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Image: starlight.jpg   567x800 78978 bytes 2002.08.29

This is an older picture I just found oe or two weeks ago and didn`t even remember that I`ve drawn it -->8-} Don`t ask my why she`s so sad on this picture.... I don`t remember.\r\n\r\nNelena is (c) by me

Image: Grafitti-Mischa.jpg   591x800 47726 bytes 2002.08.12

My latest picture of my character Mischa. The picture seemed to be a bit empty, that`s why I insert the Grafitti into the background -->:-)\r\n\r\nThe picture is done with Prismacolour pencils and a little bit Ink for the background.\r\n\r\nMischa is (c) by me

Image: Luna.jpg   615x800 69979 bytes 2002.08.11

Not long ago I found Tracy Butlers pictures on her page. And really felt in love with the charakter Luna (isn`t she wounderful *sighs*) Errmm.. yes *g* I asked Tracy for the permission to draw this character and was realy really happy to get her mails with the permission -->:-) And this picture was the final result (Lot of thanks and cuddkes to Bloodi forthe Background idea)\r\n\r\nLuna is (c) by Tracy Butler

Image: Eye_of_dragon.jpg   800x571 95573 bytes 2002.08.11

*giggles* Well... my boss almost killed me after I`ve drawn this picture. I needed one week for the half picture... the other half one I made at the weekend before my last week in the kindergarten. I needed around 16 hours at this weekend to finish this picture and on Monday I wasn`t able to use my right hand -->8-)\r\nThe picture shows a scene of a RPG we had some time ago -->:-}\r\n\r\nIsis is (c) by Bloodhound Omega\r\nCara is (c) by me

Image: fight.jpg   795x588 71761 bytes 2002.08.11

HmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... I love the two movies “The mummy” and “The mummy returns” and from the 2nd of those movies I got the idea for this picture. I LOVE this kind of figth -->8-D Well... the characters has still no names... but I hope I will find some names one day for all of my nameless characters.\r\n\r\nThe fighting characters are (c) by me

Image: PomPom-Bloodi.JPG   609x800 36324 bytes 2002.08.11

Well... yes I know....usually he is a male. *gg* Bloodi and I often make some some jokes in our mails and he made the mistake to make a joke like this picture and so the idea for this was born -->;-P\r\nIt`s also his Puppyday present (I know I know it`s again a bit late... I´m sorry for this)\r\n\r\nBloodhound Omega is (c) by her.... errmmm.... himself -->;-)

Image: Baby_Drakkorsmall.jpg   674x800 41184 bytes 2002.08.11

This was the picture I`ve drawn for Drakkor Hatching day this year.He had a very little dragon statue with almost the same pose and so I got the idea for this pic -->:-)\r\n\r\nDrakkor is (c) by himself

Image: dancing.JPG   585x800 53476 bytes 2002.08.11

This was my first try to draw a picture without inklines. It was very difficult and needed much more time than drawing with inking lines. Well... even when it turned out almost like I hoped I still think the head is to big -->;-)\r\n\r\nArt is (c) by me

Image: Shamane.jpg   565x800 76603 bytes 2002.08.11

This idea I got again at a RPG convention. There`s not a long story behind this picture... I just wanted to draw a equine shamane using magic -->:-)\r\n\r\nThe Shamane is (c) by me

Image: Shira-Nel-bathing.jpg   556x793 85634 bytes 2002.08.11

At the beginning I just wanted to draw a picture of Nelena while she`s bathing... but at the end this picture was the result. And I`m really glad that I changed it even when it was a lot of work, cause the sketch was almost finished when I put Shira into it.\r\n\r\nShira is (c) by herself\r\nNelena is (c) by me

Image: Catgirl.jpg   640x800 33152 bytes 2002.08.11

This picture I`ve drawn for a very good friend. I`m sorry that I`m not allowed to tell the reason why I`ve drawn it... I`m just happy that it helped him a lot and so it was worth the work I put into it.\r\n\r\nDrawn with Prismacolour Pencils\r\n\r\nCatgirl is (c) Ulli Ginter

Image: Shira-Nel3.jpg   800x562 101995 bytes 2002.08.11

This was again a picture I`ve drawn for Shira (and she keeps telling me that it is her most \r\nfavourite one *g*). I put all my love for Shira into it and I`m really really happy that she liked it -->;-)\r\n\r\nShira is (c) by herself\r\nNelena is (c) by me

Image: Kiryn.JPG   568x800 116451 bytes 2002.08.11

This cute girl still has no name *sighs* But I don`t dare to ask the people out there to help me with the name, cause last time I got that much ideas that I just wasn`t able to decide *sniff* So well... this is the cute little nameless Kiryin which I like a lot. I wanted to draw a character which is full of colour like a rainbow... and she was the result -->:-)\r\n\r\nNameless Kiryin is (c) by me -->;-)

Image: Drakkor.JPG   597x800 129911 bytes 2002.08.11

This was the first picture I`ve every drawn for my very good friend Drakkor. I thought a little bit of the scene with Draco from Dragonheart and the sheep (that`s why you can see the very little sheep on the pic). It was the birthday present for him one year ago and I`m really glad that he liked it -->:-)\r\n\r\nDrakkor is (c) by himself

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