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Image: 62_-_magic.gif   529x503 64329 bytes 2007.06.07

62 - Magic

Mmm, I actually wanted to add more stuff etc to it, but I can't! See, PSD crashes every time I try O.O After many, many tries I decided to take the hint and call it finished.\r\nNothing special, a random kitsune doing some magic.

Image: 63_-_Do_not_disturb.jpg   533x380 131772 bytes 2007.09.23

63 - Do Not Disturb

A werewolf enjoying a peaceful night.\r\nNot fantastic, I know, but it was drawn in uni with a single pencil similar to [link] and not much else XD I did my best. Terrible scan too - looks better in RL and before it was half-killed by being in a leaking bag during rain lol

Image: 65_-_Horror.jpg   601x561 140009 bytes 2007.09.23

65 - Horror

An older brother persian fooled his sister into visiting the attic alone, where he proceeded to scare her silly by dressing up as a ghost...\r\nWhat a bastage XD Well you know, he loves her and all but couldn't resist...\r\nI hope she thought of a good way to get back at him, haha.

Image: 67_-_Playing_the_melody.jpg   795x543 194477 bytes 2007.05.11

67 - Playing the melody

Not a very good drawing... But hey, it's something at least... The way I see it, I learnt several things about what I should and shouldn't do next time :)\r\nThis is supposed to be Näcken (or rather, a combination of Näcken and Bäckahästen), a mythical being in scandinavian mythology, playing one of his melodies.

Image: 69_-_Annoyance.jpg   374x484 58526 bytes 2007.09.25

69 - Annoyance

Been having one of those days.

Image: 6_-_Break_Away.jpg   701x765 165875 bytes 2007.07.26

6 - Break Away

A dragon, who's been captured... but not yet broken.

Image: 70_-_67_%.jpg   682x587 132281 bytes 2007.05.10

70 - 67 %

"It's at 67 % - get out of here NOW!"\r\nI wonder what exactly is at that percent. Probably not a good thing :P\r\nThis is one of the first ideas I got for the 100 theme challenge.\r\nShe's a pallas cat. I like them. They look funny.

Image: 74_-_Are_you_challenging_me.jpg   569x814 133545 bytes 2007.05.27

74 - Are you challenging me?

Had to draw MoFo again (name after a comment at DevArt)! And I tried to spice him up a bit... as you can tell I couldn't design a good outfit if my life depended on it, but hey, it's a start! He still doesn't look the least bit undead either.... maybe he's a living vampire. Or something.\r\nCompletely digital, no hand-drawn sketch or anything! I'm slowly improving!

Image: 75_-_Mirror.jpg   343x610 76350 bytes 2007.09.23

75 - Mirror

Nothing special, just a study of a generic gundog fluffing up her ears

Image: 81_-_pen_and_paper.jpg   659x782 212483 bytes 2007.06.16

81 - Pen And Paper

A jackal (or that's what she's supposed to be, but she doesn't really look like one...) who doesn't have any problems with art blocks, apparantly :P

Image: 82_-_Can_You_Hear_Me.jpg   557x541 132652 bytes 2007.09.23

82 - Can You Hear Me

"Can you hear me now?"\r\nI wonder how far those can reach...

Image: 86_-_Seeing_Red.jpg   514x405 89779 bytes 2007.08.30

86 - Seeing Red

Very red XD\r\nPattern based on Felix, a RL toller.\r\nI'm not sure I got his markings exactly right, sorry Bekki O.o

Image: 88_-_Pain.jpg   634x551 148479 bytes 2007.09.23

88 - Pain

I hope the deer makes it O.o

Image: 89_-_Through_the_fire.jpg   427x746 142082 bytes 2007.08.30

89 - Through the Fire

This is meant to be a vixen graduating from school. The birches, white clothes, straw hat are all parts of swedish student tradition. Technically she should have a proper student hat also, but I didn't bother to include it.\r\nI remember my graduation day very well, it was such a happy day, it did truly feel like you had gone through the fire of all those tough years as a student, and now you were done and free (for a while anyway!)

Image: 8_-_Innocence.jpg   559x591 73009 bytes 2007.07.26

8 - Innocence

Just a happy lil dragon

Image: 91_-_Drowning.jpg   397x561 41952 bytes 2007.06.30

91 - Drowning

Trying to capture a feeling more than perfect style, detail etc.\r\nI recently lost my oldest dog, so I've certainly experienced this feeling lately.

