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Image: Tessel-J1.jpg   557x841 117712 bytes 2010.05.26


This character came out of nowhere and presented something unique among my creations - he's not a typical "good guy". In fact, he's a bit of a jerk :p Tessel isn't really an Auran Sage, but at the same time isn't deviant enough to be a Nephilim. A middle range, perhaps Chaotic-Good in a way.\r\nBrash, impulsive, egotistical, and a bit a pervert, Tessel wanders across the land looking for the anything that might thrill him, be it a dangerous quest or a group of criminals to take down. While there may very well be a heart of gold buried under all that self-centeredness, it's not often that circumstances bring it out (most people can't stand to be around him after he completes a tough task, as he'll boast for days).\r\n\r\nTessel copyright Aelius (me)

Tags: jackrabbit hare coy weapon halberd tribal valley loincloth warrior fantasy   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: AeliusModelClean-CF1.png   1080x1482 140530 bytes 2009.05.01

The NEW Aelius!

I began pondering this a few years ago.\r\nSome may be familiar with my fennec character, Kaili. He began as an experiment to create a secondary fursona for myself. Kaili has since become his own character, and despite my being able to see myself as him, I always stuck with the wolf. However, there have been times when I've actually forgot that I have a wolf fursona and have been thinking of myself as Kaili.\r\nThe more I thought about it, the more I wanted to associate my character with that animal. I began to wonder if my hesitation to "become" Kaili was that I didn't see him as the "whole" me, but only portions. Aelius would have to radically change himself.\r\nI still love wolves, and Kaili won't be going anywhere. Same guy, different species.

Tags: model sheet fennec fox male cute  
Image: Yariim-F1.png   868x800 747033 bytes 2009.05.01

Yariim the Dancer

It's true what they say about Osranii women...\r\n\r\nAnother character from the novel(s), Fangs of K'aath, by brilliant author Paul Kidd, this is Yariim. She quickly became my favorite character, having sympathized with her and then admired her for her strength and determination, even in the face of bleak odds. Her skills as a dancer are phenomenal; with her lithe, agile body she could melt hearts and attract the mind of any who gaze upon her beauty.\r\nIt also turns out that she's a head librarian (funny that... I happen to work at a library :p )\r\nThanks for creating this beautiful lady, Paul!

Tags: harem dancer blue mouse female Arabian paul kidd fangs k'aath  
Image: Fatima-J1.jpg   1117x1002 189821 bytes 2009.05.01

Mistress Fatima

Fatima is a character from Paul Kidd's excellent novel, Fangs of K'aath. Despite what first impressions may imply, she becomes surprisingly complex later on in the story. Not only that, but despite a lack of imagery of her on the 'net, her description in the book was so vivid in my mind that I just had to draw her :p She is mistress of the Shah's harem, having dedicated her life to the sensual arts as well as proving to be an adept manager of most other goings-on within the harem. Her unique fur color is a result of sorcery; being born with pure white fur (hence the pink eyes) occasionally results in one having her fur permanently dyed through magic.

Tags: paul kidd fangs k'aath rabbit pink harem dancer female Arabian  
Image: Rona1-J2.jpg   1147x750 147269 bytes 2009.05.01

Rona Elvheim

This is Rona Elvheim, a member of Gushousekai's "Wyverns" team and a skilled kunoichi (female ninja). This was the image that popped into my head when I read an excerpt of the story and she made her first appearance. She's alert and ready to strike!\r\n\r\nHere's my first attempt at a back-lit figure. I'm afraid I might've lost some of the detail in the shadows, but then again, it kinda adds an air of mystery to the character and accentuates her eyes. Still I wonder if I might've gone overboard with the glowy effects :P

Tags: ninja female wolf kunoichi night moon glow weapon spear dark rooftop  
Image: RabbitSage-J2.jpg   592x800 85964 bytes 2009.05.01

Rabbit Sage

Raikonia's a big world, and here is another of its many denizens, a young Auran Sage making a humble living in a forest village. I got the idea for this character when I considered what my own home town might've been like in that world. I realized that if I had lived there, I would most likely be a rabbit, so I began fleshing out this guy. I don't have a name for him yet, but as his story continues to write itself in my mind I'm sure one will come up eventually.\r\nThe runes on the upper left (and adorning his loincloth) are from a popular form of writing by the Sages, passed down by the Shepheri. It's commonly called "cascade" script due to the fact that each letter in a word is connected to each other in an unbroken stream. The runes there in the pic simply say "Rabbit Sage."

