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Image: Aeliusmodelsheet2.jpg   418x700 54889 bytes 2004.01.16

Hi, I'm Aelius Wolphirse (not to be confused with GSIF's Aelius Teneferr), your resident timberwolf artist. Yeah, model sheet part two, 'cuz I don't like going around nekkid. As you might notice, I'm still experimenting with my drawing style in hopes of finding one I can stick with.\r\n\r\nAelius Wolphirse (still) Nick Hardin

Image: Aeliusmodelsheet1.jpg   396x700 48308 bytes 2004.01.16

Hmm... I need inking practice... and a paint program that doesn't glitch up everytime I try to shade or highlight my pics (hence the flats). Ah well, this is merely a model sheet of my fursona to help out artists that I commission and the like.\r\n\r\nAelius Wolphirse Nick Hardin

Image: iPose.jpg   665x740 39089 bytes 2003.12.06

Yep, I'm a poser *LOL*\r\nJen Seng, one of my favorite artists, accidentally started an entire bandwagon of paropy Apple iPod ads. I want an iPod, but I don't have one, so I guess I'll just have to settle for this. Or "iWish", hehe\r\n\r\n iPod Apple\r\n Aelius Wolphirse Nick Hardin

Image: Kinetica_I2-3.gif   313x550 24037 bytes 2003.09.18

Here's my latest entry into the infamous G.S.I.F. multi-fan team of the Extinctioners! This is Kinetica, a high-speed smart alec bunny with enough tease and attitude to spare.\r\n\r\nKinetica Nick Hardin\r\nG.S.I.F. Tom Lee & Nick Hardin\r\nExtinctioners Shawntae Howard

Image: Nova2.gif   575x688 76019 bytes 2003.07.08

And here's Nova, Fenicia's supervixen form. White-hot metallic firefox of the GSIF!\r\n(next shameless plug) Find her, Kanta, and many others at\r\n\r\nNova Cassie Foxx \r\nArt by Nick Hardin \r\n

Image: Fenicia.gif   512x804 47925 bytes 2003.07.08

This is a commission I did for a friend of mine (well, actually I chose to do it with her permission, heh). This is Fenicia, a character from the GSIF, in her civilian form.\r\n\r\nFenicia Cassie Foxx\r\nArt by Nick Hardin

Image: Kantacoyink1.gif   665x731 35709 bytes 2003.06.23

My new scanner is great, except when it comes to B&W linework. That's why I'm glad I have Photoshop, heh. Here's Tempest's (future) lifemate, Kanta "Aurora" Douglas. Check 'er out (as well as many others) at GSIF Central ( \r\n\r\n Kanta Nick Hardin \r\n

Image: Kamala2.gif   743x873 71848 bytes 2003.04.24

Man, I gotta start uploading more. Nah, I gotta start DRAWING more (I hate procrastination)\r\nAh well, this here is my anacoonda, Kamala. The pic was for a contest at L!'s Anacoonda group ( I didn't win, but at least I saw some improvement in anatomy design. Now I just gotta keep it up so I can get better before I lose it all.\r\n\r\n Anacoonda concept L!\r\n Kamala Nick Hardin

Image: Athena_Wildfire_I6-2G2.gif   520x1065 12568 bytes 2002.10.24

Here's the latest version of possible one of my oldest characters (second oldest in the R-Force concept), Athena K. Wildfire. Also known as Biohazard.\r\nShe used to be a weasel, then an otter, then a ferret, and then I finally changed her into the polar bear form she is in now. (had to change since her physique nearly defied all rules of keeping characters in-line with species realistically... not that it mattered, of course... heh)\r\n\r\n Athena K. Wildfire Nick Hardin

Image: NS_-_Kamala_LcG.gif   725x1014 90545 bytes 2002.10.24

This species look familiar? Heh, if you guessed the Anacoonda, then yes. \r\nL!'s custom species has it's own group at Yahoo \r\n( \r\nand here's my character, the red-scaled Kamala, and I think she's the forth one to be made there and posted (L!'s first with Astrid, then Max's Coil, and then Shawntae Howard's Naja. Someone correct me if I'm wrong :) ). \r\n\r\nAnacoonda concept Aaron "L!" Larson \r\nKamala Nick Hardin \r\n (d'oh! I got Aaron's name wrong at first... sorry 'bout that L! )

Image: NSA_-_Terrik_New_copy.jpg   630x881 92461 bytes 2002.10.24

That cocky-yet-cunning little lizard from a story that I'm writing along with Steven Swanson and John Silipino. (Steve's got a gallery here, too! Go check it out).\r\nIf you have, in fact, went by Steve's gallery, you might recognize Terrik here. He's not only a character for Season II, he's also a main character in my novel! To be seen in the R-Force section once I can get him colored and put in a stat sheet.\r\n\r\n Terrik Nick Hardin

