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Image: bookmark.jpg   328x768 79591 bytes 2005.10.03

This little bookmark was a present for my mother.\r\nIt shows my Alter-Ego Nekoko-chan in her new design.\r\nAs you can see, I chance the color of her fur from brown/dark brown to white/brown.

Image: catsitwall.jpg   1024x768 129162 bytes 2006.12.29

Nekoko-chan Wallpaper

This is my Alter Ego Nekoko-chan as a draw her presently.\r\nThis picture can be used as a wallpaper like I do ^^.\r\n\r\nProgramm: Photoshop\r\nDuration: about 3 hours\r\nInspiration: The clothes a like to wear on New Year's Eve

Tags: Nekoko-chan Cat Wallpaper  
Image: drawingNekoko.jpg   822x694 124905 bytes 2005.10.04

My alter-ego Nekoko-chan at drawing. \r\n\r\n\r\nWell... I guess there isn't more to say ^^"

Image: hou.jpg   362x457 77114 bytes 2006.06.28

Okey... it's been a while since I upload an image so I like to upload this one.\r\n\r\nIt's the pendant of a felt-doll, I made for my dad's birthday. I'll upload a pictures of it, as soon as I overwork the photos.

Image: KiraStretch.jpg   800x466 175969 bytes 2006.03.10

This is a chara I designed for a video game, I want to program. But I give up trying.

Image: kiriaCharaDesign.jpg   469x600 99117 bytes 2005.08.25

A Fox-chara I draw over a month ago, but I haven't find the time to upload it.\r\n\r\nProgram: Photoshop\r\nDuration: about 4 or 5 hour I guess

Image: monkey.jpg   627x469 76991 bytes 2006.12.29


Its a little Monkey I drew for a basecap. It was a christmas present for my father.\r\n\r\nProgramm: Photoshop\r\nDuration: about three hours\r\nInspiration: Chinese Zodiac "monkey"

Tags: monkey  
Image: nekoko.jpg   737x768 101443 bytes 2004.11.25

My first picture at vcl.\r\nIt shows my alter-ego "Nekoko" sitting at a café, drinking cappucino. The pictures in the back are sketches for other artworks.\r\n\r\nMedium: Pencil and Photoshop 6.0 for coloration\r\nArtwork ©Zick'04

Image: NekokoChan.jpg   702x768 119712 bytes 2005.10.03

My Alter-Ego Nekoko-chan again ^^.\r\nThis time with jacket. I try an other stile for the legs (now she has cat-legs not human legs).\r\nI decide she look like a "puss in boots"(although she isn't wearing boots)

Image: NekokoChanWorksteps.jpg   1618x514 142736 bytes 2005.10.03

These are the working steps of the previous picture.\r\nIt beginns with the scetch an finishs with the background.

Image: NekosHavingFunGut.jpg   602x458 48291 bytes 2007.03.21

Two cats havin' fun

These are two litte cats, havin' fun together.\r\nI guess there's nothin' more to say.\r\n\r\nMedium: Photoshop

Tags: cats  
Image: neujahrsbild.jpg   1024x768 109696 bytes 2007.01.02

A Happy New Year to all VCL members!\r\nThis is my first picture this year.\r\nIt's my Alter Ego Nekoko-chan again.

Tags: Cat Nekoko-chan  
Image: ryokoausmasse.gif   763x330 14462 bytes 2006.03.10

This picture shows the size of one of my characters.\r\nThe metric unit is in centimeters, so the streched dragon is about 10 feet long.

Image: ryokoBeleidigt.gif   468x563 22605 bytes 2006.03.10

Ryoko is offended (maybe because I haven't upload her earlier ^^).\r\nThis time I extracted the lines from the scetch directly and didn't ink them on the PC, so that I only have to color it.

Image: sagittarius.gif   425x500 61164 bytes 2006.12.29


Well, there's nothing more to say. It was drawn as a pendant for a Felt-Cat, I sewed for a friend.\r\n\r\nProgramm: Photoshop\r\nInspiration: The Zodiac "Sagittarius"

Tags: Cat Sagittarius  
Image: samuraiNeko.jpg   1024x768 182267 bytes 2006.07.15

This Motive is used as the enter-picture of my homepage.\r\nThere I used a three colored version of the picture.\r\n\r\nThe character is my alter-ego Nekoko-chan.\r\nMedium was Photoshop CS.

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