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Image: Avorus.jpg   958x461 105733 bytes 2002.07.30

This is Avorus, Dax's pet! Part Lizard/dragon, part dog. 100% wierd! I love the lettering and the cartoon style bold colouring i've used here. Good character that i'll try to do more of.

Image: Daxisback2.jpg   680x1440 81079 bytes 2002.07.30

Dax is an idealised personification of myself. Only he's shorter (5ft 7), slimmer, cuter and more gay! LOL. He's wearing an egyptian band, and sarong thingie, and he's got a cyborg arm (dont ask it was just fun 2 do!)Picture was drawn in pen, scanned and coloured in Photoshop (which i'm new to).

Image: gothdax_copy.jpg   667x1367 61374 bytes 2002.07.30

A slightly better version of Dax, even if the face is a bit wrong! My first attempt at shading on the trousers... I've given him kinda a gothic look, but not too heavily. And also he's got a set of wings, one mechanical, one not. It gets wierder and wierder!!!

Image: Zaren&Dax.jpg   650x851 167659 bytes 2002.07.30

This is a very symbolic pic for me. Theres my character in the background, in love with another guy, Zaren. But i cant get to him, because there's a barrier in between us. And he's not interested in me (because he's not gay). Thats about the same as the situation in my life at the moment.

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