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Image: ND_EF7.jpg   600x656 53932 bytes 2001.05.24

Here is my picture for the Eurofurence T-Shirt contest.\r\nIt is an abstract version of my lynxhead sketch.\r\n*LOL* Even the font that I have found was named as Lynx!\r\nAny comment or criticism is welcome.\r\n

Image: Lynx_sketch_ink.jpg   640x662 31872 bytes 2001.03.23

Image: Terror_big.jpg   1024x1519 213662 bytes 2001.01.16

This picture is inspired by watching through \r\nmy anatomical drawing compendium that my \r\ngirl friend presented me for christmas. \r\nWithout that I hadn't any chance to draw that... \r\n\r\nPlease, let me know what you think or what \r\nyou feel, when you are watching this picture. \r\n\r\nIsn't she a real beauty? \r\n

Image: Hand_of_Justice_big.jpg   992x1672 304918 bytes 2001.01.04

I have inked the line art with a black pen and used rulers \r\nfor technical construction to make the hand too perfect to \r\nbe real. Then I used pastel to create the a grey background. \r\nAfter that I coloured the hand with paint for fantasy miniatures, \r\ninserted thin grey lines to segment the different parts of the hand \r\nand *brushed* the hand with a light paint to create a shading.

Image: Evil_Eyes_of_Orms-by-Gore.jpg   614x480 18002 bytes 2000.05.04

Since the past few days I'm a little bit sad and very frustrated,\r\nso I started a little scribbling to make me feel better (at least\r\nfor a few hours). And this silly drawing has been crawled out of\r\nmy mind.\n

Image: Take_the_pain_away.jpg   640x659 49934 bytes 2000.05.02

My first drawing that I would call a picture...\r\nA male wolf caress a sad female cat.\r\n\r\n\n

Image: Take_the_pain_away-ghost.jpg   640x908 71460 bytes 2000.05.02

A alternative coloured version of the Take_the_pain_away picture.\r\n\n

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