Tags: tribal rabbit auran sage warrior male bunny  
Image: Ruby-J3.jpg   468x700 163632 bytes 2009.05.01


Ruby didn't mind the JVs' form-fitting catsuits, a trademark for any super spy, but she felt it needed a personal touch, so she kept her jacket and hat to complete the look. The dynamite cowgirl is ready for action!\r\n\r\nY'know... I find it kinda interesting what went on as I drew this. Been watching King of the Hill lately, and I even went to a BBQ restaurant last night. She has a way of inspiring me sometimes, heh. Though this isn't the first time I've drawn revolvers, I'm still new at guns. The recoil compensator, for instance, is a bit too large, and some of the parts don't really match, but it's still progress from previous attempts. Ruby herself doesn't seem to mind as long as they work\r\n\r\\r\nNew artist imminent!

Tags: red foxes jewel vixens cowgirl Texas spy 70s model   [More Info]
Image: TenKelWalk-J1.jpg   880x728 210935 bytes 2008.05.29

Tenefer and Kel

It looks like Tenefer found a companion during a portion of his travels ^_^\r\n\r\nThis was a... VERY belated Christmas gift to my buddy Kelketek (technically I finished drawing the characters at Christmas time, but I didn't get them colored until now). He mentioned a desire to see our fursonae together and since I still have a tendency to see what characters would look like as ancient Aurans, I decided to run with the idea and turn his fursona into one just like I did with Tenefer.\r\n\r\nMetallic effects... as much as I love shiny things, they really kick my tail *LOL*\r\n\r\nTenefer copyright Aelius (me)\r\nKel copyright Kelketek

Tags: Auran Sages fox wolf male weapon fantasy sci-fi tribal warriors forest   [More Info]
Image: AkoshaReturns-J2.jpg   899x675 115961 bytes 2008.05.29

Akosha Returns

Akosha was raised in these mountains since foalhood, and can withstand the cold quite well due to her constant meditation exercises (she's probably doing one right now, due to the solemn look on her face; she's normally quite cheerful and optimistic!). In fact, the mare seems to be quite an enigma because of that. Red and black motif with an intimidating war scythe, it still amazes folks that she's a noble, benevolent Sage.\r\n\r\nAkosha Terias copyright Aelius (me)\r\nBackground provided by Terragen

Tags: Auran Sage horse mare scythe fantasy sci-fi female tribal warrior weapon   [More Info]
Image: Tenefer-C2J1.jpg   692x840 134314 bytes 2007.07.01

Tenefer Eos

From the land of dawn, a lone wolf searching for his purpose... perhaps even... his own destiny.\r\n\r\nMore info at the more-info link (sorry, but there was a lot I had to say, heh)\r\n\r\nTenefer Eos copyright Aelius (me)\r\nBackground by Terragen

Tags: Auran Sages wolves tribal sci-fi fantasy warriors   [More Info]
Image: Team_Indigo_sk-1J.jpg   822x707 169581 bytes 2007.02.06

Poké-Morph Team Indigo

Here's my team for Shawntae Howard's "Poké-Combat Academy of Higher Learning" idea; Team Indigo!\r\nConsisting of Storm the Jolteon, Blaze the Ninetales, Neon the Dragonair, and Stiletto the Sandslash, Indigo specializes in brushfire tactics that overwhelm their opponents from the start. Known for their speed and ruthless efficiency, they trained primarily to strike first and never let up. Those that can withstand their initial onslaught will have a good chance of lasting in the fight, but don't let your guard down (Neon and Stiletto know how to handle stragglers, heh).\r\n\r\nMan I haven't played this game in years... but the characters are actually from a morph idea I had back when I did play it. \r\n\r\nNeon, Stiletto, Storm, and Blaze © me (Aelius)\r\nPokémon © Nintendo

Tags: Pokémorphs, Pokémon, fighters, teams   [More Info]
Image: KibaArundhati-FJ1.jpg   1082x1030 237265 bytes 2007.02.06

Kiba Arundhati

\r\n\r\nOver three nights of solid work, this is probably my most detailed piece yet (I even did a faux-focus effect on the background =P ). His multi-colored fur pattern obscured a shadow experiment that I felt particularly proud of; you can see it better in my scraps ( ). Kiba is also my first African Wild Dog anthro, and the FINAL member of my ancient Sages group led by Akosha Terias. (more info at DA, too)\r\n\r\nKiba Arundhati © Nick Hardin\r\nbackground by Terragen\r\n