Image: 94_-_Last_Hope.jpg   1120x867 116669 bytes 2007.08.30

94 - Last Hope

The idea here is a mouse that has some sort of messenger butterfly who carries an (apparantly) important message of some sort. Hope it shows up OK on most screens since it's so dark.

Image: 95_-_Advertisement.jpg   622x444 81084 bytes 2007.09.29

95 - Advertisement

"I tell you, once you've tried tools, you never go back!"\r\nA marten (?) trying to convince a wolf he should buy a flint blade from him...

Image: 96_-_In_the_Storm.jpg   866x529 147190 bytes 2007.09.23

96 - In The Storm

Humans and werewolves generally do not become best buddies. I'm inclined to think regular wolves dislike them just as much, personally.\r\nEither way, these four apparantly do not get along too well.

Image: 98_-_puzzle.jpg   591x401 50541 bytes 2007.08.30

98 - Puzzle

What person who's spent any time around dalmatians hasn't looked for patterns in their coats? :P

Image: 99-Solitude.jpg   541x777 123705 bytes 2007.06.13

Another picture where I unfortunately had to rush in order to get it done (birthday picceh). Not much to say, a unicorn femme in a tree. Had hoped to add way more background and detail in general, but yeah, out of time. Drew it at work while kids were asleep, on cheap copy paper with a HB pencil, and finished it up at home (kept using a cheap pencil as I figured I may as well stick with it the whole pic)\r\n\r\nLooks best from a distance, heh. Then it almost looks like I made some sort of effort on a distinct lightsource...

Image: 9_-_drive.jpg   375x608 85752 bytes 2007.05.15

9 - Drive

A way quick and sucky drawing... well, it's the next one... Dunder playing fotball (soccer) :P Drive as in Play Drive!\r\nI hate it but at least I learnt how to draw a new pose!

Image: battleangel2.jpg   677x484 203769 bytes 2006.06.27

Winged kitty =)\r\nHand-drawn, coloured in Photoshop CS.

Image: bevingadmyster.jpg   655x817 144825 bytes 2005.11.10

This fellow originally appeared in a dream of mine, later became the model for a concept of a type of creature in my fantasy world. Go dreams, both night and day types!

Image: canicorn.jpg   680x413 81407 bytes 2006.09.01

Nothing special behind this one... Random critter laying on some stairs!\r\nHand-drawn outline as always, colouring (including entire background) in Photoshop CS.

Image: cartazonon.jpg   646x497 69557 bytes 2006.03.20

You know, you don't see anyone drawing these! I guess they're pretty unknown. Well, I can always have a go at making perhaps a few more people know about them...\r\nThe cartazonon was first described by Aelian, 'round A.D. 200, as a type of unicorn, said to look like a horse, yellow-red in colour, with a black horn and long mane. It lived in deserts in India, was the enemy of the lion and said to be very aggressive - it could be killed but never taken alive.

Image: Chanoh-lighter.jpg   373x368 44957 bytes 2004.12.20

Simply a lighter version of the Chanoh picture, since the other version may look too dark on some computers.

Image: Chanoh.jpg   373x368 44067 bytes 2004.12.20

Chanoh, originally a petz of mine (petz is a computer game - it rocks so go play it!), but she's also become my main RP character. The species is called Anubite, and is based originally on egyptain mythology (d'uh!) but they've now taken on a life of their own... \r\nThis was my first real try at drawing a rocky wall, and I think it turned out pretty well! Horrible compression, but when I try to compress it more the eye turns a dusty grey instead, and Chanoh's eyes are what makes her... her, so they're important xD\r\nHand drawn outlines, Photoshop v.6.

Image: cheetah.jpg   652x496 67181 bytes 2003.07.01

Random cheetah from Photoshop (basic colouring job) and paintshop pro (background). I used a gel pen for inking and put some grass from our yard in the scanner to use as a custom brush for the background. Amazingly enough, it worked ;)

Image: chimera.gif   737x524 44911 bytes 2006.11.25

The fact is, chimeras don't make good riding mounts! Really, you'll do better with a horse or a donkey...\r\nPracticing muscle as well as anthro-ness in general... And trying to work with my inking. Just experimenting, really! This is the B+W version, I hope to colour it as well but I've not decided what to go for yet then.

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