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Image: bookmark_01_night.jpg   200x680 73093 bytes 2008.03.12

Night Light

This is one bookmark in a series I'm working on. I bought myself a nice laminator and I want to test it with the upcoming bookmarks. Maybe I will sell some on FurBuy.\r\n\r\nI know that the theme isn't anything new, but I think it's pretty nice to look at. Panthers are beautiful, majestic creatures and the colors blue and gold go nicely with the black of their fur. I personally like it :3

Tags: panther, night, mystic, magic, fantasy, dark  
Image: bookmark_02_lifebringer.jpg   200x680 71377 bytes 2008.03.16

Bookmark - Life Bringer

Second bookmark! Did I ever say I LOVE african wild dogs? They're so beautiful. And fun to paint, too. I had really fun doing this one, that's probably why I went into detail a little bit more than I planned.

Tags: nimrais, african wild dog, anthro, mystic, esoteric, life  

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