Image: NS_-_R.F._Lemon_ReNero_(J).jpg   613x589 77786 bytes 2002.06.24

Here he is. I adjusted his legs (he's supposed to be a short guy. "Vertically challenged" as he calls it).\r\n\r\nLemon ReNero Nick Hardin

Image: NS_-_R.F._Lemon_ReNero_(I)(G).gif   637x592 65672 bytes 2002.06.22

Yep, here's another R.F. member that's pending a stat sheet (and a coloring). More on him as I progress.\r\n\r\nLemon ReNero and the R-Force copyright Nick Hardin

Image: NS_-_R.F._Lana_Angel_(C).jpg   720x742 74970 bytes 2002.06.08

My R-Force team has been going through tons of changes throughout the years that I've had them, and after years of changing roles, adding in characters, taking out characters, switching out characters, etc... Lana has stayed in there for probably THE longest time. Girl's gotta be good if she's been able to stay for a while.\r\n\r\nLana Angel copyright Nick Hardin

Image: NS_-_R.F._Terarra_Linding_(C)(J).jpg   626x882 43370 bytes 2002.06.08

This young roo femme is the FIRST roo anthro I've ever drawn. I think I did okay with her. Terarra's one of my favorite characters in the R-Force, and she's actually been in-and-out of the team while I was designing it. This final version is, I'm glad to say, here to stay.\r\n\r\nTerrara Linding copyright Nick Hardin

Image: NS_-_Orca_swimsuit_(I).gif   626x869 67944 bytes 2002.05.09

Here's Orca, a killer whale - bottlenose dolphin mix from my "Hybrids" series. I still need to color her soon...\r\nShe's my third cetacean morph, and by far the best looking, heh.\r\n\r\nOrca and the "Hybrids" series copyright Nick Hardin

Image: NS_-_Sri_(CA).jpg   626x556 50296 bytes 2002.03.02

This is my digital coloring reindition of Sri. She looks almost like Lana... heh.\r\n\r\nSri (and Lana) Nick Hardin

Image: NS_-_Sri_(C).jpg   626x556 38680 bytes 2002.03.02

This is Sri, a character I made for a project in my Latin class (my teacher let me use furries as mythological characters- yes!). This is also my latest character sketch, so now you know where my skills are at this time.\r\n\r\nSri Nick Hardin

Image: NS_-_Rix_Sage_1.JPG   700x494 61324 bytes 2002.01.27

I got Photoshop! YES!\r\nHere's one of my first attempts at coloring. Yeah, I know there's been better, but keep in mind... this IS one of my first tries.

Image: Dolphin.jpg   591x591 28659 bytes 2001.12.09

I drew this with a more freehanded art style (much like the bog dog sketch in my sketches folder). I got her done with this technique in half the time as I usually take with teh frames and guidelines. The face is still a problem, though. Especially her beak and eyes. And the muscles and breasts could use a little work, too... so says a friend of mine. And yeah, I know dolphins don't have head hair, but RL ones DO have a type of tiny hair on their beaks. And THIE hair on her... it's hydrodynamically designed!\r\nI haven't really decided which universe I'm using her in, since I got at least two for her.

Image: Arctic_Dragon.jpg   1032x708 64926 bytes 2001.12.09

Arctic, the white dragon. I used this as a second persona in an RPG (and because I wanted a dragon persona anyway). While most common dragons breathe fire, Arctic's the opposite: he's an ice thrower.\r\nArctic Nick Hardin

Image: Showin_Off.jpg   973x687 97274 bytes 2001.12.09

Vera (my snow leopard) meets Artica for... I guess the second time (fanfic in works, with permission).\r\nVera's taking a particular liking to things like that...\r\n(Yeah, I know Vera's spots aren't realistic as far as snow leopards go, but I'm trying to fix that. Keep a look out for a possible model sheet with more accurate fur patterns).\r\nVera Blade Nick Hardin\r\nArtica Lagopus Shawntae Howard

Image: Tundra_1.jpg   532x1015 54714 bytes 2001.12.04

"Tundra" Here's another character from our superhero team, the GSIF (Global Secondary Intervention Force). She's a kyrokinetic polar bear created by a friend of mine. \r\nTundra Jenna Johnson

Image: Tempest_1.jpg   659x843 50670 bytes 2001.12.04

"Tempest" Here's my character I use in a fan-inspired team of furry superheros that my friends and I started last summer (and it's STILL going strong!). The group's based on Shawntae Howard's "Extinctioners". He's been so nice letting us do stuff like this.\r\nTempest Nick Hardin

Image: Rix_Sage_1.jpg   700x494 32571 bytes 2001.12.04

Here's a character for a project I'm doing. This is Rix Hunter, one of the legendary beings known as the Auran Sages. More to come (I hope!)\r\nRix Hunter Nick Hardin

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