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Image: kabuki.jpg   535x555 55637 bytes 1999.12.21

Betcha didn't know Sailor Charon has a kabuki fetish, didja? ^_^ Truth be told, I'm thrilled to get this pic up, because it's the first (and so far only) excellent pic of the new character design. Awesome, ne? ^_^ Sailor Charon © me.\n

Image: bowling.jpg   566x708 80693 bytes 1999.12.20

^_^ I was surfing, and found someone else had a Sailor Charon! ^_^ I was thrilled, and so I wrote her, and asked her about hers. As it figgered, our Charons were complete opposites. ^_^ Hee! It was so funny. She made a comment about how our Charons should go bowling, and I agreed. We made some funny comments about it, and I up and drew it. We both got a laugh out of it, especially the nervous/embarassed bowling ball. It's so completely out of character, it's not even funny anymore. ^_^ Fan-q, Laurel, for scanning both this and Kabuki.jpg. ^_^ 'Ruki (mehhh... Can't remember the whole name...) © LDW, Yuki © me.\n

Image: SailorCharon.jpg   637x814 269904 bytes 1999.11.08

An oil pastel portrait of SailorCharon done up in a post-war-type mood. An image inspired by the words of Shades of Grey by Billy Joel. "Black and white was so easy for me/Shades of Grey are the colours I see..." SailorCharon © me.\n

Image: hazard.jpg   631x818 442506 bytes 1999.11.08

Hazard, a gerbil-type friend of Mimic's. I was asked to do a pic of him as a b-day gift. ^_^ Shhhh! It's a seekrit! Hazard is © hisself, I suppose....\n

Image: mimic2.jpg   633x818 406552 bytes 1999.11.08

An oil pastel portrait I did for Mimic the Moonrat. I think it turned out beautiful... I just did it at pretty much random for her. Since I was going to send something to her anyways, and I was bored and feeling like a nice guy, I thought she might like another pic of herself. I like my oil pastel pieces, they look so pretty and smudgey... Mimic the Moonrat is © herself.\n

Image: gomenverm.jpg   500x600 39716 bytes 1999.10.25

Last thing up for a while. My version of PSP has expired... ;_; For every time I've done something stupid, thoughtless, or downright mean. Thanks, Verm, for being a friend... ^_; (Smiles cryingly, twerp!)\n

Image: rayGE.jpg   500x600 46234 bytes 1999.10.12

rayGE the rat, anarchist and loyal trooper to Niña. (Notice that most of my furry characters are tied together somehow? Hmmm... Wonder why?) She's a scrounger, and weilds the mighty broken sword Can-Cleaver. Mighty? Well, it's a broken holy sword that she found in a dump one day, picked up without knowing any of its powers, and started using. Heh... She's really a sweetheart, though... A little insane and unpredictable, but what can you do...? And no, she's not a revenge-monger unlike a lot of my other characters... (Coming to grips with my own lust for revenge.) She likes to kill anything. She's not very choosy about her victims. rayGE is © me.\n

Image: Ninarage.jpg   400x600 57296 bytes 1999.10.12

N-Okami Wolven Rage! I was home sick one day and... I just want to say, right now, before anybody can stop me: Those are some DAMN impressive special FX! Yeahhh! ^_^ They almost counter the suckiness of the rest of the image! And the light source is a creative one! ^_^ BTW... The thumb on the metallic hand *is* on the correct side... Her hand is all *messed up* dudes, I thought you would have known that by now. Also, with the drawing of this picture I finally broke the trend of putting her in situations I would normally be found in. Let's hear it for me! (No, I'm not vain or obsessed with myself... -_-::) Niña and N-Okami Wolven Rage are both © me.\n

Image: ninacry.jpg   500x600 92197 bytes 1999.10.12

Awww... Someone want to give me a snuggle? I've been missing a lot of friends lately. I wish some of them were here to give me a huuug... If people weren't so prone to get excessively worried about me wheneve I get down, I'd cry more often IRL. As it is, people tend to think of me as an optimist. Maybe once I'm in college, and people don't know me for the manically happy furson I am prone to being in public.. Niña the depressed wolfie is © me.\n

Image: Blackmane.jpg   400x400 25093 bytes 1999.10.12

Niña's older brother, and an occasional visitor to PSC. Minimally protective of his little sister, and highly powerful. Cheery. When he frowns, run. Run very, very fast. Blackmane Josiah Geoffer © me.\n

Image: pin.jpg   500x550 56142 bytes 1999.09.30

Pin, who is likely to be found in my lap if we are in the same room together. Pin, who is irritating in a nice kinda way. Pin, who had a birthday! Happy (belated) birthday, Pin! ^_~ Pinstriped is © his cute and cuddly (Cuddly? Probably not...) self.\n

Image: red.gif   550x550 74131 bytes 1999.09.27

Redrock Wildcat, a good buddo o' mine from PSC, she did an awesome pic of me and the least I could do was do one in exchange. ^_^ She draws wings so well, and I have *such* an undrawable fursonna, I think that she did an excellent job. Redrock Wildcat is © herself.\n

Image: succunil2.jpg   473x572 60387 bytes 1999.09.26

Image: mimic.jpg   600x700 73898 bytes 1999.09.10

Mimic the Moonrat, who has been having a *very* hard time lately. I figured she'd appreciate something reassuring, and something nice. She did an image of me for me, so I did one of her. I hope she likes it... I experimented with something new this time, and I think it turned out rather well! ^_^ Mimic the Moonrat © herself.\n

