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Image: We_are_not_amused.jpg   783x641 142500 bytes 2008.03.17

We Are Not Amused

Aye, been bad at updating my gallery lately!\r\nHere's Ithe (the white dragon) and Tikka (the purple one) :)

Image: 60_-_Rejection.jpg   430x520 110681 bytes 2007.09.29

60 - Rejection

The balinese isn't impressed. Most cats aren't easily impressed...

Image: 35_-_Hold_My_Hand.jpg   383x549 89268 bytes 2007.09.29

35 - Hold My Hand

Not much to say *shrug*

Image: 95_-_Advertisement.jpg   622x444 81084 bytes 2007.09.29

95 - Advertisement

"I tell you, once you've tried tools, you never go back!"\r\nA marten (?) trying to convince a wolf he should buy a flint blade from him...

Image: 69_-_Annoyance.jpg   374x484 58526 bytes 2007.09.25

69 - Annoyance

Been having one of those days.

Image: 82_-_Can_You_Hear_Me.jpg   557x541 132652 bytes 2007.09.23

82 - Can You Hear Me

"Can you hear me now?"\r\nI wonder how far those can reach...

Image: 65_-_Horror.jpg   601x561 140009 bytes 2007.09.23

65 - Horror

An older brother persian fooled his sister into visiting the attic alone, where he proceeded to scare her silly by dressing up as a ghost...\r\nWhat a bastage XD Well you know, he loves her and all but couldn't resist...\r\nI hope she thought of a good way to get back at him, haha.

Image: 53_-_Keeping_A_Secret.jpg   352x303 45973 bytes 2007.09.23

53 - Keeping a Secret

Cats are excellent at keeping secrets.

Image: 88_-_Pain.jpg   634x551 148479 bytes 2007.09.23

88 - Pain

I hope the deer makes it O.o

Image: 96_-_In_the_Storm.jpg   866x529 147190 bytes 2007.09.23

96 - In The Storm

Humans and werewolves generally do not become best buddies. I'm inclined to think regular wolves dislike them just as much, personally.\r\nEither way, these four apparantly do not get along too well.

Image: 75_-_Mirror.jpg   343x610 76350 bytes 2007.09.23

75 - Mirror

Nothing special, just a study of a generic gundog fluffing up her ears

Image: 16_-_Questioning.jpg   403x666 96015 bytes 2007.09.23

16 - Questioning

I wasn't sure what to put this gal under, but her gaze seemed rather questioning so...\r\nI'd finished drawing her feet but I ran out of paper XD And I think this added a nice touch.

Image: 21_-_Vacation.jpg   550x453 126987 bytes 2007.09.23

21 - Vacation

An arctic wolf on vacation, what else can I say XD

Image: 47_-_Creation.jpg   387x487 73103 bytes 2007.09.23

47 - Creation

A general canine shaping clay into um... whatever your imagination wants it to be!

Image: 5_-_Seeking_Solace.jpg   344x359 65587 bytes 2007.09.23

5 - Seeking Solace

A chimera and his lioness mate. Intentionally didn't make the chimera's facial structure exactly like a lion, I like adding some unique elements to my mythic animals.\r\nI wonder what it's like to make out with someone that's got three heads O.o

Image: 63_-_Do_not_disturb.jpg   533x380 131772 bytes 2007.09.23

63 - Do Not Disturb

A werewolf enjoying a peaceful night.\r\nNot fantastic, I know, but it was drawn in uni with a single pencil similar to [link] and not much else XD I did my best. Terrible scan too - looks better in RL and before it was half-killed by being in a leaking bag during rain lol

Image: 27_-_Foreign.jpg   549x780 226516 bytes 2007.09.23

27 - Foreign

What can I say... yet another drawing where I coloured the critter, then out of the blue decided on a random background that doesn't at all match, so they look like they were cut and pasted together from two different drawings? Ah well, such is life!\r\n\r\nI LOVED working with this paper. Unfortunately I don't remember where I got it from, haha. But it was very generous with letting me blend the colours, so smooth and nice to work with.\r\n\r\nThe outline is old and I found it laying around, but I still think it counts as new practice... the colouring, you know! Still learning to use those darn brushes

Image: 40_-_Rated.jpg   431x612 71271 bytes 2007.09.07

40 - Rated

My friend Umz told me once to draw a "drag draggie". And this is my attempt :P

Image: 4_-_Dark.jpg   532x660 70678 bytes 2007.08.30

4 - Dark

To go with lynx girl :) (#3 Light)

Image: 3_-_Light.jpg   526x663 101574 bytes 2007.08.30

3 - Light

Random lynx girl. I've got a lion boy to match her XD I'll colour him when I feel like it.

Image: 41_-_Teamwork.jpg   599x444 73653 bytes 2007.08.30

41 - Teamwork

Not a lot of people know this, but ferrets are fantastic at taming werewolves. With time, they can even become excellent partners in crime.\r\nI realize I inverted the ferret's head pattern... sorry about that... I'm not used to drawing them and didn' have a ref. Ah well, I'll do better next time X)\r\n\r\n(The werewolf's crazy leg structure is intentional - he is half human after all!)

Image: 86_-_Seeing_Red.jpg   514x405 89779 bytes 2007.08.30

86 - Seeing Red

Very red XD\r\nPattern based on Felix, a RL toller.\r\nI'm not sure I got his markings exactly right, sorry Bekki O.o

Image: 61_-_Fairytale.jpg   497x580 154892 bytes 2007.08.30

61 - Fairytale

Practicing drawing plants... and I thought that white wolf there looked like it could have been part of a fairytale. He does have better shading in RL but the scanner didn't pick it up.

Image: 89_-_Through_the_fire.jpg   427x746 142082 bytes 2007.08.30

89 - Through the Fire

This is meant to be a vixen graduating from school. The birches, white clothes, straw hat are all parts of swedish student tradition. Technically she should have a proper student hat also, but I didn't bother to include it.\r\nI remember my graduation day very well, it was such a happy day, it did truly feel like you had gone through the fire of all those tough years as a student, and now you were done and free (for a while anyway!)

Image: 33_-_Expectations.jpg   507x505 69043 bytes 2007.08.30

33 - Expectations

Just playing around in Photoshop... Think he'll dare to make the move and kiss her? X)

Image: 94_-_Last_Hope.jpg   1120x867 116669 bytes 2007.08.30

94 - Last Hope

The idea here is a mouse that has some sort of messenger butterfly who carries an (apparantly) important message of some sort. Hope it shows up OK on most screens since it's so dark.

Image: 98_-_puzzle.jpg   591x401 50541 bytes 2007.08.30

98 - Puzzle

What person who's spent any time around dalmatians hasn't looked for patterns in their coats? :P

Image: retrievers.jpg   770x383 83455 bytes 2007.08.30

Retrievers :)

Image: 37_-_Eyes.jpg   305x503 53759 bytes 2007.07.26

37 - Eyes

She started out as an unicorn, but I figured a cow would be more interesting :)

Image: 34_-_Stars.jpg   477x674 70051 bytes 2007.07.26

34 - Stars

Dull and boring pic that didn't turn out very well, but I did what I could with it!

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