Tags: african wild dogs, fantasy, Sci-Fi, warriors, tribal   [More Info]
Image: TekariAia-C4J.jpg   579x707 174174 bytes 2007.01.02

Tekari Aia

Tekari was once taught from a very young age how to fight and defend with ruthless efficiency. Yet her very personality seemed to contradict such a harsh way of living. The young mouse still maintains a shy, cautious demeanor and is constantly plagued by a lack of self-esteem. Even at the age of eighteen, Tekari has shown to have fighting skills worthy of an aged master, but at the terrible price of a scarred emotional development. Thankfully, Akosha and Mai Tao have proven themselves to be gentle and caring to her and have been helping her through her insecurities.\r\n\r\nTekari Aia © Nick Hardin

Tags: mouse, mice, tribal, fantasy, warrioresses   [More Info]
Image: Eruka-C4J2.jpg   798x900 160592 bytes 2006.10.27

Here's the next in my Ancient Sages series, Eruka Neshha. Akosha met her in a small village in an expansive forest. Before long, the young racoon had joined Akosha's group in her journey to the Eastern Kingdoms.\r\nMore to come...\r\n\r\nEruka Neshha © Nick Hardin

Image: CaptStar-CF1.jpg   649x850 131449 bytes 2006.09.21

A bit too late for Talk Like A Pirate Day (even though I did this months ago and forgot to upload it here... oopsie), but here's my pirate bunny, Captain Star!\r\nShe look familiar? She's actually an ancestor of my other bunnygirl, Melon.\r\nCaptain Star is the widow of a brave captain that helped overthrow a corrupt admiral. In thanks, she became the captain of her own ship and privateer for the King, and now sails the seas like a mystical siren.\r\n\r\nCaptain Star © Nick Hardin

Image: Ri'kintoValez-CJ5jpg.jpg   682x909 112574 bytes 2006.05.21

Ri'kinto could easily be classified as the 'mage' of the group, since he has a rare Auran power of not being exclusively chained to any one single power. Instead, he could manipulate his Aura to perform various tasks as they're needed (spells, as he calls them).\r\nHis personality would probably be described as "apathetic" but in reality he just has no way of showing how he feels.\r\nI admit my intention was to make him the 'pretty boy' of the group, and though I meant to give him a rail-thin body , I still think he's a bit thicker than I prefer. Ah well, this likely won't be the first time I draw him, so...\r\n\r\nRi'kinto Valez © Nick Hardin\r\nBackground from Terragen

Image: MikaouA'choe-CJ2.jpg   659x893 185761 bytes 2006.05.13

Next in my series of ancient Auran Sages, Mikaou also happens to be my first-ever attempt at drawing a horse.\r\nAs a Sage, his power mainly involves the healing of plant life and an immunity to most toxins. He's gentle and understanding, but a bit naive as well.\r\nHeh, I made the mistake of drawing his tail BEHIND his sword despite it looking like it should be in front (I wanted to show off the sword's design and totally forgot about the concept of proper overlapping) so I tried to fix it in the shading and shadows, making it look like he's holding the sword at an angle.\r\nBackground provided, once again, by Terragen.\r\nMikaou A'Choe © Nick Hardin

Image: MaiTaoKa-CJ1.jpg   700x913 102758 bytes 2006.05.02

While working on 'required' works like commissions and trades, I'll occasionally diverge and do some original art if inspiration hits. This pose and weapon set was heavily inspired by a pic of an anthro warrior from Steve Miller's book, "Freaks!"\r\n\r\nEnter Mai Tao Ka, my first red panda anthro and also one of the ancient Auran Sages in a new storyline I developed with I was hit with a massive wave of creative inspiration a few weeks ago. Her Auran power focuses on an extreme sense of total awareness - she will continually know every single detail about her surrounding and environment, making it virtually impossible to be taken by surprise or sneak attack.\r\n\r\nMai Tao Ka is © Nick Hardin

Image: FantastaGirl-J.jpg   578x700 132217 bytes 2006.02.01

I've always been a fan of super heroes...\r\nThose who checked out the Anthrocon '05 conbook might remember this lovely lady. This is FantastaGirl, my super-collie.\r\n\r\nFantastaGirl © Nick Hardin

