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Image: 2000_years_sucks_majorly.jpg   560x645 210918 bytes 2000.04.29

The title says it all. Charon's going to be 2000 soon, and is really depressed about it. She feels old... When's she gonna get out of school?\n

Image: artie.jpg   480x793 162331 bytes 2000.04.29

Artemis Blake Geoffer, mage-type dude. Hanako's genetic pop. My character.\n

Image: back.jpg   500x500 57599 bytes 1999.12.21

A self-explanatory pic. Just agree and walk away, don't even ask. ^_^ N-Okami © me.\n

Image: Blackmane.jpg   400x400 25093 bytes 1999.10.12

Nińa's older brother, and an occasional visitor to PSC. Minimally protective of his little sister, and highly powerful. Cheery. When he frowns, run. Run very, very fast. Blackmane Josiah Geoffer © me.\n

Image: blaze.jpg   500x504 33314 bytes 1999.09.02

A pic of Blaze Hedgehog I did. Heh. Mighta done better if I had a reference pic... Oh, well... Blaze Hedgehog is © hisself.\n

Image: bones.gif   293x469 32133 bytes 2000.01.16

Cha-Chan (Ken!!!) showing off her new attack, Roll the Bones, inspired by the Rush song and CD of the same name. Bitchin', ne? ^_^\n

Image: bowling.jpg   566x708 80693 bytes 1999.12.20

^_^ I was surfing, and found someone else had a Sailor Charon! ^_^ I was thrilled, and so I wrote her, and asked her about hers. As it figgered, our Charons were complete opposites. ^_^ Hee! It was so funny. She made a comment about how our Charons should go bowling, and I agreed. We made some funny comments about it, and I up and drew it. We both got a laugh out of it, especially the nervous/embarassed bowling ball. It's so completely out of character, it's not even funny anymore. ^_^ Fan-q, Laurel, for scanning both this and Kabuki.jpg. ^_^ 'Ruki (mehhh... Can't remember the whole name...) © LDW, Yuki © me.\n

Image: charoncel.jpg   330x582 34526 bytes 1999.12.21

After a bit, I just plain stopped caring. I prefer doing it either 100% digital or 100% by hand. Although, since I'm a glutton for punishment, every so often you may see another one of these by me... c_c; Heh... SailorCharon © me...\n

Image: cleme.jpg   500x500 27651 bytes 1999.08.30

Based on a true story, that little Clefairy is my little sister. If you e-mail me, I can tell you the story behind it... It's actually rather cute. Those brown blotches are *peanut butter* btw guys... Not one of my best but I did it for my sister... Clemary is © herself. Probably the last one I'll ever do like this... -_-:: Pokémon isn't my forté...\n

Image: corax.gif   500x600 91761 bytes 1999.09.04

I never thought I'd release this character publicly, but... Sometimes what has to be done has to be done. Corax is one of my personnas... Saying that she's a facet of my personality I gave a name to. She's curious, easily distracted, and the perfect poster child for Attention Defecit Disorder. The mysterious part of her (evidenced in this picture) is rare, and still always playful and cheerful. Corax is © me.\n

Image: cry.gif   400x400 85861 bytes 2000.04.17

An animation I did for school. It hurrrt to try! It's fairly poor quality, and the .avi file is much better-looking, and faster. (The .avi file only takes 2 seconds to play. The .gif, however... Whatever. It doesn't download as fast.) It's not Hanako-chan... It's just some random fur crying a single tear... And it looks bad, too!\n

Image: dancebymoon.jpg   456x592 102088 bytes 2000.04.29

rayGE and Migane dance by the light of the moon. It's a nice romantic picture, I think. Sorry, Migane... I can't draw gauntlets really well... Migane is (c) hisself.\n

Image: Farin.jpg   500x600 44219 bytes 1999.08.31

Runestar's character Farin. I felt like doing a pic of her, and she gave me the description for Farin. I did it up for her aaaalll pretty! I think it looks sorta like a painting. Then again, I could just be nuts... Farin is © her creator.\n

Image: filkor.jpg   834x996 213412 bytes 1999.09.01

Filkor Filligree is mildly insane, like most Shadowlands residents. He hears and sees things, although it has not been proven whether he is or isn't a medium. He speaks with spirits, or so he claims. There has been some proof to verify this, but still nobody takes him seriously. He is almost totally alien to the idea of lies. (Cute, crazy, and honest to boot.) Filkor Filligree is © me, like most of these guys... Go ahead, ask my why he's ''stealth mode''...\n

