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Image: late_afternoon.jpg   780x555 227871 bytes 2010.08.04

Late Afternoon

Image: luna_and_sol.jpg   950x599 240649 bytes 2010.08.04

Luna and Sol

Image: the_subtle_ones.jpg   970x686 209118 bytes 2010.08.04

The Subtle Ones

Image: princess_of_the_night.jpg   612x792 164188 bytes 2010.08.04

Princess of the Night

Image: a_scent_of_hay.jpg   550x750 155136 bytes 2010.08.04

A Scent Of Hay

Image: a_warm_place.jpg   530x727 195521 bytes 2010.08.04

A Warm Place

Image: saluki_princess.jpg   470x470 115751 bytes 2010.08.04

Saluki Princess

Image: lunchtime.jpg   470x470 116469 bytes 2010.08.04


Image: arctic_expedition.jpg   612x612 166814 bytes 2009.09.27

Arctic Expedition

Those two seem to be ready for their polar expedition. 20x20 cm, watercolors, acrylics and colored pencils. This piece sold at EF '15 this year.

Tags: arctic, expedition, husky, snowleopard, cold, snow, explorer  
Image: badge_nim.jpg   350x493 88918 bytes 2009.05.26

Badge - Nimrais

A quick badge for me before I head off to Elliott's Spring Gathering on Thursday! :3

Tags: nimrais badge tervueren  
Image: scotland_sheltie.jpg   470x470 136257 bytes 2009.04.03

Shepherd Sheltie

Second piece. It's a shetland sheepdog ... a sheltie. From northern Scotland. :3 I triiiied to make the background look a liiiittle bit like those grassy fields in Scotland. Yeah, well.

Tags: shetland sheepdog, sheltie, scotland, nimrais  
Image: 1001_arabian_nights.jpg   622x880 283786 bytes 2009.01.20

Eurofurence 15 - 1001 Arabian Nights

I was lucky to draw this year's EF15 website illustration "1001 Arabian Nights". Well, it wasn't planned, more born out of necessity. I haven't had very much time to draw and color this (I needed app. 3 days or so) but I'm pretty content with the outcome.\r\n\r\nI chose "Vulpes Cana" (or Blanford's Fox) as species because it's a fox breed found from Israel throughout the mountainous regions of the middle east to Afghanistan (well, the range of this species likely covers all the middle-eastern countries).\r\n\r\nI also did the matching website which probably will be online in a few days. So the last days were full of drawing and programming - but much fun. I'm very happy I was able to do this, it was a great experience.\r\n\r\nOh btw, most likely I will be at this year's Eurofurence.

Tags: eurofurence, 1001, arabian, night, blanford's fox, vulpes cana, nimrais   [More Info]
Image: ACEO_khaosdog.jpg   300x421 59080 bytes 2008.04.24

ACEO for the awesome Khaosdog.

Tags: khaosdog, nimrais, dark  
Image: nimrais_clothessheet_2008.jpg   1000x588 148921 bytes 2008.03.07

Nimrais Reference Sheet (Clothes)

I said I'd do a sheet with Nim+clothes XD Rare thing, I think I've never ever drawn her with clothes o_o \r\n\r\nAnyways, here she (me XD) is!

Tags: nimrais, belgian shepherd, tervueren, character sheet  
Image: nimrais_refsheet_2008.jpg   1100x642 156181 bytes 2008.03.07

Nimrais Reference Sheet 2008

I did a long, long overdue reference sheet for Nimrais. I HATED drawing her with her old markings... so I slightly changed them. Now I like her way more.\r\n\r\nI have do another version of this with clothes. Somehow Nimrais is always naked...\r\nI like her body btw.

Tags: nimrais, tervueren, belgian shepherd, anthro, reference sheet  
Image: stray_dogs_web.jpg   550x755 194703 bytes 2008.03.03

A couple of stray dogs leaning on each other to fight the cold. For the heads I used reference pictures: of my dog (left one) and the right one is another stray dog who waits in Athens for adoption. I chose them because I saw lots of stray dogs who look like that and I thought they represent them well.\r\n\r\nDone with acrylics and gouache, 12 x 16 ''. This is one of my first serious tries at gouache/acrylic and I'm pretty surprised I could handle it so well that the outcome looks like I imagined it.\r\n\r\nThis piece will be sold at MMC11 (Mephit Mini Con, Germany) or at EF14 if it doesn't sell there. I've really taken it into my heart and worked more than 12 hours on it. I probably would hang it up on my own walls. X)

Tags: stray dogs, couple, cuddling, leaning on each other, animal, dog, dogs  
Image: shiela.jpg   500x500 104667 bytes 2007.08.17


In memory of my dog Shiela who died this morning at an age of 14 years. She had a wonderful and long life, but she had water and lots of adenoids all over her body. She was put to sleep by the vet and had no pain at all.\r\n\r\nMay she rest in peace. Someday we will all meet again.

