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Image: ACEO_alectorfencer.jpg   330x471 98794 bytes 2009.03.10

ACEO trade with AlectorFencer. I simply had to draw her plant spirit, such a beautiful character!\r\n\r\nNow back to work, I'm so busybusybusy that I barely have time for drawing ...

Tags: aceo trade alectorfencer plant spirit white wolf esoteric nimrais  
Image: ACEO_crescentmoon.jpg   348x491 95847 bytes 2007.09.03

ACEO - Crescentmoon

ACEO for Crescentmoon. 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

Tags: wolf, wolfess, spiritual, nimrais, crescentmoon, fantasy, anthro, ACEO  
Image: ACEO_foxfeather.jpg   400x286 75264 bytes 2007.06.11

My first ACEO for Foxfeather. The face could've turned out a bit better, meh. But I like it nevertheless.

Tags: foxfeather, silverfox, fox, ACEO, nimrais  
Image: ACEO_pannya.jpg   280x400 65645 bytes 2009.04.13

ACEO - Pannya

ACEO for Pannya of her sheep character Albin.

Tags: pannya, albin, sheep, cute, nimrais  
Image: ACEO_rhynn.jpg   354x490 100609 bytes 2009.03.10

ACEO - Rhynn

ACEO trade with Rhynn!

Tags: aceo trade rhynn dragon nimrais  
Image: ACEO_venatorsomniorum.jpg   280x400 81503 bytes 2009.04.13

ACEO - VenatorSomniorum

ACEO for VenatorSomniorum!

Tags: dark, fantasy, mystic, glowing, venatorsomniorum, venator, nimrais  
Image: ACEO_wingedwolf.jpg   357x500 118698 bytes 2007.07.24

My part of the ACEO trade with WingedWolf for July.

Tags: fox, spirit, kitsune, nimrais, ACEO  
Image: ACEO_wolfyu.jpg   280x397 73233 bytes 2009.01.20

ACEO - Wolfyu

First picture in 2009!\r\n\r\nI finally found the time to participate in this month's ACEO exchange. This one is for Wolfyu of her wonderful character Sherowkey.\r\n\r\nDone on 2.5 x 3.5 inch small bristol paper with ink and watercolors.

Tags: ACEO, wolfyu, nimrais, anthro, furry  
Image: felinecanine.jpg   500x706 88965 bytes 2004.07.20

My part of the art trade with TheFelineCanine. It's her character Khaosdog. Water color, colored pencil and charcoal on Bristol Board.\r\n\r\nKhaosdog (c) TheFelineCanine\r\nArt (c) Nimrais 2004

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