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Image: shannon4.jpg   517x797 95152 bytes 2006.12.20

For Shannon

Started working on this last night and finished it today, and quite frankly, I think it's my best digital piece to date!\r\n\r\nIt's a gift (xmas prezzie?) for my bestest friend on the web, Umz < 3\r\nEverything in this pic was put together especially after her preferences (though she didn't know it at the time haha)\r\nThe tiger is her fursona, so yush is an anthro.

Image: progress.gif   528x300 41314 bytes 2006.12.13

Silversnout start to finish

A picture I made for Kosice who is creating a dragon SIM called Dragon Supreme.\r\nThe species is my own invention, though. Northern Silversnout XD\r\nMy sketches aren't usually that detailed... Most of the time just a few lines that are a nightmare to ink after, but I'm so very lazy I almost never bother to do more than a few lines, then hope for the best when I try to ink....

Image: uni.jpg   437x380 34169 bytes 2006.12.11

Just some sort of scaley unicorn thing

Image: ormfrost-drake.jpg   471x356 56749 bytes 2006.12.10

Ormfrost - Dragon form

A suggested dragon shape for Ormfrost! I like it but I don't know, it doesn't look very lindorm-ish!\r\nOn closer thought, his dragon shape shouldn't wear the necklace. You can see how the elements in it come back in the form, though!\r\n\r\nRealy quick colouring job but I just wanted to express the shape and show the basic colours... Not an advanced pic anyway.

Image: ormfrost.jpg   342x356 23435 bytes 2006.12.10


Basically, a character of mine, quite new. The idea is that these beings are not quite from this world, though the inhabitants in the same world don't know that! All they see are animals that look like huge wolves. If you know your anatomy you'll notice the differences, though. \r\nI love how Ormfrost's face turned out here, it's just the look I am going for. The body I don't have a strong opinion on... it could be better, it could be worse!\r\n\r\nOrmfrost is able to turn himself in a lindorm (swedish dragon). I've not really decided exactly how I want the shape to look, though! I've got an idea for the head down but I can't decide if I want it to have legs or not...

Image: sabre.jpg   591x296 40991 bytes 2006.12.10


Realistic? No. Fun to draw? Yes XD

Image: lejoninna.gif   451x309 26084 bytes 2006.12.02

Remember the winged lion? Well, going through my sketches for something to ink, I found this lioness sketch. I figured, I could scan them and have them as a pair! Nevermind that they've drawn in rather different styles...\r\nOriginally, the sketch had feathery wings, but I didn't feel like inking all those feathers so I went with this style instead.\r\nPlease excuse the asymmetrical head! At least I'm trying (for me) new angles XD

Image: vargtut.jpg   800x2229 437367 bytes 2006.11.29

Wolf tutorial

It's been ages since I made a tutorial... And I've never made one in this type of format before, it's always been "page tutorials" as parts of websites.\r\nAnyway, as it says, this is not so much showing you how to draw in general, but more comparing dogs and wolves and pointing out some common mistakes when it comes to drawing wolves. Hope anyone out there will find it helpful!

Tags: wolf, dog, canine, wolf anatomy, wolf tutorial  
Image: chimera.jpg   737x524 109569 bytes 2006.11.25

And here it is, in it's coloured glory!\r\nI should perhaps add, that the extreme heaviness of the "lion part" is intentional. I do prefer the "classical" look when it comes to chimera designs, but at the same time I do add my own touches, such as the thick neck and body (gotta be able to support the extra head after all!). The tail I do wish I'd drawn longer, though XD

Image: chimera.gif   737x524 44911 bytes 2006.11.25

The fact is, chimeras don't make good riding mounts! Really, you'll do better with a horse or a donkey...\r\nPracticing muscle as well as anthro-ness in general... And trying to work with my inking. Just experimenting, really! This is the B+W version, I hope to colour it as well but I've not decided what to go for yet then.

Image: drakeklar.jpg   612x871 449662 bytes 2006.10.27

Yep yep, finally got this bastage all coloured... I realize the background and dragon don't really seem to fit together. All I can blame is my lack of skill and the fact that I didn't really plan for a background. But hey, try at background is better than no background, yes?\r\nAnyway, this looks better in RL, the scanner can't really handle the texture of the paper.\r\nI may go back and add more to it, but knowing myself I probably won't!\r\nPersonally I'm happy I decided to make the wings semi-transparent, it added a lot to the overall look.

Image: drake7.jpg   576x838 182361 bytes 2006.10.14

A dragon picture I've been working on for a couple of days (unususally long for me!). I hope to colour it as well, though I am still deciding on the final colours.

Image: lejon2.gif   694x404 51416 bytes 2006.10.07

Random winged rather happy-looking lion!

Image: flyingdoggie2.jpg   487x482 87171 bytes 2006.10.06

And here's the coloured version!

Image: flyingdoggie.jpg   487x482 83586 bytes 2006.10.06

Practicing drawing both twoleggers and on the computer, this gal came out! I still need practice but hey, it's a step in the right direction, right?!\r\nThis isn't actual the finished version. Well, I meant to upload just the lineart for once, but then I forgot that until I had coloured the eyes and adding the shading (thought it'd be fun to add that befor I add the actual colouring) hence I suppose what you're seeing is lineart-shading-eyes, before the final colour is added!

