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Image: nj.jpg   412x535 75319 bytes 1999.08.23

Never run after something shiny while holding something sharp or I'm likely to do something like this to you. Jeff D. Wind hisself. NWG mysself.\n

Image: gloom.gif   480x703 229008 bytes 1999.08.22

An image I did in an art exchange with Gazuka. Uhmmmm... I don't know too much about the character, so if you check out his archive there's some information there. I think it rocks! ^_^ Then again that's just me. Gloom is Gazuka.\n

Image: soniadrun.gif   300x300 55929 bytes 1999.08.20

Sonia Igel, drunk as drunk can be sitting under (Yes, under) the couch, in her illusory mansion. The illusory mansion is under the couch, the couch is not inside the illusory mansion. She may be opening portals in her drunken-ness! Then again she may just be hallucinating again. Sonia Igel is me, even if the image SUX!\n

Image: twitch.gif   495x508 7549 bytes 1999.08.19

An MSPaint pic, he's one of my favourite characters. ^_^ He's mildly schizophrenic, but how would ruin the surprise in the FanFic. I like his quote and his labcoat. But I'm opinionated. Professor Julian Twitch me.\n

Image: sonia.jpg   816x1081 373590 bytes 1999.08.19

Another FanFic character (Besides myself and Twitch I mean...) is Sonia Igel. For those of you who don't speak a word of German, Igel means hedgehog. She's Sonic's cousin, an alcoholic who lives to forget, and... That would be telling, wouldn't it? Recieved the same caring treatment that nina.jpg got... Sonia Igel me.\n

Image: WT.jpg   327x338 29012 bytes 1999.08.19

Watchtower, a buddy of mine in MSC. I drew her because she asked me to, and I think she's doing one of me. ^_^ Watchtower herself.\n

Image: nprophet.jpg   100x95 4467 bytes 1999.08.19

Prophet. Bad pic of Prophet, but Prophet all the same. I did it because I thought sending him his own (artfully rendered, mind you) piece of poetry was lame. My first experiment with MSPaint and Paint Shop Pro. Prophet Eric K. Amill (I think.)\n

Image: Nexus.jpg   572x410 59923 bytes 1999.08.19

I just did this one spontaneously because there was someone in MSC who I simply got inspired to draw. I think it looks nice. Nexus herself.\n

Image: handhold.jpg   500x288 46355 bytes 1999.08.18

Although you can hardly make it out, StormShade and I are holding hands. Ain't that cute? (Gaag.) StormShade himself, I am myself.\n

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