Image: ginneoangel.jpg   600x600 52974 bytes 1999.09.08

Ginger, as a NEON ANGEL! (Ahem.) (Embarassed look.) I thought it looked cute... ^_^ Ginger is a kangaroo-rat I know from MSC. She's soooo kawaii! Ginger is © herself. ^_^ So proud of this one! ^_^\n

Image: threeca.jpg   273x433 14905 bytes 1999.09.04

Kawaii Kitsu-neko Threeca! Ain't she adorable? Awwww.... (Pick up and huggle kawaii Kitsu-neko Threeca.) Threeca the Kitsu-neko is © me.\r\n\n

Image: corax.gif   500x600 91761 bytes 1999.09.04

I never thought I'd release this character publicly, but... Sometimes what has to be done has to be done. Corax is one of my personnas... Saying that she's a facet of my personality I gave a name to. She's curious, easily distracted, and the perfect poster child for Attention Defecit Disorder. The mysterious part of her (evidenced in this picture) is rare, and still always playful and cheerful. Corax is © me.\n

Image: blaze.jpg   500x504 33314 bytes 1999.09.02

A pic of Blaze Hedgehog I did. Heh. Mighta done better if I had a reference pic... Oh, well... Blaze Hedgehog is © hisself.\n

Image: ny.jpg   747x897 89323 bytes 1999.09.01

A goth-looking Yang looking rather despondent as an overly friendly wolfie divebombs him. Not a great picture, but it's funny... -_-; Lame excuse to put it up, but hey... Yang © Yang.\n

Image: schizo.jpg   567x1083 126834 bytes 1999.09.01

The future prince of the Shadowlands, Sonia's betrothed, and a really cool guy besides. He's a Schizophrenic/MPD case. He hears voices and switches personalities on you. This is a realistic, IRL, someone-you-know-could-have-it-too problem. I know because I do some minor research on psychological disorders! (hehheh... I sound like a psycho...) Schizophrenic is © me.\n

Image: filkor.jpg   834x996 213412 bytes 1999.09.01

Filkor Filligree is mildly insane, like most Shadowlands residents. He hears and sees things, although it has not been proven whether he is or isn't a medium. He speaks with spirits, or so he claims. There has been some proof to verify this, but still nobody takes him seriously. He is almost totally alien to the idea of lies. (Cute, crazy, and honest to boot.) Filkor Filligree is © me, like most of these guys... Go ahead, ask my why he's ''stealth mode''...\n

Image: raventakeoff.gif   500x500 241008 bytes 1999.08.31

RAVEn, in glass-bottle cobalt-blue. "Flying under a sky of chrome... I lose all but my name... With nothing else to claim, how am I sure I am real? Flying under a sky of chrome, trying to find my way home..." The poem (Entitled "Flying Home") and RAVEn are © me. 256 colours of blue in one picture! I counted! ^_^\n

Image: Farin.jpg   500x600 44219 bytes 1999.08.31

Runestar's character Farin. I felt like doing a pic of her, and she gave me the description for Farin. I did it up for her aaaalll pretty! I think it looks sorta like a painting. Then again, I could just be nuts... Farin is © her creator.\n

Image: cleme.jpg   500x500 27651 bytes 1999.08.30

Based on a true story, that little Clefairy is my little sister. If you e-mail me, I can tell you the story behind it... It's actually rather cute. Those brown blotches are *peanut butter* btw guys... Not one of my best but I did it for my sister... Clemary is © herself. Probably the last one I'll ever do like this... -_-:: Pokémon isn't my forté...\n

Image: tanknme.jpg   800x700 132040 bytes 1999.08.29

Me, and one of my IRL best buddos, "Tanker", the greatest author I've ever known. I look more "Robust" than that IRL, and my hair rarely even touches my shoulderblades, but she looks (almost) accurate. She wears her hair like that, and that blue notebook is hers all over... Tanker is not really an "otter", but I drew her as one the best I could because she's like that. "Let me get this done first, then we can par-tay!" Tanker is © herself. The lyrics (Which are "A Little Help From My Friends") are © John Lennon and Paul McCartney. My first completed project in PSP v. 6 beta! Kewlerz!\n

Image: Soniarush.gif   500x500 197633 bytes 1999.08.29

Sonia, telling us how we all RP IRL whether or not we like to admit it or not with the refrain from "Limelight" and a peircing stare... Lyrics © Rush.\n

Image: RAVEn.jpg   347x347 21954 bytes 1999.08.27

RAVEn, the raven of legend, from before Ravens tricked the sun into coming back to its rightful place in the sky and were burned black. She was cursed into an incredibly long sleep before then (Like, an *hour*) and woke up recently. She's a gothic and morbid character, other than these quirks she's a perfectly normal raven! RAVEn is © me.\n

Image: tasha.jpg   617x1093 125895 bytes 1999.08.24

Tasha the tiger. Ripped up, morbid, and in a rare moment where she's not wearing the all-concealing skin-tight bodysuit. Tasha is mine.\n

Image: kittykitty.jpg   618x700 84643 bytes 1999.08.23

My friend and partner in crime, HentaiKitty. I did her on a whim. I was thinking about cats with socks, and drew HentaiKitty! in socks! because I felt like it. HentaiKitty © herself.\n

Image: ninlov.jpg   890x577 168589 bytes 1999.08.23

Niña, looking sorta depressed, crying, and mourning over what love could be for her. NWG © me.\n

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