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Image: chozosketch.jpg   553x540 48139 bytes 2011.01.12

Chozo Doodle

Since Karry is more a personal character then a totem beast, I am a chozo.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nMaybe not this chozo.

Tags: chozo  
Image: Elizabeth.jpg   784x1080 79994 bytes 2011.01.12

Cheer Friend

A small gift to a friend to cheer them up.

Image: Nibiki-Bend.jpg   900x900 128185 bytes 2010.01.30


A quick color. Had absolutely no time to work on it at FC; I was too busy staffing the art show. But it was amazing fun, very hard work. Thanks Ch'marr for inviting me and giving me such a great time!\r\n\r\nTrying for a hybrid of Nezumi and Trump. Oh well!

Image: Nibiki-Cliffscape.jpg   800x523 84613 bytes 2008.12.08

I never have done any landscapes before, or any backgrounds really, so this was an interesting challenge. Quite different from figure drawing, and a lot more free to just scribble around and watch forms come out rather then trying to be all accurate.\r\n\r\nIt was done for a friend's birthday, over a month in which I was actually able to sit and work on it maybe five evenings. The personal touch is very subtle; it's a hint at an old Playstation 2 game I borrowed from them and found totally amazing.

Tags: landscape scenery cliffs  
Image: nibiki-docksy.jpg   600x600 69301 bytes 2009.02.16

A gift for my friend Docksy! All digital.\r\nŠ Docksy

Image: nibiki-jello.jpg   600x450 44759 bytes 2009.02.16

A gift for my friend Jello, also all digital!\r\nŠ Jello

Image: Nibiki-KarrybyVeraMundis.jpg   668x960 103511 bytes 2008.08.17

So it's been over half a year since my last upload. Sucky! Well what I bring this time around is a beautiful picture I commissioned from VeraMundis (Helios). But I was totally surprised when later in the mail I received all the sketches that he produced in working on my commission! One of them I loved so much I tried to bring it to completion by coloring it, and here ya go. I don't know that it's any better then the original sketch, but I need practice and it was a pleasure to practice on such a talented artist's work. But I'm not sure I did it justice!\r\n\r\nVeraMundis captured that really well in this and the other sketches he came up with. Quite tasteful I think. Thanks Vera, keep up the great work! Check him out here!

Tags: Karry Tiger Tentacle Hermaphrodite  
Image: Nibiki-KarryMedic.jpg   256x256 39832 bytes 2008.08.17

Team fortress 2 is great. I have never found a game that encourages team cooperation the way Team Fortress 2 does. That's even coming form the old days of Tribes. I often play medic, but also enjoy the Scout, and I'm happy to play whatever's needed for the round.

Tags: Karry Tiger Medic Team Fortress Ubersaw  
Image: nibiki-leanline.jpg   1040x780 88112 bytes 2010.01.19


It's Karry. Hoping to finish it at FC. See ya there!

Image: Nibiki-Mi-YoungColor1080.jpg   1080x1080 137022 bytes 2010.05.10

Gift For Yamii

Quickdraw has been doing a lot of great work for me, and is using Karry and a sheep character named Miyu that belongs to mai-bun mai-bun for a comic contest, so I wanted to return the favor a little bit!\r\n\r\nIf you have not checked out quickdraw please do so now!

Tags: quickdraw Mi-Young female human pose huge_breasts  
Image: Nibiki-Tent00.jpg   322x322 17164 bytes 2007.12.14

Image: Nibiki-Tent01.jpg   322x322 17074 bytes 2007.12.14

Image: Nibiki-Tent02.jpg   322x322 20277 bytes 2007.12.14

Image: Nibiki-TentHeadBlue.jpg   322x322 26232 bytes 2007.12.14

Image: Nibiki-TentHeadGreen.jpg   322x322 23608 bytes 2007.12.14

Image: Nibiki-TentHeadRed.jpg   322x322 27427 bytes 2007.12.14

Image: nibiki-trinity.jpg   519x861 45910 bytes 2009.03.30


A very good friend of mine asked for their character Trynity against a wall, this was the pose that came to mind! She's a punky kind of tiger, but not a punk, and NO PLAID! Yo Trynity!

Tags: tiger transgender punk  
Image: Nibiki-War+PayneWIP.jpg   1280x1003 156408 bytes 2007.12.14

Image: Nibiki-WingSketch.jpg   500x297 20502 bytes 2007.03.13

Image: Slourire-the-Sloth.jpg   1200x772 133764 bytes 2013.07.17

Slourire Reference

A reference of Slo, who I created for Jass Befrold's J-Pirates animatic!\r\n\r\nShe has a cameo in the last sequence as a convoy pilot. Of course, a nice, slow moving ship for her!\r\n\r\nPlease check it out HERE!\r\n\r\n(You should see her ride that longboard.)

Tags: sloth girl female blue_hair swim_suit long_claws smile big_hips  

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