Image: oldnyoung.jpg   370x367 45931 bytes 2006.09.15

A young unicorn has come across an old one, who has lost her horn. According to traditional legends, under the unicorn's horn, you'll find the magic carbuncle. 'Course, most unis won't let you steal it without a darn good fight... guess this one has come over her less, she looks content enough

Image: youngster.jpg   515x593 122949 bytes 2006.09.14

One of many light night doodles, finally inked and coloured! I couldn't decide which species it looked the most like, and I'm too lazy to look up refs for spot/stripe patterns anyway so I just turned it into some random cross thing! Title because it looks like a young 'un.\r\n\r\nProper backgrounds are for chumps!\r\nDrawn and inked by hand, coloured in Photoshop CS as usual.

Image: canicorn.jpg   680x413 81407 bytes 2006.09.01

Nothing special behind this one... Random critter laying on some stairs!\r\nHand-drawn outline as always, colouring (including entire background) in Photoshop CS.

Image: battleangel2.jpg   677x484 203769 bytes 2006.06.27

Winged kitty =)\r\nHand-drawn, coloured in Photoshop CS.

Image: nova06.jpg   532x360 56870 bytes 2006.06.03

This would be Nova BlueOne, my fursona :) She's a short-muzzled myster... a type of deandr (ol' creation of mine).\r\nIt's interesting to compare how she's changed over the six years I've had her :D

Image: svartvarg.jpg   562x531 68256 bytes 2006.05.05

Some random black wolf-type animal in the woods!\r\nI need to practice drawing backgrounds more often...

Image: pinkbelly.jpg   520x471 72875 bytes 2006.04.12

I realized that I have so many pink pencils - I almost never use them! So I decided to have a go, but I couldn't bring myself to add more pink than this xD I'll need to draw something ultra-cute and colour it all pink!

Image: fireunicorn.jpg   749x424 102548 bytes 2006.04.07

Yay pencils!\r\nHe's a bit short in the body, but meh, I think we'll all live. Please excuse the white lines - Nova apparantly hasn't learnt her lesson yet. I could probably poke the pic around a bit and remove them digitally but I felt that I'd rather show the original despite all.

Image: cartazonon.jpg   646x497 69557 bytes 2006.03.20

You know, you don't see anyone drawing these! I guess they're pretty unknown. Well, I can always have a go at making perhaps a few more people know about them...\r\nThe cartazonon was first described by Aelian, 'round A.D. 200, as a type of unicorn, said to look like a horse, yellow-red in colour, with a black horn and long mane. It lived in deserts in India, was the enemy of the lion and said to be very aggressive - it could be killed but never taken alive.

Image: freestyle.jpg   440x602 98009 bytes 2006.03.03

You know, in today's world of cell phones, iPods and MP3 players, there are amazingly people who still use their handy old walkmans (walkmen?!). Those would be me and Foxy here...\r\nTitled Freestyle simply because the swedish word for walkman is just that... "freestyle". I've no idea how that works... I think the idea was to give it a swedish name - different from the original english. Doesn't explain why they just picked another english word though O.o \r\n\r\nYou know, I have to say, that this is probably my best twolegger to date... never been able to pull them off (not enough practice, I suppose). Good to see there may be hope for me!

Image: grip.jpg   460x452 68901 bytes 2005.11.28

Supposedly a young griffin... The pose makes me wonder if he needs to go to the bathroom but I like it anyway. At least I think I'm beginning to get the hang of these pencils! And one day I shall make a picture with a background ^^;

Image: wolfie.jpg   567x464 108097 bytes 2005.11.27

I can't lie - I love critters of all sorts with big feathery wings... It doesn't matter how overused they are in the art community in general, nothing makes me love an art piece like a pair of nice wings... in particular white ones xD \r\nNo idea what happened to the left wing O.o \r\nDrawn on cheap copy paper with water colour pencils. Neither paper nor inking pen are waterproof so not adding water xD

Image: superman.jpg   467x398 30253 bytes 2005.11.11

Random critters... Practicing, drawn for fun xD I don't normally care for all fancy fur markings but these were fun to do. Title because the dogger in the background looks like it wear a superhero costume to me xD

Image: Ow_in_my_eye_by_novablue.jpg   721x415 43117 bytes 2005.11.11

I drew this at home but coloured it in school. The title is because when I picked he original paper sketch up to ink it, the bastage gave me a papercut in the eye >.<\r\nIn school, it looked lighter and like the compression would look much better... So I apologize about the somewhat odd colours and bad compression xD\r\nRandom critter, no thought behind it really, just an idea I got one day and wanted to try.

Image: Rimfrost_HQ.jpg   592x406 54805 bytes 2005.11.10

An idea for a character I had a while ago. I like how the white legs turned out, and the mane, but that's pretty much it xD I do realize the anatomy is horrible! I'm not good at drawing horses at all, but I'm a bit better than that now.

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