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Image: 1276433419.niemand_sweety_-u-mad_up.jpg   852x1000 96896 bytes 2010.09.06

Miss N

this was a very interesting piece to finish\r\ni had to work pretty hard on it to get it right\r\n\r\nthis is my secondary main character Miss N.\r\n\r\nplease enjoy

Tags: Miss N fox girl vixen Niemand big tits   [Comment]
Image: 1291733779.niemand_scream-jpg-kopie2web.jpg   931x1280 233571 bytes 2011.01.29

bday forr borris x)

hope u enjoy a hit macro aswell

Image: 1293805466.niemand_crooky_trade_xmas_web.jpg   852x900 169194 bytes 2011.01.29

small trade with crooky

w2atercolors for crooky \r\n\r\nhad some fun with that one =D

Image: 1294095006.niemand_cheater-ze-web.jpg   727x1000 166149 bytes 2011.01.29

cheeattahh =D

yay that one was great =D

Image: 600dpi_PSD-KopieJPG_UP.jpg   754x900 136464 bytes 2010.10.24

bday gift for electrocat

this is a bday gift fo electrocat\r\n\r\nits showing her character Maxine\r\nwas a fun gift to do ^_^

Tags: niemand nobody electrocat german sheepherd dog   [Comment]
Image: artrade-with-crooky3_jpg-bg1-up.jpg   741x1000 183751 bytes 2010.09.06

artrade with crooky

this was an artrade with crookedredwulf (\r\n\r\nwas also pretty fun and showed me some new ways to draw\r\n\r\nenjoy

Tags: crookedredwulf niemand palm tree   [Comment]
Image: at-lennoxy-jpg-up.jpg   1000x741 185465 bytes 2010.09.06

artrade with lennox

yeah i do like to do trades x)\r\n\r\nthis one was with lennox and his macro charcter vitoria\r\n\r\nspecial about this drawing was the background\r\n\r\ni kinda had to think alot about the background cause i didnt knew how to draw somethign like that, but i think the finished piece isnt bad at all; enjoy

Tags: lennox vitoria macro autostrada background clouds wood   [Comment]
Image: batalion-tiff-3-web.jpg   674x732 99257 bytes 2011.07.03

vixen and so

hope u like those colors !

Image: huskey-leine-Kopie2_up.jpg   776x900 81806 bytes 2010.10.24

husky test

this was jsut a small test and went very good\r\n\r\ni am very happy with this ^^

Tags: niemand nobody husky   [Comment]
Image: melonecollage.jpg   1000x466 53037 bytes 2010.09.06

collage with andor

this was the second image which took me lotsa time\r\n\r\nit was a collage with Andor (; he drew the sketch and i made lines and the coloring\r\n\r\nwas also pretty sweet\r\n\r\nit shows melone lying on her boobies

Tags: melone big tits boobs andor niemand collage   [Comment]
Image: rj-oc-_JPEG-Kopie_UP.jpg   704x900 98615 bytes 2010.10.24

late bday gift for RJ

this is a late bday gift for rj\r\n\r\ni think he did enjoy it alot ^^\r\nwas some hours of work

Tags: niemand nobody rjthefox challenger fox vixen   [Comment]
Image: titenarsch-kopie-up.jpg   1000x741 89450 bytes 2010.09.06

fuks lineri

this an older image, but i still wanted to share\r\n\r\nit shows my maincharacter Fuks in some nice clothing \r\n\r\ni hope u enjoy

Tags: Fuks fox vixen lingerie   [Comment]
Image: vorhin_up.jpg   732x800 78176 bytes 2010.11.06

color test

color test

Tags: vixen   [Comment]

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