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Image: color.jpg   1053x456 46702 bytes 2002.09.04

Second attempt at coloring something with PSP.. it's that old sketch of Nik, and I actually like the way it came out. Then again, he's not to brilliantly-colored.. Nikk (c) Meself.

Image: dragon.JPG   481x452 23458 bytes 2002.09.05

It's Dragon Fury! I'm still working on this a bit - gonna give it a better background eventually. I think I'm getting better with PSP and shading, 'cause I really like the way this came out. Dragon is (c) her mun, pic is (c) Nikkoli.

Image: floof.jpg   235x403 14478 bytes 2002.09.04

Oooh. I redid the pic of Cyb, and made it floofy and uglah! I need to figure out PSP. o.o First attempt to actually color anything with it, and.. it's horrible, yay! Pic is (c) me, got it!? o-o;

Image: okufin.JPG   655x364 56089 bytes 2002.08.26

It's.. Okuku! He's a fox-hybrid thing. Okuku is copyright his player. Pic (c) Nikkoli.

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