004\r\n

Image: lycyxys.jpg   800x576 79105 bytes 2004.07.21

A demon's name should be hard to say, second line of defense you know.\r\n\r\nPhotoshop\r\n\r\nİ NekkoChan

Image: nekkocry.jpg   640x464 84031 bytes 2004.06.28

Nekari with the cat she gained her nickname from, NekkoChan.\r\n\r\nPhotoshop İNekkoChan

Image: RunningFree.jpg   640x461 87720 bytes 2004.06.30

I recently held the hand of a dying girl as she lay on the pavement following a motorcycle accident. I am donating part of the proceeds from the sale of this print to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation in her name. Please email me if you are interested in this cause.\r\n\r\nİ 2004 NekkkoChan

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