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Image: succunil2.jpg   473x572 60387 bytes 1999.09.26

Image: tanknme.jpg   800x700 132040 bytes 1999.08.29

Me, and one of my IRL best buddos, "Tanker", the greatest author I've ever known. I look more "Robust" than that IRL, and my hair rarely even touches my shoulderblades, but she looks (almost) accurate. She wears her hair like that, and that blue notebook is hers all over... Tanker is not really an "otter", but I drew her as one the best I could because she's like that. "Let me get this done first, then we can par-tay!" Tanker is herself. The lyrics (Which are "A Little Help From My Friends") are John Lennon and Paul McCartney. My first completed project in PSP v. 6 beta! Kewlerz!\n

Image: tasha.jpg   617x1093 125895 bytes 1999.08.24

Tasha the tiger. Ripped up, morbid, and in a rare moment where she's not wearing the all-concealing skin-tight bodysuit. Tasha is mine.\n

Image: threeca.jpg   273x433 14905 bytes 1999.09.04

Kawaii Kitsu-neko Threeca! Ain't she adorable? Awwww.... (Pick up and huggle kawaii Kitsu-neko Threeca.) Threeca the Kitsu-neko is me.\r\n\n

Image: trilogy.jpg   576x711 288530 bytes 2000.04.29

Crimson, No-tai, and Nina. A bizarre little family. Crimson (c) his player, No-tai (c) his player, and Nina (c) me.\n

Image: twitch.gif   495x508 7549 bytes 1999.08.19

An MSPaint pic, he's one of my favourite characters. ^_^ He's mildly schizophrenic, but how would ruin the surprise in the FanFic. I like his quote and his labcoat. But I'm opinionated. Professor Julian Twitch me.\n

Image: WT.jpg   327x338 29012 bytes 1999.08.19

Watchtower, a buddy of mine in MSC. I drew her because she asked me to, and I think she's doing one of me. ^_^ Watchtower herself.\n

Image: xann.jpg   512x735 168146 bytes 2000.04.29

Xann-Mai-Huang, Hitmonchan'morph. (Kills Gazuka and Yang.) I'll kill them.... Pests....\n

Image: xannbw.jpg   520x727 100937 bytes 2000.04.29

The uncoloured version of Xann.jpg.\n

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