Image: Forbidden_Romance.jpg   618x840 97256 bytes 2001.10.04

Image: genofly.jpg   564x756 149763 bytes 2000.05.21

Genocyde (Can't remember the family name) flying along. Actually, he's not FLYING, but... Cenocyde The people in this picture are property of their players. Alex (c) hisself, Cenocyde (c) his player, and Charon (c) me.\n

Image: genogrin.jpg   420x640 101070 bytes 2000.05.21

Genocyde with a noisy cricket.\n

Image: ginneoangel.jpg   600x600 52974 bytes 1999.09.08

Ginger, as a NEON ANGEL! (Ahem.) (Embarassed look.) I thought it looked cute... ^_^ Ginger is a kangaroo-rat I know from MSC. She's soooo kawaii! Ginger is © herself. ^_^ So proud of this one! ^_^\n

Image: gloom.gif   480x703 229008 bytes 1999.08.22

An image I did in an art exchange with Gazuka. Uhmmmm... I don't know too much about the character, so if you check out his archive there's some information there. I think it rocks! ^_^ Then again that's just me. Gloom is © Gazuka.\n

Image: gomenverm.jpg   500x600 39716 bytes 1999.10.25

Last thing up for a while. My version of PSP has expired... ;_; For every time I've done something stupid, thoughtless, or downright mean. Thanks, Verm, for being a friend... ^_; (Smiles cryingly, twerp!)\n

Image: groovy.jpg   600x594 94826 bytes 2000.05.21

RAVEn-Ko, dancing along, enjoying herself, listening to Pizzicato Five. Ahh... the joy of J-Pop.\n

Image: hanabw.jpg   496x785 95438 bytes 2000.04.29

The uncoloured version of Hanako2.jpg.\n

Image: Hanako.jpg   400x550 33419 bytes 2000.04.09

Sorry about that break I took. I was having a hard time doing anything on the computer. Well, here's my (Not-so) new character, Hanako Kit. She's the adopted daughter of No-tai Kit and Nina. She's half-cat, half-wolf. Lupine on her father's side. Her lineage is long and confused, but all you need to know is that although she's emotionally, physically, and mentally about eighteen, she's chronologically not even two. It's a strange story, involving her best friend, her genetic mother, and some weird-ass divine intervention. This entire pic was inspired by sitting around listening to Dreamweaver by Gary Wright on my computer. (Catches her breath.)\n

Image: hanako2.jpg   512x783 151032 bytes 2000.04.29

The first pic I did of Hanako didn't please me. Here's another try. Ahh, how I love the happily screwed over... Strange thing is that she knows she's been fucked with, but doesn't care one smidge. ^_^\n

Image: handhold.jpg   500x288 46355 bytes 1999.08.18

Although you can hardly make it out, StormShade and I are holding hands. Ain't that cute? (Gaag.) StormShade © himself, I am © myself.\n

Image: hanging.jpg   560x779 121071 bytes 2000.04.29

Charon reflects on her unending life. Hanging (the poem) art, and char. (c) me.\n

Image: hazard.jpg   631x818 442506 bytes 1999.11.08

Hazard, a gerbil-type friend of Mimic's. I was asked to do a pic of him as a b-day gift. ^_^ Shhhh! It's a seekrit! Hazard is © hisself, I suppose....\n

Image: illusion.jpg   640x480 57865 bytes 2000.01.23

I've decided to shatter the illusion that surrounds my beautiful characters... I'm not that pretty. I'm rather plain. I touched this photo up (I really have a bad complexion, and I covered that up with Paint Shop Pro.) and decided to put it up. Alright, people... Nina's not the goregeous chick she acts like she is... I have a rattail, too, but it doesn't show in this pic. Ah, well... This is me, tearing down a mask which will be put back up almost immediately. Sigh... Photography by Mirager, editing by myself...\n

Image: kabuki.jpg   535x555 55637 bytes 1999.12.21

Betcha didn't know Sailor Charon has a kabuki fetish, didja? ^_^ Truth be told, I'm thrilled to get this pic up, because it's the first (and so far only) excellent pic of the new character design. Awesome, ne? ^_^ Sailor Charon © me.\n

Image: Kiravas.jpg   608x787 187374 bytes 2001.02.25

Been a while, hasn't it? ^_^;;; This is my RL bud, Kiravas, drawn at his request. The scanner really fragged it up, but isn't he ADORABLE? ^_^ He's my best friend, and Hanako's travelling partner. Wahha. Kiravas belongs to his creator/self. Art belongs to me (Hence my signature!).

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