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Image: coll_akuma_kori.jpg   800x493 69461 bytes 2003.07.09

This was my first collarboration with someone else than Shira. And of course who's better for something like this than the great Bloodhound omega *worship* -->;-) I really adore his art and was very happy to draw this picture together with him. \r\n\r\nThank you Bloodi. I hope we will be able to do this much more often --->8-D \r\n\r\nAkuma is (c) by Bloodhound Omega (steal her and she'll bite you)

Image: Nelly-collab.jpg   562x800 44656 bytes 2003.07.09

This is a collarboration I made together with a very good friend from school. She asked me to draw a picture with a Furry charakter that looks like her and wears the same clothes. So I made an Inkversion of this picture and asked her if she would like to colour it\r\n\r\nWell, and this is the result (finished during 6 boring school lessons *gg*) She named her Nelly and decided to use this name as nickname. So now she's my Nelly-Girl *gg*\r\n\r\nOf course Nelly is (c) by herself (and don't you dare to steal this cute girl -->;-)

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