Tags: female, dog, shiela, german shepherd, mix, portrait, nature, realistic, nimrais  
Image: fatal_hunger.jpg   500x714 102065 bytes 2007.05.14

Fatal Hunger

Eh well, yesterday evening I started another 'practice' and it turned out like this. The last painting was so much fun to do, I HAD to do another one. This time a werewolf hungering after... blood.\r\n\r\nSomehow I'm in love with werewolves at the moment... and blood. Rrrr. *_*

Tags: werewolf, beast, dark, blood, bloody, nimrais  
Image: i_trapped_a_beast.jpg   500x714 64952 bytes 2007.05.13

I trapped a beast

A werewolf, yayness!\r\n\r\nThis was a quick practice... I started completely without outlines and did the coloring right away. Had fun to draw it but afterwards... I could kill Photoshop. The brightness varied so much after saving it as a .jpg that I spend at least 1 1/2 hours just to fix that. Grr. I hope everyone of you sees the image correctly, I fear the brightness may vary..\r\n\r\nI still love blood, I want to draw it more often. It's sexy.

Tags: werewolf, blood, dark, nimrais  
Image: lucifer_baphomet.jpg   595x842 226494 bytes 2007.03.19

Lucifer & Baphomet

My boyfriend Kaji once stopped working on this picture and gave me the unfinished lineart as a gift. I found it while I was searching for pictures for my portfolio I need to attend college.\r\n\r\nI felt the urge to finish it and so I did within about 8 hours. Actually it's fanart since both characters are from Kyoht. Unfortunately I hadn't any references for those characters and got to know that after I finished the picture so not all colors match.\r\n\r\nThe lineart is done by Kaji (2003), the coloring is done by me (2007). Watercolors and colored pencils on hard bristol cardboard. Collaboration! Yay!

Tags: lucifer, baphomet, kyoht, nimrais, kaji, demon, goat, fantasy  
Image: scottish_badger.jpg   511x782 135778 bytes 2007.02.24

Scottish Badger

I found this picture today when I cleaned my room o It was an unfinished sketch and I thought I could color it.. and so I did.\r\n\r\nAnd... this scottish boy is also up for auction on Furbid. :] If anyone is interested in him, here's the link:

Tags: badger, scottish, cute   [Bid/Buy]
Image: wii_nim.jpg   595x822 174849 bytes 2007.02.22

Crazed Nintendo-Nim

I did it. I bought myself a Wii! XD I HAD to draw a quick picture of Nim having fun in front of the TV because Wii is fun... Now I only need some cool games, which will be released during the next few months, hopefully. Yeah! Until then... party- and mini-games *insanely dances around and laughs*

Tags: nimrais, shepherd, belgian, tervueren, wii, nintendo, crazy, dog  
Image: good_morning.jpg   700x495 79346 bytes 2006.11.01

I drew this today for my lovely Kaji. Felt the urge to draw something with our characters again so I started yesterday night and finished it this noon. Maybe I'll color this.. let's see.\r\n\r\nThe picture shows them in bed right after waking up.. :]

Image: nimmi_sketches.jpg   595x802 153177 bytes 2006.10.03

This doodle is from my sketchbook. I practised drawing Nimrais a bit and it was quite funny. Those are very rough sketches but I like them nevertheless. I also gave them some color... doesn't look too bad I think.

Image: nimmi_icons.jpg   578x503 81077 bytes 2006.08.21

I've drawn some cute Nimrais icons for my website which I put back online. The pictures were really fast done... 20 mins or less for each. Maybe I'll draw some more because they were fun to do. :)

Image: liebhab.jpg   800x646 164236 bytes 2006.07.09

After a long time something traditional again. Kaji and Nimrais cuddling. \r\nThe problem is: The size of the picture is 8x11 and you can't work details out properly. This is why everything looks a bit rough. (I'm probably a bit fastidious because I worked with digital media only in the past) I should try to work on 12x16 next time I draw with traditional media.\r\n\r\n(C) 2006

Image: nimrais_charactersheet.jpg   807x566 122273 bytes 2006.06.10

A while ago I started a charactersheet for Nimrais because I changed my fursona. Since then it was lying around until I finally had time to finish it. It's quite sketchy and the coloration isn't worked out but I'm currently not too keen about working on this sheet. My sheet doesn't need to be worked out anyhow! :3

Image: tristan.jpg   500x749 92044 bytes 2006.04.13

Belated picture for Tristan of his cheetah character.

Image: surprisesurprise.jpg   650x490 120538 bytes 2005.08.31

A little surprise pic I drew for my beloved Keks (yes, another one). The sketch was done in school and half of the coloring also. You see, there's not much going on in the lessons. Hehe. Colored with watercolors and colored pencils. As always. :)\r\n\r\nNimrais belongs to me.\r\nKeks belongs to Kajito (Keks).

Image: fireflies.jpg   500x628 102081 bytes 2005.08.17

Some fox playing around with fireflies. Seems to be very interesting, heh. Done with watercolors and colored pencils.\r\n\r\nDo not copy or alter.\r\n\r\n

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