Image: JVcatsuitsAmyJadeAquaCFJ.jpg   1000x685 337390 bytes 2005.10.19

Here are the catsuit concept designs for Amethyst, Jade, and Aquamarine of the Jewel Vixens.\r\nAmethyst's outfit was inspired mostly by racing pit crews and pit models, as she herself is the wheelwoman and mechanic of the team. The packs on her legs are miniature tool kits that can be removed if space or weight is a concern.\r\nJade's outfit leans more toward her upbringing as a ninja.\r\nAquamarine is the techie of the group, and her uniform's "conservity" sort of reflects her own shyness during missions. Even so, she doesn't seem to have many qualms carrying all that gear, as there's never a lack of need for them.\r\n\r\nAmethyst, Jade, Aquamarine © Nick Hardin\r\nCheck out the Jewel Vixens webcomic right here:

Image: Fennec'sonaCen1.jpg   590x448 45207 bytes 2005.10.11

Here's a little something to tide you folks over ;)\r\nThis is the fennec-version of myself, a warm-weather variant of my fursona. Main difference is that this guy has a few added piercings to his ears and nipples. Yes, there's more in the pic. No, I'm not posting it here. NO, it's not porn (ya pervs :p ). Just some tasteful nudity that I do not care to post here (or anywhere, for that matter).\r\n\r\nCharacter and art © Nick Hardin

Image: Green2.gif   823x900 69804 bytes 2005.10.11

Here's a character from Sanny that I drew as part of an art trade. Apologies for the wait, Sanny :">\r\n(check out his gallery here at VCL: )

Image: EmbioCFinal1.jpg   526x594 96395 bytes 2005.03.23

Here's my half of an art trade with Sugar.\r\nThe background was a photo I took during a cruise I went on; I think I matched the shading and highlights with it okay. Here she is, enjoying the afternoon.\r\nEmbio © Sugar\r\nart by Nick Hardin

Image: TeekatradeC_copy.jpg   809x595 164282 bytes 2005.03.23

I tried to color the original but... failed miserably (I never was the best at that, heh). Digital art I'm a bit more well-versed in. More and more I've been going back to digital coloring and although I lost the original large-format file of the pic, I managed to touch-up the post-sized version for coloring.\r\n\r\nTeeka and X-Ray © Lysozyme

Image: Teekatrade1_copy.gif   809x595 64022 bytes 2004.09.07

My half of a trade with Lysozyme (he's got a VCL page too! Check him out at Juan-Crespo), I hope it turns out okay. Hmm, still gotta color it as well.\r\nTeeka's chillin' out, but she might want to watch where her tail is flailing....\r\n\r\nArt by Nick Hardin\r\nTeeka & X-Ray © Lysozyme\r\n\r\n(check out my Sketches directory for some more pics!)

Image: Aurora1.gif   434x625 39087 bytes 2004.06.20

This is Aurora, a wolf angel that has been known not only for her ruthless tactics in slaughtering malevolent demons and vampires, but also for her cold-hearted bad attitude.\r\n\r\n Aurora © Nick Hardin

Image: Aelfur2.jpg   800x639 91064 bytes 2004.06.20

It's-a me! Again! Updated model sheet of my fursona, now complete with DYNAMIC POSES! Well, one anyway. See the weird shape on the top left corner? That would be one of the many different kinds of "wolf razors" that he (I) can produce and throw at annoying people.\r\n\r\nAelius Wolphirse © Nick Hardin

Image: N'Tera.gif   507x598 22898 bytes 2004.04.28

She's been in sketch form for two years, and I finally decided to ink her ^_^ N'Tera, my shark girl, alone in a tempest of confusion and fear...\r\n\r\nN'Tera © Nick Hardin

Image: FWAfinallogo4_copy.jpg   800x512 77433 bytes 2004.04.26

I entered this for Furry Weekend Atlanta's logo contest, but unfortunately forgot to enter it into the conbook submissions as well just in case this one didn't win. Heh, well, it didn't win, and it didn't make it to the conbook because of my lack of foresight. Ah well, I can show it off here as a reminder.\r\n(oh, and the convention was a BLAST! I'll definitely be going again next year!)\r\n\r\n Art © Nick Hardin

Image: photo-129.jpg   94x100 7287 bytes 2004.04.09

Nothing much, just a l'il Photoshop distortion of the R-Force symbol. I decided not to post the actual symbol yet, but the insignia on the RF characters' uniforms have it on them (hard to see, though. Uniforms are going through redesigns anyway, and Rix is getting a visual overhaul 'cuz too many of my wolf characters look the same)\r\n\r\nRF dragon-distortion © Nick Hardin

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